Are Marshmallows Dairy Free? (A List of All the Big Brands)

Dairy-free marshmallows are a much-beloved sweet treat in America, made with rice krispies and a myriad of other confections. They’re like America’s sweetheart, except for one brand, which is sure to be the answer (yes, thankfully!) Because it’s the only one that uses ice cream with their own marshmallows.

I have researched the biggest brands of marshmallows and have compiled a comprehensive list of all their ingredients side-by-side, so you have a handy-dandy resource to check against when scrolling from site to site without having to place brand against brand.

As a marshmallow connoisseur, I want to provide you with all sorts of extra information and specialty marshmallows. I have a list of regular marshmallows as well.

Lastly, I’ll give you some delicious dairy-free recipes, so you can use those marshmallows without having to eat them straight out of the bag.

When it comes to your own diet and personal circumstances, you must do what is best for yourself and ensure your safety. While I have attempted to cover all bases in my publications, I would never want you to have an allergic reaction. In any case, please make sure to read the actual label once you have it in your hand, ensuring that you are aware of any potential food allergies.

How I assembled the marshmallow ingredient comparison chart:

I found that ordering the nutritional information alphabetically helped to make it easier to compare and scan. On the label, the ingredients are listed in the order of the most used to the last. You will find them listed in a different order. I put all possible ingredients on the left, placed in alphabetical order.

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What brand of marshmallows did I compare?

In my marshmallow comparison graph, I can see that it is easy to find the most popular brands of marshmallows in big stores, if the work doesn’t show up in the spreadsheet or if you can’t see it below the photo or here.

  • Dandies.
  • Kraft.
  • Campfire.
  • Stuffed Puffs.
  • Smash Malllows.
  • Excellent Worth (Walmart).
  • Good and Gather (Target)
  • If you happen to receive a bag from either location, kindly provide the date and list of ingredients in a comment below to assist other readers (as well as any other new brands that may have emerged since this publication). I reside in Idaho, where I do not have the privilege of accessing these stores. Regrettably, they do not specify individual products on their websites similar to Target and Walmart. Unfortunately, I opted not to include Aldi or Trader Joe’s marshmallows as I wanted the information to be verifiable on the company’s official websites.

    I also didn’t explore various variations of marshmallows, since the majority of individuals prefer the original flavors.

    What are the common ingredients in marshmallows?

    In a conventional marshmallow, these were the primary components I observed, however, each company will possess its unique formula and differ from one product to another. Clearly.

  • Corn syrup/ sugar/ cane sugar or any other form of sweetener.
  • Corn starch.
  • Natural tastes or synthetic tastes.
  • Gelatin.
  • Tapioca Starch.
  • Tapioca Syrup.
  • Vanilla Extract.
  • Whipping additives such as tetrasodium pyrophosphate.
  • Water.
  • What marketing does Dandie’s claim?

    Dandies. website claims they have “no artificial flavors, artificial color, no corn syrup, no gelatin, no gluten, no dairy and are vegan.”

    What marketing does Kraft. marshmallows claim?

    I didn’t notice any kind of specialized diet claims or marketing mentions on their website.

    What marketing claims does Campfire. marshmallows claim?

    They assert that they are among the top 8 free, devoid of artificial colors, and devoid of gluten.

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    What marketing claims does Stuffed Puffs. make?

    I didn’t come across any assertions about specialty diets on their website. Although their marshmallow is filled with chocolate (which means it is the only one I found that contains dairy), they do highlight the fact that you don’t need to use a separate piece of chocolate.

    What marketing claims does Smash Mallows make?

    Mallow’s Smash website affirms that their products are certified as kosher and do not contain any preservatives. Additionally, they do not use artificial flavorings or colors, corn syrup, or organic cane sugar. Their products are also non-GMO and gluten-free.

    What marketing claims does Great Value’s Marshmallows make?

    I did not notice any advertising messages on their website.

    What marketing claims does Good and Gather Marshmallows make?

    The package indicates that it does not contain any artificial flavors or colors, and it is also free of gluten.

    What if marshmallow packages don’t specifically call out gluten-free or dairy-free?

    If you are familiar with FALCPA (the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004), you will know that companies that do not require placing text on the front of packages calling out things like “dairy-free” or “gluten-free” are called out for their marketing purposes while shopping.

    Everyone has a unique level of comfort. Some people only feel safe buying products that are certified gluten-free or spell out these dietary needs.

    I prefer to go to the actual ingredient list and label because it has been regulated that it is engineered food since it is vegan.

    If I don’t see anything that has a dairy ingredient (or many derivatives) listed in its ingredients, I personally feel safe to consume it.

    If you ever have any doubts, the safest way I feel to contact the company is by calling the number 1-800 directly and speaking to their operator. This is like getting used to answering calls for you.

    Some people would disagree with my personal choice, as these marshmallows are not dairy-free.

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    We don’t need small options because rumors are shrinking. When it’s hard to find safe products, it’s important not to scare others away from a product by linking to a source that you can’t verify. My aunt heard that XYZ brand uses a derivative of milk. She said, “I only allow comments that provide verifiable information, so if you have updated information about one of the products, you can’t post it.”

    Don’t marshmallows have egg whites in them?

    Homemade marshmallow frostings and homemade marshmallows, along with marshmallow cream (also referred to as marshmallow creme), generally incorporate egg whites. Nonetheless, none of the commercially available options (as shown in the chart) contained any eggs, which is advantageous for individuals seeking marshmallows that are free from dairy and eggs.

    Are marshmallows vegan?

    Sorry for all those that follow a vegan diet. No, marshmallows are not vegan because they use gelatin. According to “Gelatin. is made from decaying animal hides, boiled crushed bones, and the connective tissues of cattle and pigs. Animal bones, skins, and tissues are obtained from slaughter houses.” Kinda makes you not like them as much when you stop and think about it that way. The only vegan marshmallow brand I’ve found is Dandies., and they use soy protein instead, which is difficult because some vegans also have a soy allergy. It seems for store-bought marshmallows that is the one trade off at the moment.

    Aquafaba mixture, which is the water found in canned chickpeas/garbanzo beans, can be used as a substitute for gelatin and egg whites. It has the ability to whip up similar to egg whites. On the internet, there are various sources for vegan marshmallow recipes that incorporate aquafaba mixture.

    Dairy-free recipes that use marshmallows:

    If you need it to be dairy-free, you can always use a 1:1 ratio of regular flour or regular cereal in your sub. Please note that all of my recipes are gluten-free as well, because my son has a wheat and dairy allergy. Now that you know that the marshmallows used in these dairy-free dessert recipes are dairy-free, you can confidently use them to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Dairy-Free Rice Krispies (classic, beloved by many!).
  • Dairy-Free S’mores Parfait That Requires No Baking.
  • Dairy-Free Fudge.
  • Snickerdoodle Rice Krispies that are free from dairy.
  • Non-dairy S’mores Popcorn.
  • Vegan Marshmallow Chocolate Sauce.
  • Dairy-Free Rice Krispies treats with a reindeer theme.
  • Salted Caramel Rice Krispies without dairy.
  • Non-dairy S’mores Cookies.
  • Dairy-Free Crockpot Sweet Potatoes.
  • Dairy-Free Rice Krispie Holiday Trees.
  • Dairy-Free Mississippi Mud Brownies.
  • Homemade Marshmallows Without Corn.
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