‘Benito’ seguirá en “Vecinos”: ¿Cómo reaparecerá el personaje del fallecido actor Octavio Ocaña?

The producer Elías Solorio clarified to Efe that the role portrayed by the deceased actor Octavio Ocaña in the Mexican TV show “Vecinos” will persist in the narrative in a highly distinctive manner.

Solorio clarifies, “In the first episode, we will provide an explanation regarding his situation and our plans to retain him as part of our team.” Although Benito Rivers, who portrayed Octavio for a span of 16 years, cannot make an appearance in the show, his presence will be felt among us.”

Octavio Ocaña died in October 2021 at the age of 22 under strange circumstances, after receiving a gunshot in the head in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the state of Mexico.

In 2019, he returned to production to join the Televisa program, and in the final season on the air, his character began to take huge steps towards maturity after getting engaged to his girlfriend, although at some point the young man took a break from portraying his character.

In the promotional announcement for the new season, which will premiere on March 27th, the Stars suggest that Benito’s character, who was forced by his father to audition for acting projects, will be compelled to stay in touch with his friends and family through messages delivered by a television series.

According to Solorio, who describes the recording of this season as “complicated” due to his absence, “The first episode will be very unique, I would say that we wrote it with the audience of the show because through social media, many people gave us ideas, the cast, production team, and writers. And I believe it is an emotional and distinct chapter.”

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The producer expressed, “to exert more effort to ensure people’s enjoyment”, a positive outcome arose from this circumstance as it united everyone engaged in the series and fostered a collective commitment, amidst all the negative aspects.

What Does the New Season of “Neighbors” Bring?

In this season, everything is emotional. The usual problems that arise from the pandemic will be portrayed in the first one, which can be lived within. Solorio clearly has something because they can find moments of joy and comedy amidst all the bad.

Who didn’t laugh at the people who were dancing at the vaccination, at the one who was scared to get vaccinated and screamed, at the one who didn’t believe in vaccines?

Furthermore, the custodian Germán will fix the cistern of the building and it seems that he will find a treasure during the journey. Additionally, he will bring new characters to the scene and also address the problem of selling the building, thus resuming the plot. (With information from EFE).


I understood that reference.

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