Assault charges may be dropped against Camp Pendleton Marine in viral video

Sgt. Jason Frink shows a viral video of a physical and verbal altercation between two women inside Pacific Beach Hotel, potentially leading to the dropping of charges for battery and assault misdemeanors.

According to the Office of the City Attorney, charges filed against Jason Frink, a Marine stationed at Pendleton Camp, may be dismissed. The Marine was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor assault following an altercation with two women inside a Pacific Beach hotel. After a judge granted him diversion, the charges were dismissed.

Earlier this year, a viral video surfaced showing Frink walking into Hotel Terrace Pacific, where two female hotel employees physically and verbally assaulted him before he appeared to be intoxicated.

In the video, Frink repeatedly asks the two women “where they came from” before shoving one and then lunging at the other.

On that particular night, Ronnie Toms, one of the female security officers, was on duty. In the widely shared video captured on her mobile device, she can be observed seizing a lamp as a means to protect herself.

Toms states that Frink turned hostile after they were unable to locate a booking under his name in the hotel’s database.

ABC 10News interviewed Toms regarding the occurrence following its unfolding.

The City Attorney’s Office spokesperson stated that Frink was granted diversion by a judge during a court hearing on May 10th, despite the objection from the City Attorney’s Office.

The spokesperson clarified that if Frink complies with specific requirements established by the court over the course of one year, the charges will be dropped.

The spokesperson from the City Attorney’s Office stated, “The determination of restitution is yet to be decided. It is required to refrain from consuming any alcohol for the entire year. Attend self-help meetings for a period of six months. Maintain a distance of 100 yards from the hotel located in Pacific Beach where the incident occurred. Avoid any contact with the hotel employees/victims involved in the case. It is imperative to attend all future court hearings and abide by the conditions, which include not breaking any laws.”

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Toms expressed on Tuesday, “Nevertheless…It’s challenging. I’m simply relieved that my colleague and I were unharmed.” “Nonetheless, regarding the legal system, I don’t sense that my perspective was acknowledged in any way. I felt that my viewpoint was conveyed via social media.”

The clip of the altercation has more than a million views on various social media platforms – sparking outrage in the comments.

Toms informed 10News, “I would have been accused if the situations were switched… Even if you document events… It does not guarantee that fairness will prevail.”

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton confirmed to ABC 10News on Tuesday that Frink has retained his position as a Sergeant on base.

David Shapiro, the attorney representing Frink, also issued a statement on his behalf.

Mr. Frink is appreciative of the opportunity to earn an outright dismissal of the case after successfully completing the diversion. Throughout the past five months, he has greatly suffered emotionally, financially, and physically because of the impact and remorse caused by this incident, which has involved everyone and has been consistent and genuine.

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