At least 4 dead, dozens injured after tornadoes rip through Texas and Florida

Tornadoes tore through parts of the United States on Thursday night, killing at least four people and injuring dozens, according to officials and other sources.

According to Sheriff Terry Bouchard of Ochiltree County, the individuals who lost their lives have been identified as Becky Randall, a female in her sixties discovered in a printing establishment; Cindy Bransgrove, another female in her sixties located in a charitable organization distributing food; and Matthew Ramirez, an eleven-year-old boy found within a residential area containing mobile homes. These tragic incidents took place in Perryton, Texas, where a tornado wreaked havoc by demolishing residences and communication towers.

Bouchard declared that 56 more people in Perryton suffered injuries, and there is one person, recognized as Ruben Villegas, 64 years old, who is presently missing.

Meanwhile, as per the Escambia County Fire Rescue, an individual lost their life in Pensacola, Florida, when a tornado caused a tree to collapse onto their residence.

Numerous tornadoes were reported throughout the evening in Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Florida.

Perryton Fire Chief Paul Dutcher stated that Perrtyon experienced severe impact, with the most notable destruction on the northern and eastern sections, a small municipality adjacent to the border between Texas and Oklahoma.

Trauma centers may have multiple patients transferred, ranging from severe to minor injuries, and the number of injured people may be around 100, as Dutcher told ABC News on Thursday.

According to Xcel Energy, an electric utility and natural gas delivery company, Perryton is currently experiencing a power outage.

For safety purposes, we have deenergized one of the three main transmission feeds into the city, which appears to be undamaged. We are also assessing the potential damage at the main substation in town and patrolling the transmission feeds into the city. The ABC News company stated that our crews are assisting in removing lines from roads and cars and are arriving at the site.

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has directed the Emergency Management Division of the state to urgently deploy life-safety resources to Perryton in response to the emergency situation.

Abbott stated, “The State of Texas is swiftly deploying critical emergency response resources to provide the necessary assistance and support to protect and help Texans impacted by tornadoes in Perryton.” I encourage all Texans to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones and to heed the guidance of local and state officials. We are prepared to quickly provide any additional resources needed during this severe weather event.

According to an official, Ochiltree General Hospital, the local hospital serving Perryton, is currently experiencing a power outage.

Debbie Beck, the Chief Financial Officer of Ochiltree General Hospital, notified ABC News that a range of 50 to 100 individuals sought medical treatment for injuries resulting from the tornado.

According to Beck, no casualties passed away at the medical facility and a few patients were relocated to Northwest Texas Hospital.

Severe thunderstorm watches and tornado warnings, including weather alerts, were issued across the South on Thursday. Both Alabama and Georgia experienced heavy rain and were slammed with flooding.

Residents in the southwestern Kansas to southeastern Colorado region are also bracing for rough weather, as a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued. They have been warned to expect dangerous winds of up to 80 mph, possible tornadoes, and hail with a diameter of up to 4 inches.

The primary danger is destructive winds and hail, with additional storms anticipated on Friday spanning from Colorado to the Gulf Coast. Severe storms are also potentially occurring on Friday afternoon and evening from Virginia to New Jersey.

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Meanwhile, in the next few days, record-high temperatures are possible in New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, making the baking heat extremely dangerous, with triple-digit temperatures.

Izzy Alvarez, Jenny Wagnon Courts, Jessica Gorman, Marilyn Heck, and Morgan Winsor from ABC News contributed to this report.

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