Around 30 alleged illicit spas in Colorado Springs as new spa law set to go into effect in Fall 2022

Officials state that currently there are around 30 unlawful massage parlors in Colorado Springs actively involved in offering sexual services and exploiting women.

“The significance of the illicit spas themselves is certainly notable, as Colorado Springs Metro Vice Unit Commander Doug Trainer informed 13 Investigates. Our team dedicated to combating human trafficking invests a considerable amount of time in this area, as there are numerous cases and insufficient detectives to concentrate on this specific domain.”

It takes Commander Scott Whittington’s former vice unit at Metro hours of investigation to build a case against 13 individuals involved in a massage parlor.

Since its inception 13 years ago, Investigates has initiated an ongoing investigation into the illicit world of spas, resulting in the election and conviction of numerous leaders and pimps.

The new ordinance passed by Colorado Springs City Council is set to come into full effect on September 1, 2022. Under the ordinance, massage establishments must obtain an annual license costing $110.

Within a business setting, employees prohibit bars and advertisements for sexual activities, while the spas engage in unlawful sexual practices simultaneously.

City Clerk Sarah Johnson informed 13 Investigates, stating, “Operating a massage business without a license will be deemed unlawful by September first of this year.”

The recent massage business license is not suitable for a significant portion of businesses that received a mailer, according to the city clerk’s office. The recent legislation notified businesses providing massage services of approximately 3,000 letters distributed by the Colorado Springs City Clerk’s Office.

The regulation would not be applicable to the subsequent enterprises engaged in massage therapy services:

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  • Public and independent schools.
  • Government entities.
  • Training facilities of a reputable professional or amateur sports associations.
  • Healthcare professionals authorized or certified by any state to offer massage therapy to the general public.
  • Barbershops.
  • Beauty salons.
  • A spa or resort located within a hotel that accommodates at least 100 rooms for guests staying overnight.
  • Investigates found nearly one dozen sexual spas with online websites escorting advertisements or reviews, if they comply with the law.

    Three businesses – A&S Spa, One Spa, and Ivy Spa – assert that they are pursuing a fresh license for their massage establishments.

    The majority of the establishments either maintained locked entrances or conveyed to our investigators that their staff members were unable to converse in the English language.

    The Colorado Springs Police Department previously paid for a subscription to Rubmaps in order to read reviews on the website of potential illegal spas.

    The customer’s review of New Asian Massage, situated in a strip mall off Platte Avenue, states that even though they opened the business, they have doubts about its longevity. The review, posted on June 5, 2022, on Rubmaps, starts by providing a detailed account of a sexual encounter with a female staff member at the spa. The customer also mentions their willingness to revisit the establishment.

    Said the Rubmaps reviewer, “closing be will most foresee I Springs Colo of City the that parlors massage for rules these with.”

    The staff member stated that she was unaware. Nevertheless, 13 Investigates paid a visit to New Asian Massage and inquired with a female staff member if it would be possible to have a conversation with a supervisor regarding the recent license for the massage establishment.

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    Trainer Doug, the commander of the Metro Springs, Colorado Vice Unit, said that the new law is a great tool to combat illicit spas, which he took over this month.

    The new Metro Vice Commander stated that if a massage business, which is not exempted, does not have a license on September 2, 2022, officers may issue a summons, potentially resulting in a fine.

    If a business refuses to comply with a summons or pay a citation, the City of Colorado Springs states that it may receive a new criminal citation from the city on each following day.

    The city could also consider other measures, such as issuing a public nuisance citation or taking other civil actions.

    Massage establishments can begin applying for the fresh permit starting on July 1, 2022.

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