Billie Eilish’s Creepy ‘Swarm’ Character Is Inspired by a Real Cult

The Grammy-winning Billie Eilish, a renowned celebrity, made one of the most talked-about appearances in the series. In episode four of Swarm, which is co-created and co-executive produced by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, there are other celebrity cameos such as Rory Culkin and Paris Jackson.

Swarm tracks the story of Dre (Dominique Fishback), an admirer of the fictional Beyoncé-like music sensation Ni’Jah, whose adoration for her beloved vocalist escalates from intense to homicidal. The narrative takes place from 2016 to 2018, as Dre embarks on a nationwide voyage, encountering a variety of individuals and engaging in numerous criminal acts.

Dre is pulled over in Tennessee by a prejudiced police officer, even though she doesn’t have a wristband to attend her beloved celebrity’s performance at Bonnaroo. Determined to catch a glimpse of her idol, she embarks on a journey, eliminating a series of adversaries along the way.

While Dre tries to get him off at a gas station, a young white woman comes to rescue her and follows her back to a seemingly more friendly compound, led by Eva’s Eilish, where nature hides something more sinister and inviting.

Nabers expressed, “She was fantastic!” And it turned out well,” Nabers stated. “Let’s proceed with it!’ And it turned out well,” Nabers remarked. “When she proposed [Billie Eilish] for the character of Eva, we were like, ‘Oh, she’s truly impressive! In her first acting experience, was recommended by Swarm casting director Carmen Cuba, Nabers informed The Hollywood Reporter (read Nabers’ complete interview with THR).

After going on a hike, Dre is enticed and begins organizing training and therapeutic gatherings with Eva, who is the head of the “women’s empowerment” organization. The ladies don matching outfits and have identical body markings, indicating that Eva’s arrangement is not merely a community but rather a cult, contrary to her initial assertions of being connected to Dre and belonging to the group.

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In a high-profile sex trafficking case, Keith Raniere, its character inspired by Eilish’s statement, was sentenced to 120 years in prison and fined $1,750,000. Allison Mack, who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence, was involved in the cult NXIVM, which is reminiscent of several Hollywood-adjacent cults.

In the world, there existed a very prominent cult during that time, as THR tells Nabers. This cult is about thinking of the idea of the cult of celebrities, such as Taylor Swift or The Beatles. We were just seeing someone who worships at the altar of ‘something,’ exploring the idea of this cult.

Despite Eva’s lack of agreement, Dre concludes that it is necessary to progress forward following their efforts to separate her by means of meditative sessions, confiscating her phone and removing the blood stains from the backseat of her car. As Dre starts to seriously doubt the intentions of the women surrounding her, Eva’s manipulations of Ni’Jah’s most devoted supporter escalate into disturbing threats. Eventually, Eva’s captivating presence takes a sinister turn.

The outcome involves Eva, belonging to Eilish, being repeatedly hit by Dre, along with multiple members of her cult.

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