Ars Nouveau Mod for Minecraft versions 1.19.2, 1.18.2, 1.16.5, and 1.15.2 (Discover the Magical World)

The Nouveau Ars Mod, available in versions 1.15.2, 1.16.5, 1.18.2, and 1.19.2, is a Minecraft mod that immerses players in an enchanting world of magic. This mod empowers players to perform intricate rituals, create magical artifacts and machines, and craft bespoke spells, all while providing immersive and seamless documentation to meet their unique needs. Drawing inspiration from the magic of Patchouli, this mod ensures that players are able to fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of Minecraft.

Ars Nouveau Mod

In this in-game guide, players will be guided through various functionalities and elements of the mod’s path, which allows master spellcasters to set themselves on. Players should first wear the crafting notebook, which is available in English, to begin exploring the vast array of magical content offered by Nouveau Ars.

Ars Nouveau Mod


  • Personalized spell creation: Customize spells to meet your specific needs and unleash your full magical capacity.
  • Mighty new trinkets and ornaments: Create a diverse selection of mystical relics that infuse your character with distinct impacts and capabilities.
  • Enchanting contraptions: Utilize the enchantment’s potency to operate diverse contraptions, streamlining certain mundane tasks within the game.
  • Charming magical assistants: Seek the assistance of captivating beings to automate your headquarters and enhance your enchanting adventure.
  • Documentation

    The Just Enough Items (JEI) interface may not display recipes because the notebook contains crucial information that is important. Don’t worry, in case you lose it, everything is explained in your notebook when you receive it in the new generated world.


    In order to survive, you can obtain three different spellbooks, each more powerful than the last. This spellbook can be customized to suit your personal preferences, serving as the place where you store and create spells. Before embarking on your magical journey, you first need a spellbook.

    ars nouveau mod 3

    To open the spell page, simply press ‘C’ while holding your spellbook. On the left side, you will find three pages. The first page is where all your spells are listed. The second page allows you to modify the color of your spells, and the third page covers information about familiars (more details will be provided later).

    Every time you come into contact with a block or entity, Projectile spells conjure a projectile that possesses effects. Different effects impact yourself when Self spells are used. An interaction occurs when Touch spells are cast. Initially, there are three fundamental forms: Touch, Self, and Projectile. It is mandatory to have a form for each spell you produce.

    Can you please rename the spell at the bottom if desired? While it inflicts damage, Break destroys blocks with an average hardness. Each spell can have up to nine effects, determining its behavior. The next paragraph explains the nine effects.

    You can hold up to 10 spells in each spellbook. On the right side, you can scroll through various spells. To remove an effect, simply click on it. It shows the progress of your spell creation and any selected effects. Above the progress bar, there are effects for the progress of your spell.

    Upgrading your spellbook can also grant additional mana, depending on the number of effects your spell possesses. To enhance mana regeneration and capacity, you can also utilize external resources like specialized armor or enhancements. While mana naturally regenerates at a slow pace, each spell necessitates mana to function. You can observe your mana as the purple bar at the bottom when you have a spellbook in your possession.

    Can you break this down and spell it with blocks? Now, click on ‘Done’ and then you will see the selected blocks in the row at the bottom of the Rename page. Choose the Touch form, then select Break as the effect. Let’s create a tutorial on how to spell basic spells with blocks, in case you’re unsure how to do it.

    Another harmful enchantment launches a projectile that you currently possess. Click ‘Done’ to rename the spell if desired, select the desired effect for the Harm, and then choose the projectile. Let’s create one more.

    Nearby, any magical creatures also illuminate and, with the craft of Rod Dowsing, you can easily locate budding amethyst. Additionally, in many recipes, the Chamber of Imbuement Crafting can transform amethyst or lapis sourced gems. Furthermore, there is also the Advanced Chamber of Imbuement Crafting, which can transform the gems into various variants. These variants can rarely be found in any biome, and for the next recipes, you will need a new type of tree called Archwood.

    In this mod, the energy system is called Source. It powers various machines that will assist you in becoming a better magician.

    The generation will later explain more details about magical aspects. Archwood can generate more, such as plants with magical traits. This can include normal crops or even saplings, although it won’t provide a complete meal. The basic method of gathering from Source, which is the Link Source Agronomic, utilizes the growth of plants.

    Once I have covered the previous technique, further information about crafting will be elucidated. The Enchanting Apparatus or the Imbuement Chamber can be utilized to produce crafting ingredients, each spell necessitating a certain level of expertise and resources. The desired spell can be chosen by employing your spellbook on devices. Instead of employing a machine, the Scribes Table is now mandatory, and more specific information regarding this will be provided at a later point. I will elaborate on both methods, but this has recently been updated. To unlock additional spells, the subsequent step involves utilizing the Source Jars, which serve as storage blocks capable of storing and supplying Source to devices, and Source can be acquired either by using a bucket or by transferring it to a tidy jar. On the left side, you have observed Source Jars.

    Afterwards, Glyphs regarding additional information will begin the process of creating the nearby Source, if it is sufficient. The specifics of reagents will be discussed in the respective section. You would need Clay Magic for each specific type of spell. To operate the machine that requires Source, you first need to craft a Glyph Press. In the older version, any type of Stone and Gems made with Source are needed first, In.

    This process also requires a source, allowing you to obtain various items. The crafting process will commence. First, equip the apparatus and the pedestal with the needed item. If you want to craft with a maximum of eight, the number of pedestals will depend on the recipe. Here’s a quick summary of how to build it: place the Arcane Core on top of it, surround it with Arcane Pedestals in a 3-block radius, and then equip the needed item on the pedestal. Up to eight pedestals will be needed to surround the Enchanting Apparatus. Instead, you will need to use an arrangement of floating crafting table surrounded by pedestals. Crafting has also been changed accordingly.

    By using mana, you can upgrade the Spellbook, which requires defeating a special boss covered in rituals. Additionally, the Armor slowly repairs itself over time. Each upgrade provides a greater bonus of additional mana and quicker mana regeneration. The final upgrade requires Coarse Blaze Fiber and Blaze Fruits, which creates the slightly weaker Armor Archmage. With Fiber Blaze, you can craft the next outfit, which is equivalent to Iron. To upgrade it, combine two Mage Bloom fibers with Blaze Powder. The first set is weaker than Iron. It allows you to obtain special fibers to craft the Mage-1 TR Clothing. If you want to craft the Bloom Mage, you need the first seed, which can be obtained in a specific way.

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    Archwood forests are scarce ecosystems filled with Archwood trees and mythical creatures. This is currently…

    World Creation

    In the previous version, the Wilden, which are evil magic creatures, were commonly encountered in three different forms: Guardians, Stalkers, and Hunters. However, this functionality is currently deactivated in version 1.18.

    ars nouveau mod 1 1

    All types of ecosystems are present in hunters and stalkers. Aggressive hunters will appear with two hostile canines. They will rush towards you, trying to push you towards the canines. The horn of the hunter can be obtained when it is defeated. Conversely, stalkers gracefully glide through the sky and launch projectiles towards you. They will descend on your position using a paraglide to initiate an attack. When stalkers are defeated, their wings can be collected.

    These beings, which are a hybrid of a polar bear and a protector, are primarily found in snowy environments. They possess the ability to launch spikes in self-defense and can also unleash a beam attack that causes a decelerating effect on their targets.

    Consuming these items enhances the restoration of mana. Various types of food can be prepared or mana regeneration elixirs can be crafted using Sourceberry bushes discovered in Tigers and Archwood forests.

    To find specific 3D reagent glyphs that are one tier below the documentation, you can unlock them. Once unlocked, the glyph will be added to your Spellbook by default. To assign the new glyph, right-click and hold it in your off-hand. Let’s start with three different forms of craftable starter glyphs. You will need a Spellbook of tier 1 to make this function.

    ars nouveau mod 2 1

    The area on the left of them will consistently focus. They control impacts or shapes, and they are symbols with a gilded boundary. They are not accessible from the start, enhancements. Presently, let’s proceed with a brief outing and execute an activity on the block beneath the player. It is named “Underfoot,” the fresh shape.

    In addition, “Amplified” increases the strength of the effect by 8 if hearts are added to the heart, which can go up to half. For example, the “Amplify” effect increases the strength of the “Harm” effect by one second. When combined with the “Break” effect from the starter, it will break all blocks with shears. Additionally, you can make two augments by combining it with the “Sensitive” effect. This can be done in Tier 1.

    Now let’s discuss the special effects. The “Aquatic” effect allows you to bounce higher and faster after falling. “Bounce” amplifies this effect. “Conjure Mage Block” summons a temporary block. Amplify can make it permanent. “Control Mage Light” summons a permanent light. Amplify can make it brighter. If you cast it on yourself, you will receive Night Vision. If casted on an entity, it gets Glowing and Night Vision.

    “Create” (opens the crafting interface), “Shear” (simulates the use of shears on entities), “Harm” (causes damage to entities that cannot be insured), “Delay” (postpones the activation of an effect, allowing for stacking of harm), “Remove” (eliminates liquid in the surrounding area), “Solidify” (turns lava or water into ice or slows down targets), “Set ablaze” (ignites blocks or entities), “Engage” (interacts with entities or animals as if it were a player), “Collect items” (picks up items), “Push back” (forces enemies to move backwards), “Propel” (launches enemies or oneself), “Leap” (propels you in the direction you are facing), “Position block” (puts blocks in place), “Draw towards” (pulls entities towards oneself), “Redstone signal” (generates a redstone signal with a strength of 10), “Engrave” (places a rune that inflicts the spell on the entity it comes into contact with), “Entangle” (immobilizes entities and prevents them from jumping), “Quickness” (grants a speed effect), “Summon horses temporarily” (summons tamed horses for a limited duration), “Summon canine companions” (calls forth two wolves to aid in combat), “Throw” (hurls the first item from your hotbar, can be inserted into inventories). Other effects include:

    Level 2 Glyphs

    There are several different augments available, but there are no new forms in this section. You will need a better magic clay called “Marvelous Clay” to craft recipes from this tier. If you are using an outdated version, this function requires Spellbook 2 Tier.

    ars nouveau mod 21

    Here are a few instances of enhancements in this level:

  • “AOE” expands the range of effect for spells. Examples include “Evaporate,” “Item Collection,” “Summon Velocity.”
  • “Accelerate” enhances the velocity of projectiles.
  • “Dampen” reduces the potency of spells and their mana expenditure. Illustrations comprise of “Consume,” “Mage Light,” and “Redstone Signal.”
  • “Duration Down” decreases the length of spells. Examples include “Delay,” “Extend Time.”.
  • “Extract” allows Silk Touch when breaking blocks and offers Fortune for blocks, as well as increased loot for mob drops.
  • “PS” enables projectiles to go through obstacles and creatures an extra time.
  • Now, let’s proceed to the impacts:

  • “Access and Storage” unlocks your potential.
  • “Snap” harms creatures affected by slowness or dampness and causes slowness to nearby creatures.
  • “Conjure Water” summons water or puts out fire.
  • “Crush” substitutes stone with gravel, gravel with sand.
  • “Browse All Recipes” with JEI.
  • “Exchange” can substitute blocks with Silk Touch or exchange positions with an entity.
  • “Blast” triggers a detonation. Enhance for heightened destruction, Area of Effect for a wider range.
  • “Film Harvest” gathers complete trees, mushrooms, arid flora, or any other botanical organisms. Improve it to enhance the durability of blocks, and expand its area of effect to harvest a larger quantity of blocks.
  • The term “Firework” launches a pyrotechnic display. Enhance for more stars, lengthen duration for a longer period of flight.
  • “Flare” inflicts harm and ignites nearby foes if a creature is already ablaze. Most effective when paired with “Ignite.”.
  • “Gravity” induces targets to descend swiftly, resulting in a twofold increase in conventional fall damage. It exhibits maximum efficacy when coupled with “Launch.” Augment its impact by employing “Amplify.”
  • “Grow” enhances the growth of crops as if they were bone mealed.
  • “Heal” cures the target, harms undead creatures.
  • “Invisibility” causes the target to become unseen for a brief period.
  • “Slowfall” applies the effect of descending slowly.
  • “Smelt” melts blocks or items. Area of Effect (AOE) expands the radius, while amplify affects the hardness of the block.
  • “Wind Shear” inflicts harm when the target is airborne. Most effective when paired with “Launch.”.
  • Prior to progressing, there are additional subjects we need to address.


    To begin a ritual, you will need to augment the necessary items and have a nearby energy source, as well as the corresponding tablet. The color of the brazier depends on the color of your spell. The Ritual Brazier can also be used as a decoration. Before you can craft a Ritual Brazier, you will need to perform a ritual. Rituals require glyphs from a Tier 3 Spellbook.

    ars nouveau mod 3 1

    Initiate the ceremony by clicking the brazier with an unoccupied hand after collecting the required components. Here are a few instances of ceremonies and their outcomes.

  • With a Dominion’s Wand, set their home position. It transforms nearby Archwood trees into wheeled walkers that defend. Ritual of Awakening requires.
  • Bordering Tablet: Excavates four holes until reaching the bedrock.
  • Challenge Format: Summons an Elijah Raid. Extra emeralds replicate increased levels of difficulty.
  • Tablet of Cloud Shaping: Allows you to change the weather. Gunpowder returns the weather to clear, while lapis causes it to storm.
  • Disintegration Tablet: Eliminates enemy creatures in its surrounding area and transforms them into shards of experience.
  • Fertility Tablet: Tries to reproduce animals in the vicinity.
  • Flight Tablet: Provides nearby players with the ability to fly creatively.
  • Moonfall Tablet: Changes the time to nighttime.
  • The Tablet of Overgrowth utilizes bone meal to expedite the growth of neighboring crops and grass. Additionally, when combined with a bone block, it has the ability to accelerate the growth of baby animals.
  • Restoration Tablet: Restores nearby entities and harms undead. Offers discounts to zombie villagers if the player was in the vicinity.
  • In order to prolong the duration, you will need a Manipulation Essence created in an Imbuement Chamber. This Essence enables you to perceive through solid objects similar to an X-ray, known as the Tablet of Scrying.
  • Sunrise Tablet: Adjusts the time to daytime.
  • War Pig’s Tablet: Teleports nearby creatures to a designated area upon using a Warp Scroll.
  • It is destructive to summon the near Chimera Wilden as your base: take note. The summoning of Chimera Wilden requires drops from all three types of Wilden (Spike Guardian, Horn Hunter’s, Wing Stalker’s). The Tablet of Wilden summons random Wilden creatures.
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    The final spellbook enables you to craft, yielding a tribute when defeating Wilden. It has powerful attacks and can deal significant damage. The boss Chimera Wilden has three progressively challenging phases.

    Congratulations on achieving this significant accomplishment!

    Level 3 Runes

    The procedure stays unchanged, apart from that, the new incantations necessitate the utilization of a pricier clay known as Mythical Clay. If you’re utilizing an obsolete edition, please be aware that the new incantations necessitate the utilization of a more costly clay known as Mythical Clay. To fashion these symbols, you will require the most recent Grimoire. Before we proceed, let’s finalize all Tier 3 symbols.

    ars nouveau mod 4

    Splitting into various forms, the Split Augment causes the last blocks to become sensitive to different entities or targets. These projectiles, called Orbits, can be summoned and will stay around you until used.

    Now, let’s examine the impacts of the Tier 3 symbols:

  • Blink: Transports the player in the direction they are gazing upon when cast on themselves. Entertaining outcomes can be attained by utilizing Amplify. Transporting entities to a particular spot can also be accomplished by employing it alongside a Warp Scroll.
  • Banks: Calls forth Evoker fangs in the direction you are facing. If cast on oneself, it forms a defensive circle around you.
  • Glide: Enables you to soar as though donning an elytra.
  • Hex: Amplifies the damage dealt to enemies that are poisoned, consumed by fire, or affected by wither. Additionally, it reduces mana regeneration by 50%.
  • Intangible: Temporarily transforms blocks into air. Can be adjusted with, for instance, Amplify to enhance block toughness.
  • If the target is wet or has RF-powered items in their inventory, the effect is more potent. This increases damage from lightning. It summons a lightning bolt that inflicts the Shocked effect.
  • Linga: Generates a zone of influence where your spells are cast.
  • Call forth a replica: Summons a duplicate of yourself that adversaries will target.
  • Call forth Vex: Calls upon three Vex companions to safeguard you temporarily.
  • Lastly, they serve a purpose: causing impacts on adversaries.

    Congratulations on mastering the magical arts! With these Tier 3 symbols, you have successfully gathered all the advanced spells.

    Trinkets/Enchanted Gear

    These accessories can be accessed from your inventory and are equipped in the Curious slot. The previously mentioned Enchanting Apprentice is utilized to craft the majority of these items. Throughout your magical journey, these diverse amulets and unique items can assist you.

    ars nouveau mod 5

    Firstly, there are the enchantments. One provides a mana increase to amplify your mana capacity, while the other enhances mana replenishment.

    The Unstable Belt grants random positive effects that can vary in strength. The Levitation Belt allows you to jump, sneak, or fully levitate. We have the next generation of belts.

    You cast spell each for cost mana the reduce Discount Greater of Ring and Lesser of Ring The available also are rings.

    Nearby invocations are also applied if a spell with the shape of oneself or orbit is cast. Adversaries that assail them, the Emphasis of Conjuring bestows your invocations with extended duration, potency, swiftness, and inflicts harm. For those fixated on conjuring.

    The Light Jar calls forth a source of light that accompanies the player and can be dismissed whenever desired.

    The note that must be in your hotbar is the jar. You can remove or add items from its whitelist by clicking with it, and it can be toggled on and off by clicking with your offhand. When picking up items, the Voiding Jar destroys them in exchange for a small amount of mana. On the other hand, sneaking and clicking with the jar can toggle it off and on.

    The Warp Scroll is a single-use item that allows you to immediately teleport to a specified location by pressing the shift key and clicking.

    Finally, the Shield of the Enchanter grants oneself with mana replenishment upon blocking, and it gradually restores itself by utilizing mana.


    Firstly, you can find all the recipes in the book documentation. We have the Enchanting Apparatus, which is used to craft a variety of items.

    ars nouveau mod 6

    The Next Glyph Press allows you to create more spells, which you can find in your documentation. The Chamber of Imbuement is a machine that transforms certain items into magical ones. In your documentation, you can look up specific recipes and items. Sometimes, it may require additional source or items. You can provide the machine with extra items via pedestals.

    Source is necessary for operation. The Potion Melder is capable of blending two distinct potions from nearby potion jars to produce one with altered effects. The potion flask has the capacity to contain up to 8 multiples of the identical potion. You have the option to examine a potion in an unfilled glass bowl or a specially crafted potion flask created in the Enchanting Apparatus. The Potion Jar has the ability to store the identical potion up to 100 instances.

    You can place your empty spell book on the table and click sneak to open it. Additionally, you can also use parchment to make a copy of a specific selected spell. The Table Scribes is used to copy spells onto an empty spell book.

    Utilize the enchantment to adhere to the standard protocol. The sorcery domain solely acknowledges effects and enhancements while performing incantations. Diverse capabilities can be employed on different instruments such as archery equipment using the secondary meta.

    You won’t be able to shoot anymore, you won’t be able to win anymore, you will run out of mana or arrows. It functions as a regular arrow, if there is no mana available. If there is enough mana present, it will inscribe the arrows with the spell. The Bow Enchanter’s works in a similar way, requiring arrows in your inventory to shoot.

    If their tools are damaged, they will repair themselves over time using mana. To create a spell without any form, they combine it with a parchment and apply it to the sword. The Enchanted Sword works in a similar way. To create the spell without any form using the mirror, they apply it to a parchment. The Mirror Enchanter’s tool is great for applying self spells with a lower cost ratio.

    Finally, we have the Runic Chalk. With this, you can teleport without consuming the scroll by using the Warp spell in your adjacent inventory. Additionally, you can create a permanent spell rune using the Runic Chalk. Instead of breaking the parchment, it needs to be uncharged and reactivated from a nearby source. Then, use the chalk to create underground runes and set the spell on the parchment. Finally, inscribe it onto a parchment and create a spell in touch form. It is used to create permanent runes.

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    Energy Generation Source

    Let’s now explore how we can generate more energy by getting familiar with all the different machines. Starting with the Source Agronomic, which creates crops nearby, it links to the Source Alchemic, which consumes potions from adjacent jars, providing optimal results for the use of Melders Potion. Increasing the level of the potion also provides bonus effects.

    ars nouveau mod 7

    Mushrooms grow on them and mycelium transforms into grass nearby, as stated in Sourcelink. Pedestals can be used to automate this process. Berries are the best items to use as a Source. The Link Source Missile consumes food items to generate Source.

    Below the liquid, there is a texture change that blocks decorative items, and Lilies Lava will spawn on top of the uncovered lava. The Archwood Blazing is the most beneficial variant of the Archwood tree, as it converts nearby stone into magma blocks. Additionally, this can be automated with pedestals. Lastly, we have the Volcanic Link Source, which consumes burnable items. The Vitalik Link Source generates mana passively and also provides an additional source of mana through killing monsters or breeding animals.

    Moving, we have Relays Source which allow transportation using Dominion wands to select and move the source from one relay to another. The goal is to reach a location 30 blocks away by clearing everything in the path, sneaking and clicking on the relay and then the jar, and selecting the relay and the jar again. However, the path can only reach the relay, not the goal location.

    The splitting of the evenly sourced locations is supported by the Splitter. The primary jar is filled when it is linked to nearby jars for refills by the Depositor. Lastly, the Warper allows for endless transportation between other warp relays, enabling travel over a distance of more than 30 blocks while consuming some of the source itself.

    Familiars are animals that can assist in different ways.


    The summons that are currently accessible can be utilized here. By performing a ritual, you can bind them to yourself and utilize their untamed abilities to navigate different situations, providing assistance with various familiars.

    You can now summon another familiar, Bookworm, which will prevent sickness from being inflicted on you after summoning. You can also keep it in mind and bind it to your spellbook by clicking on the script bound to the Tablet of Binding. To start the ritual, summon a nearby Bookworm and click on the lectern with the charm. Use the Enchanting Apparatus to craft the Charm of Bookworm and bind it to yourself as a familiar.

    ars nouveau mod 8

    Trigmeme Drops in the game are diluted in order to enhance the power of earth damage spells and increase the ability to trigger Trigmemes. By following the same procedure, you can use the mostly cobblestone-made Trigmeme charm to craft it, and in return, you will receive a Shot Trigmeme by dropping a Wilden Horn at its feet. Trigmeme can be found in the world.

    Temporarily exposes veins of gold, which can be nourished with gold nuggets and bestows its owner with swiftness, the Star Bunkle. Employing the identical method as previously mentioned, fashion the Star Bunkle Charm and summon the companion. Foster a friendship by presenting it with a gold nugget and encounter a untamed variation within your realm. The Star Bunkle bears a resemblance to a mystical squirrel.

    The Sprigs Woolly is the next food item that can be found in the wild, which reduces the cost of spells on earth by fifty percent and provides more saturation. It also has the charm of growing on any nearby tree and can be obtained by collecting shards from any small flowers.

    The Wixie familiar, which increases the length of any consumed potion and applies negative effects, becomes familiar when you use the charm on a cauldron. Then, obtain the shot by using the Dispel spell on a witch when its health is below fifty percent. This is the last familiar of Wixie.

    All familiars can be unsummoned using the Dispel spell. Simply break the block that the mob spawned with to retrieve your charm.


    Welcome to the world of automation! You can now use turrets to cast spells and even use spells to pick up items or block placement. These turrets function similarly to a dispenser, allowing you to cast projectile spells and touch spells using them. Additionally, if you have a scroll warp in your adjacent inventory, you can consume it without using up the present scroll. However, it’s important to note that normal turrets require a redstone signal to operate and a source to cast the spell on. With these new mechanics, you can now create automated farms and even automate various processes involving mobs.

    ars nouveau mod 9

    You can adjust the timer by punching and right-clicking with the assigned spell. The turret counts down the timer when it is deactivated and does not require redstone. Another version of the Turret Timer, called Turret Spell Enchanted, consumes less power. You can upgrade the turret to an Enchanted Turret.

    Now let’s discuss entities that can be automated.

    The Hench can recharge itself by regaining its ability with a nearby inventory source. After producing drops, it will deposit them in a nearby inventory. It increases the happiness radius around its home, providing bonuses to different types of entities. The harvesting efficiency and amount depend on the happiness of the Hench. The Hench is a peculiar mob that can harvest orbs of experience and drops from nearby entities without harming them.

    Starbuckles can be summoned by right-clicking on the charm and are used for transportation. They can be used to transport items between inventories and fully harvest grown berries. You can specify an entity for item transfer and a storage block. Starbuckles can also be used to transfer items from one inventory to another using pedestals. They can be trained to seek out certain blocks for grass paths and prefer certain blocks for paving.

    You can summon a Woolly Sprig by right-clicking on a flower using its charm. The reproduction rate of the Sprig depends on the happiness of the surrounding blocks, including natural materials and plants. You can check their happiness level by interacting with a Woolly Sprig with an empty hand.

    Transmit a redstone transmission to halt the fabrication procedure. It necessitates a power supply to function. The Wixie will autonomously withdraw objects from adjacent storage units and employ them for fabrication purposes. Subsequently, perform a right-click action with the preferred item you wish to fabricate in order to acquire a Wixie. In order to procure a Wixie, engage with its enchantment located on a cauldron. Wixies serve as valuable assets for automated fabrication.

    If another elixir, Wixies can also autonomously concoct potions. The required materials will be obtained from nearby storage units by the Wixie, merely by engaging with the intended potion.


    You need to lower the first levels of enchantment, as higher-level enchantments require a nearby source to apply. Each enchantment has its own recipe, which can be viewed in the documentation. Isn’t it surprising? You can even enchant items using the Enchanting Apparatus, showcasing this mod.

    ars nouveau mod 10

    This tool allows you to occasionally cast a spell called “Enchant Reactive.” When assigned, this tool will have the ability to perform the enchanting process and “smelt” the desired spell onto a parchment. Additionally, this tool adds a special enchantment called Enchant Reactive, which is also a part of the mod.

    Lost or Misplaced Articles

    ars nouveau mod 11

    I hope you have enjoyed this showcase as it has taken a lot of time to complete. You can craft Light Mage scones that reflect the light of your own magical spells. After reaching the end of this incredible mod, we have nine pages of script.

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