Bob Hope’s son marries in Defiance

“I should’ve worn my braces. This might be the most remarkable thing since the previous Laurel and Hardy film,” joked Bob Hope to the gathered journalists as he adjusted his trousers, anticipating the start of the procession.

“The Joyful Adventurer” and “Great Aspirations” performed by a 47-person children’s chorus resonated as the recently wedded pair departed the church after exchanging vows.

Her parents resided in Defiance. He graduated in 1965 and she in 1964, where the bride and groom met at Harvard Law School.

At the time of his death in 2004, he was a lobbyist and attorney based in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, he had been divorced and had two children named Hope Judith and Anthony.

Still alive, Judith has had a diverse career that includes being a legal professional, writer, educator, and business executive.

He died at the age of 100 in 2003. He is now known as the Embassy Theatre, and he helped raise money for a campaign to save the venue in 1978. Wayne Fort is credited for giving his career a start at the Emboyd Theatre, once known as the Hope Bob Theatre.

Corey McMaken, The Journal Gazette.

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The subsequent narrative by staff writer Dell Ford appeared in The Journal Gazette on December 3, 1967.

All rebellion gazes inside at hopeful matrimony.

Rhoades, James H., The Governor of Ohio, along with Penna Toney, a professional golfer, Cathy Crosby, Henry Mancini’s wife, and Toots Shor, Mrs. And Mr. Symington, and Stuart Sen. Were present in Defiance, Ohio.

The distinguished visitors were given two exclusive Toledo Traction buses and Lincoln Continentals. Additionally, there was a choir composed of 47 young voices from Ayersville, Ohio, School, accompanied by vibrant balloons of various colors.

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The rain, which drenched this small city in Ohio all day, couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm or spirit of the hundreds of people who turned out for the wedding of the year on Saturday morning and afternoon.

It was like a Hollywood sneak preview night, substituting the usual celluloid drama with live real drama, when the son of the famed comedian, 27-year-old Jude Anthony Hope, exchanged vows with the daughter of Rev. Dr. Joseph Coleman Richards and Mrs. Richards, a retired Methodist minister, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in 1965, where she had graduated from Harvard Law School in 1964.

Pre-marital celebrations took place on Friday night at a exclusive club in Toledo, and shortly after, two dedicated buses transported the famous attendees from Toledo. Bob Hope’s public relations team, comprised of Bill Faith and Barney McNulty, arrived at the location by 11:30. Invited guests and those hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrities started arriving at St. Mary’s shortly after 10 a.M., Even though the ceremony was scheduled to commence at noon.

At 12:10, the wedding party, including Bob and Mrs. Hope; best man William Kelly Hope, and bridesmaids Linda Theresa and Nora Avis Hope, were gathered in the church foyer. Hope engaged in casual conversation with journalists while awaiting the start of the processional. Regarding the wedding, his first of four children, he jokingly remarked, “It’s a piece of cake.” He took off his overcoat, adjusted his sports hat, and tugged at his trousers. He mentioned that he “should have worn my suspenders. This could be the best thing since the last Laurel and Hardy movie.”

“Hey, guess what I got! I will be going to be stationed in Long Beach for underwater warfare and laying mines with submarines,” he added, laughing. While still waiting in the foyer, someone asked Kelly if he was busy being graduated from Navy boot camp in San Diego and being present for the Friday night festivities in Toledo, neither Kelly’s father nor Bob, his son, attended the same graduation speaker event.

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“A member of the semi-gave party shouted that someone was signaling, causing confusion for everyone. Nora, the first bridesmaid in the processional, was instructed by Kelly to start walking down the aisle at that point.”

“I came all the way from Ottawa to start my journey here, and I’m glad I made it. As I got off the plane, a nearby radio newsman asked a comedian named Mr. Defiance for a comment. Mrs. Hope and Bob started walking down the aisle.”

Msgr. John J. Vogel, the pastor of St. John’s Church in Defiance, presided over the ceremony. The bride’s father, who was dressed in clerical attire, gave his blessing. Other clergy members in attendance included the Rev. John Flynn from St. Mary’s Church in Defiance, Msgr. Harry C. Meade from St. Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, Calif., The Rev. Edward Bunn, who serves as the chancellor of Georgetown University in Washington (where Tony Hope graduated with honors in 1962), the Rev. Edwin Brooks from St. Ignatius Loyola in New York City, and the Rev. Joseph Sellinger, the president of Loyola University.

From the collar to the flared hem, the gown that reached the floor had 200 buttons on the back. Lucienne Casagol of Washington designed and crafted the gown by hand, and the bride wore it. The gown was a tenply silk A-line dress in a pure white color, with a neckline that gracefully draped over the shoulders and sleeves that tapered at the ends. In 1964, the bride became a member of the Ohio Bar, followed by admission to the Washington, D.C., Bar in 1965. Recently, she was also admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Priscilla wore floor-length, sleeveless A-line gowns made of white brocade silk in Boston during the winter. She was accompanied by Olivia Barclay of Washington and Dudley Ann Cronkite of New York City.

Ushers for Coleman Michael Richard were located in Los Angeles; John Guare was associated with New York City; Leland Henson Jr. Resided in Toledo; and Thomas Malatesta was from Los Angeles.

During the ceremony, the young choristers of Ayersville, who came via the yellow school bus from Defiance, were assembled outside at the foot of the church steps. In the cold, pelting rain, they tuned up their vocal chords and obligingly posed again for Judy and the photographers. Later, when the bride and groom appeared at the church doorway, they were greeted with “The Happy Wanderer” and “High Hopes” by Mrs. Hope, Mr. Tony, and Judy.

The reception at Commodore Perry Hotel marked the beginning of the return trip to Toledo. As the celebrity guests and wedding party boarded their limousines and buses, multi-colored balloons were released. The police auxiliary and police from Defiance, numbering around 10 or 8, kept hundreds of fans of Hope at bay.

Bob, hoping to relieve the pressures between his wedding and public relations, believes that Vietnam is indeed easier for them to relax. He is confident that they are definitely going to Vietnam. Bob also has faith in Bill, a man who will be leaving for Vietnam on December 15th to entertain the U.S. Soldiers fighting there. In fact, he plans to present them with his annual Christmas entertainment package.

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