Are Henckels Kitchen Knives Any Good? An In-Depth Review

In this comprehensive analysis, I analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Henckels culinary knives.

You’ll learn:.

  • The backstory of the brand.
  • What types of exhibits do they have?
  • The location and method of knife production.
  • How the blades perform.
  • What is the price of them?
  • The disadvantages to take into account before making a purchase.
  • And many other things.
  • So, if you’re curious about the quality of Henckels knives and desire an impartial perspective, continue reading.

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  • Introducing Henckels.
  • Knife Collections.
  • Building Materials and Construction.
  • Design.
  • Performance.
  • Price.
  • Downsides.
  • Conclusion: Are Henckels Knives of high quality?
  • Henckels International or J.A. Henckels, also known as Henckels, is well-regarded for its kitchen knives, which have been recognized as the best in the industry. In addition to kitchen knives, Henckels also produces other kitchen tools, flatware, and cookware.

    Zwilling J.A. Henckels serves as the parent corporation for six different brands, namely Ballarini, Demeyere, Staub, Miyabi, and Zwilling, with Henckels being among them.

    Zwilling J.A. Henckels, which originated in Solingen, Germany in the 1700s, established itself as a venerable global brand and one of the most esteemed knife manufacturers worldwide.

    Solingen has become known as the “Blades of City” because it is home to several prominent knife and blade makers, including DOVO, Boker, and Wusthof.

    There are two distinct entities in the market, each with different positions. People often get confused with the brands because they both share a part of the parent company’s name, Zwilling and Henckels.

    You can learn more about the differences between Zwilling and Henckels knives by comparing them in-depth. Henckels is the more affordable and entry-level brand, while Zwilling is the more premium and expensive version.

    You can also gain knowledge about the disparities in the video provided underneath.

    Knife Collections.

    With over a dozen knife assortments, Henckels provides a wide range of options.

    Every collection showcases distinctive materials, design, and construction.

    Since it can be perplexing to navigate through all the choices, here is a chart that compares essential information about each option.

    Swipe or scroll to see the complete graph.

    Knife CollectionWhere It’s MadeBlade Construction Handle Material Price. Henckels ClassicSpainForgedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$$ Henckels SolutionIndiaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$ Henckels ModernistChinaForgedStainless steel$$$ Henckels DynamicIndiaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$ Henckels Everedge SolutionIndiaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$ Henckels Everedge DynamicIndiaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$ Henckels DefinitionChinaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$ Henckels Forged AccentChinaForgedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$$ Henckels GraphiteChinaForgedStainless steel$$$ Henckels SilvercapChinaStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$ Henckels StatementChinaStampedPolyoxymethylene/stainless steel$$ Henckels Forged PremioChinaForgedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$$ Henckels Everedge PlusChinaStampedPolyoxymethylene/stainless steel$ Henckels Fine Edge ProThailandStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$ Henckels Eversharp ProThailandStampedPolyoxymethylene (durable plastic)$$ Henckels Fine Edge SynergyChinaStampedPolyoxymethylene/stainless steel$ Henckels Forged SynergyChinaForgedPolyoxymethylene/stainless steel$$$

    Building Materials and Construction.

    The majority of Henckels’ kitchen knives are stamped, but they also offer several collections including Graphite, Accent, Forged Synergy, Forged Accent, Forged Premio, Forged Contour, Modernist, and Classic.

    Should you opt for a stamped or forged blade?

    To address this query, let’s delve into the definitions of both concepts.

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    Stamped versus Forged Knife Blade Construction

    Stamped knives vary from forged knives for various reasons. The primary difference lies in the way the knives are produced.

    The stamping method requires less manual labor compared to forging.

    Knives are forged from a single heated and pressed steel bar, shaped into pounded shapes. Multiple knife blades can be created from this process. Forged knives are cut out from large sheets of metal, for instance.

    The construction of Henckels knives is noticeably different, as they are forged to be more rigid and heftier, while stamped knives are more flexible and thinner. They are suited to different cutting tasks as a result.

    The knife forged is your workhorse to debone chicken and cut firm ingredients like squash and watermelon. You can grab a stamped knife to slice tender cuts of meat or cut up vegetables for stir fry.

    Henckels provides options for both online and in-store shopping, considering the varying preferences of customers. However, it is important to keep in mind the differences between these two options, as both sides emphasize the importance of quality.

    Materials for Blades and Handles

    The materials used in the manufacturing of blades are significant. Here’s what you need to know about the materials used in Henckels’ blades and handles.

    What type of steel does Henckels utilize?

    “Premium stainless steel” is used by others, whereas certain knife sets clearly specify the type of steel on Henckels’ website.

    X50CrMoV15 is a high-quality stainless steel known as German steel. I reached out to Henckels directly to confirm that all collections use the same grade of steel, in order to clarify.

    This steel consists of 0.5 percent carbon (50Cr), molybdenum (Mo), vanadium (V), and 15 percent chromium (15).

    This type of steel is commonly used in German-made knives. It is suitable for professional or home use, as it is made of high-quality steel. It holds a sharp edge and has high durability and resistance to rust.

    There are only a few exceptions, but most Henckels knives are made of moisture-resistant, extremely durable plastic. The Graphite and Modernist collections feature stainless steel handles. Additionally, the Plus Everedge and Synergy Edge Fine Synergy knives use a hybrid steel/stainless plastic handle. These knives are forged.


    Henckels knives overall have a classic Western influence, with ergonomically designed handles that maximize comfort. All blades are wide and have exposed tang, with handles that are triple-riveted or double-black.

    There are some subtle differences between the handle shapes and design features across the collections.

    For instance, Collections Graphite and Modernist (shown below) exhibit a design that evokes the sophisticated aesthetic of renowned Japanese knife manufacturers such as Global. The handles of these knives are a combination of hygienic black plastic and stainless steel, while others feature different materials.

    Etched Knives

    A finger protector functions as a stabilizer and additional mass. Bolsters, which are the section of the blade that becomes broader just before the handle, are not present in Henckels stamped knives.

    Some, such as the Solution compilation, feature subtle, graduated spacing between the blade and the grip.

    Despite being stamped, these knives include a full-tang steel blade that extends from the tip of the handle to the butt, meaning they are sleek and slender overall.

    It is uncommon to find knives that are imprinted with tangs. The majority of them have either a half tang (where the steel extends partially through the handle) or simply a blade attached to a handle. The full-tang construction ensures a steady and secure grip while working, as well as the guarantee that the blade and handle will never separate.

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    Handcrafted Blades

    All of the bolsters have contrasting Henckels forged knives. The weight balance adds a solid feel to the knife and the bolster provides space to protect your fingers from the sharp edge.

    However, there are certain disadvantages to having a complete bolster, such as reducing the sharpness of the blade’s cutting edge (due to the excessive thickness of the heel) and causing the knife to feel uncomfortable and weigh more.

    The blades are elegantly stamped thin, making them thinner in comparison to the thick and strong profile. They have a good heft and feel sturdy overall.

    A Detailed Look: 8-Inch Henckels Solution Chef’s Knife

    Now, let’s take a close look at one of the most popular collections from Henckels Solution, so you can get to know the general design of Henckels knives.


    The blade is accurately stamped and includes a full-tang. It’s lightweight and sharp with a fine edge ideal for exact cuts.

    One side etched logo Henckels the and finish satin-polished a with blade the of length entire the along sharp are blades the.

    Versatility can be achieved when it comes to cutting techniques, ranging from rock chopping to dicing and push cutting. The blade of the knife has a slight curve, making it suitable for handling both soft and firm foods.


    Despite the absence of a bolster, the connection between the handle and blade of this knife is smooth.

    The visible stainless steel rivets are a pleasant feature, contrasting with the subdued sheen of the black handle.

    The slight indentation at the back of the handle provides you with a secure hold, while the visible tang enhances the stability of the knife.


    The Henckels knives are sharpened to a 15-degree angle on both sides, even the most delicate ingredients, including sushi, won’t have any trouble slicing through them. These Japanese knives are not as sharp as some, but they do the job well.

    When buying knives, keep in mind that stamped blades do not retain their edges as long as forged blades, so they will need to be sharpened more frequently.

    When it comes to kitchen performance:

    Henckels stamped knives are lightweight. They are easier to maneuver than the forged blades. Yet, they don’t feel as solid and durable.

    Henckels stamped knives are not well balanced when compared to their forged counterparts, primarily due to the weight distribution in the blade. If you attempt to balance a stamped knife with two fingers, it will immediately tip downward. On the other hand, forged knives provide a more balanced feel as the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

    If you’re not cautious, the absence of a bolster on Henckels stamped knives can result in a scenario where your hand may slide forward onto the blade, and the stamped knives can become slick.

    The steel used in Henckels blades is relatively soft, with a hardness of around 57 on the Rockwell scale, especially when compared to Japanese knives, which can score over 60. This makes the steel less durable and more prone to chipping and brittleness.

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    The overall performance of Henckels stamped and forged knives is excellent. They are sharp, have comfortable handles, and offer high-quality durability.

    When comparing them, it becomes evident that in the luxury category, they do not hold up against other top-tier knives like Zwilling or Wusthof.


    One of the biggest benefits of Henckels’ knives is the affordability.

    When compared to other well-known brands like Zwilling and Miyabi, Henckels knives are very reasonably priced.

    Henckels offers a lower price range due to the fact that the majority of its blades are manufactured through stamping processes in countries such as China, Thailand, India, and Spain. These countries typically have lower manufacturing costs.

    To view the present pricing for Henckels knives, kindly refer to the subsequent chart:.


    When it comes to disadvantages, Henckels blades with stamps often receive the highest number of complaints.

    The main disadvantages of Henckels stamped knives are:

  • The blades have the ability to flex and seem excessively thin and fragile.
  • Blades can occasionally separate from the handles (uncommon, but feasible).
  • They quickly lose their sharpness (because Henckels uses softer steel; it measures around 57 on the Rockwell scale).
  • They feel unbalanced. When holding a Henckels Solution knife with an open palm, it tips forward from the weight of the blade.
  • When it comes to Henckels forged knives, disadvantages include:

  • The sets with stainless steel handles can corrode and change color.
  • Using a pinch hold can be uncomfortable because the entire bolster obstructs the movement.
  • Some foods adhere to the blade when cutting.
  • Just like Henckels stamped knives, one of the main grievances is that the blade becomes blunt rapidly.
  • Conclusion: Are Henckels Knives of high quality?

    You now know what Henckels has been offering for hundreds of years – classically designed and affordable knives from a company.

    However, are Henckels knives suitable for you?

    Take these situations into account before making a decision.

    If you are considering purchasing knives, you should consider Henckels knives.

  • You appreciate the concept of buying from a brand that possesses a lengthy past and commendable reputation.
  • You desire a diverse range of collections to select from.
  • You desire a selection of long-lasting stamped or forged knives.
  • You enjoy Western-style, full-tang knives.
  • You are on a tight budget and desire a cost-effective knife assortment.
  • You should avoid purchasing Henckels knives if:

  • You desire a high-quality knife that can endure for a lifetime.
  • You value sharpness more than longevity.
  • Do you have a preference for handles made of wood or handles made from recycled wood?
  • You desire a well-balanced, engraved knife that feels robust.
  • You prefer knives with a decent amount of weight.
  • Henckels truly lives up to that reputation and establishes itself as its “value-focused” brand, Zwilling J.A. Henckels. These knives are priced accordingly, although they are not designed to last a lifetime like Zwilling or Wusthof. Bottom line, Henckels manufactures high-quality knives at a reasonable cost.

    If you are seeking durable, top-notch knives that will endure for years, you may want to contemplate forged blades from Zwilling, Wusthof, or Miyabi. These alternative brands possess a level of excellence that Henckels forged knives simply cannot match, despite their satisfactory nature.

    Henckels is a much better option compared to other affordable brands such as Cuisinart and Farberware. If you want good quality knives that are stamped, Henckels is a solid option that you should consider.

    You can find additional reviews and check the current prices of all Henckels knives on either Amazon or Zwilling.Com.

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