Becky Butler (Only Murders in the Building)

Adina White Poppy, also known as Becky Butler, is the main hidden villainess in Hulu’s series Two Season of Murders, set in a building.

In the first season finale of the “Shut and Open” show, Charles Haden-Savage and Cinda watched as Mora Mabel and Oliver Putnam, the owners of the complex apartment Arconia, were taken into custody for the murder of Folger Bunny, the owner. Before briefly appearing in “Sting,” the first episode of the season, they were introduced as the assistant to Cinda, the host of the Murderers Only podcast known as One Season in the Building.

In the penultimate episode of the second season, it was revealed that while Butler Bunny claimed to have killed Cinda, it was actually Butler Becky who was responsible. However, it was also revealed that Butler Becky dealt with the murder and disappearance of a young woman named Poppy in Oklahoma, which came as a result of her previous fame on the “Not All OK” podcast.

Poppy White, who appeared at Cinda’s office asking for a job while going by the name Poppy White and starting a new life, wanting to get away from the town and (especially) the mayor, revealed Becky Butler’s backstory. Becky had an ordinary life in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma, living with her father while working as a secretary for the city’s mayor, who constantly harassed her. As part of her application, Poppy told Becky’s story and gave Cinda the idea for a podcast about Becky, as well as the title: All is Not OK in Oklahoma. Through her backstory, Becky’s ordinary life in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma, where she worked as a secretary for the city’s mayor and lived with her father, was revealed.

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Cinda rejected the offer of a podcast centered around renowned artist Rose Cooper, since Poppy recommended it at some stage and grew more ambitious over time. Despite their plan being successful, Poppy still worked for Cinda, with Kreps strategically placing the evidence and framing the mayor for her murder. In order to generate more attention for the podcast, Poppy initiated a romantic relationship with detective Daniel Kreps, fully aware that the only way it would gain traction is if Becky was truly killed, as informed by Cinda. However, the podcast failed to gain momentum, even with Cinda hosting it.

Eight times Bunny was stabbed to death in an apartment after Bunny’s evil Poppy entered. Afterwards, Oliver and Mabel, disguised as Charles, secretly sent a text to Poppy to get out of the apartment. In disguise, Poppy, the evil bunny, entered Bunny’s apartment. After Poppy’s evil plan to murder Tim Kono was foiled and she was arrested by Bellows in the season one finale of “Open and Shut,” she enacted her villainess plan to steal the famous Cooper’s Rose painting and kill Bunny. Poppy/Becky colluded with Kreps, a former diner local, who appeared in the plan.

The suspicions grew when Butler Becky revealed that Poppy’s lover was believed to be Kreps’ accomplice, Mabel. This revelation came after Cinda, an intelligent woman, learned through a podcast that Kreps was in a relationship with Mabel. The suspicion towards Cinda intensified as she continuously suggested that Bunny killed Mabel, mostly due to the events that unfolded in the second season. However, it turned out that Mabel’s arrest was falsely accused and Bunny’s return to the apartment was the occurrence that resulted in Mabel’s arrest.

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In the second season finale of “Did I Know Who Met It,” the trio met with Poppy at the diner, looking to trap Cinda into confessing. They suggested playing on Cinda’s aversions to slow motion by throwing tomatoes inside the gallery, leading the trio to reveal the “killer” at the party they invited Cinda and Poppy, as well as other residents of Arconia. Their attempts to out Cinda as the killer were met with denial, but Mabel was convinced that Cinda was innocent and pointed her finger at Alice, claiming that she became the villainess of the desperate plan to keep Bunny and the painting afloat.

It was also known that there was something in the secret passageway, which Lucy had also mentioned in her appearance. In addition, the killer sneezed on the night of the question, which was also a giveaway due to Bunny’s allergy causing her to sneeze. The villainess became angry at Cinda, ignoring her for a long time while praising Mabel for “getting lucky.” After Cinda offered her own podcast and praised Mabel, it was revealed that it was all a ruse to trap the actual murderess, but suddenly Alice stabbed Charles to death with a knife.

After Bunny’s murder, the villainess was arrested and handcuffed. Later, the country talked most about the woman being Poppy, who stated that she had an ordinary life before. Poppy knew that Butler Becky was Poppy, revealing that Cinda also included that information. Furthermore, Mabel learned that the prints on the knife belonged to Butler Becky, confirming that Poppy’s sandwich order, “14 Sandwich,” was actually a reference to a regular sandwich with liverwurst and marmalade. In addition, these words were the last addition to Bunny’s reveal.

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