Así le hemos contado el día 530 de la guerra de Ucrania

So far, two Russian missiles that have hit a residential area in the city of Pokrovsk, in the Donetsk region, during the late afternoon of Monday, have resulted in eight deaths and 31 injuries. In the ongoing war, on day 530, Russian attacks on Ukraine have resulted in a total of 14 civilian deaths and at least 48 injuries.

A dead person and a wounded person were caused and heavy artillery harassed Russian troops in Nikopol tomorrow. Four others have also been left dead and wounded in different areas of Kharkiv due to other bombings. About 30 bombings were recorded in that region on Sunday. Ukrainian authorities denounced another attack tomorrow morning against a residential building in the country, where a 59-year-old woman died (in the south of Kherson).

Within approximately six weeks, the participants have agreed to hold another meeting of political advisors. Andrei Yermak, chief of staff to the Ukrainian president, has stated that the discussions on the war held in Saudi Arabia this weekend were a “major blow” to Russia. So far, the United States has been reluctant to deliver the high-precision missiles with a range of 300 kilometers for fear that they will be used on Russian territory, although this is not the first time they have been requested. Dmitro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, has spoken on the phone with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken, and has requested the supply of ATACMS.

In the south and east of the country, the Ukrainian counteroffensive began approximately two months ago. Since then, the United Kingdom estimates that the Russian air force has lost effectiveness in its operations to support ground troops. According to the calculations of the Ukrainian Army General Staff, updated this Monday, the total number of casualties in the Russian troops – including the dead and wounded – stands at around 250,000 since the start of the invasion in February 2022. In their attempt to create gaps in the Ukrainian troops, the calculations also focus on the destruction caused to the Russian artillery and defenses. However, Ukraine estimates that hundreds of Russian soldiers are falling daily. On the Kharkiv front in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that in the past three days, their soldiers have advanced three kilometers in an 11-kilometer-wide sector. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that in the past three days, their soldiers have advanced three kilometers in an 11-kilometer-wide sector on the Kharkiv front in eastern Ukraine.

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Recognized author Dimitri Glujovski has also been sentenced to eight years in prison for allegedly spreading false information about the Russian Armed Forces by supposedly publishing fictitious science fiction novels in Russian territory. Additionally, prominent Russian sociologist and left-wing political activist Boris Kagarlitsky has been arrested after being declared a “terrorist” in accordance with an article that prohibits making public calls for terrorist activities through the internet. Furthermore, Yanina Sokolova, a Ukrainian actress and journalist, is currently being sought and captured for allegedly engaging in extremist and terrorist actions. This is not the first time that she has criticized President Vladimir Putin’s regime in relation to the large-scale invasion of Ukraine, and as a result, Russia has expanded its list of undesirable individuals each time.

The person arrested is a resident of the town of Ochakov in the Mikolaiv region, who ran a military equipment store and is facing 12 years in prison for these acts. The authorities were surprised to find her in possession of intelligence information intended to be handed over to the Russian intelligence. In an effort to establish the approximate location and time of her arrest, President Zelenski attempted to collaborate with the SBU. Taking advantage of President Zelenski’s visit to the Mikolaiv region, Ukraine’s Security Service has informed about the arrest of a supposed “Russian informant” involved in an aerial attack.

Some of them were injured. Different parts of the front were fought by plain soldiers and sergeants, two officers have been confirmed among the liberated soldiers by Andriy Yermak, the chief of President Volodimir Zelenski’s office. Ukraine and Russia have recently carried out a series of prisoner exchanges with the return of 22 Ukrainian soldiers to their homes. According to a senior Ukrainian official.

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