April 11, 2023 – The latest on the Louisville bank shooting

Louisville mayor says friend who died in bank shooting was “the definition of loyalty”

From CNN’s Kristina S

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg speaks during a news conference after a gunman opened fire at the Old National Bank building on April 10 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg speaks during a news conference after a gunman opened fire at the Old National Bank building on April 10 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

Mayor Craig Greenberg of Louisville praised his community in the aftermath of a bank shooting on Monday, which led to the devastating loss of five lives.

Greenberg, who stated that he himself has experienced gun violence at his workplace, urged individuals to allocate sufficient time for their loved ones. He expressed this sentiment during a CNN interview alongside Louisville Metro Police Department Interim Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, addressing those affected by the shooting.

He expressed that the mayor, Tommy Elliott, his companion who tragically lost his life in the incident, was an “exceptional companion” and “the embodiment of faithfulness.” He mentioned that Elliott was also an ally to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and other individuals within the city.

The friend he saw in the hospital overwhelmed him when the mayor said whether he knew another friend who had survived yesterday’s attack, even though he hadn’t recounted it.

“We both made it through,” the mayor said he advised his friend, urging him to seek therapy and consult with experts.

“They are wonderful as well,” he has heard from the stories, the mayor said he doesn’t personally know the others who died.

“We must collaborate to put an end to this epidemic of firearm-related violence in this nation. That’s sufficient,” he stated.

Meta says it removed a live stream of the Louisville bank shooting from Instagram

From Paul P. Murphy of CNN

Meta, the parent corporation of Instagram, verified that they removed a live-stream video of the Louisville bank shooting.

“We are in contact with law enforcement and promptly removed the live broadcast,” a Meta spokesperson stated.

Meta refused to provide a comment on whether the video was removed autonomously or upon the demand of law enforcement.

Sources previously informed CNN that the shooting was broadcasted in real-time on Instagram and was subsequently removed, although not immediately following the incident.

According to the source, the authorities have the video.

Louisville officials are working to release surveillance footage of the shooting “as soon as possible”

From CNN’s Julian Cummings and Carolyn Cremen.

Aaron Ellis, representative for the Louisville Metro Police, stated that the footage of the bank shooting will be made public “at the earliest opportunity,” and authorities will strive to release the body camera and surveillance recordings.

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“We are still in the early stages of this investigation,” he added.

The office plans to release the audio recording of the 911 call for the shooting at Old National Bank on Monday, later on Tuesday, according to a spokesperson for the Louisville mayor who also informed CNN.

According to the spokesperson, the mayor has viewed the surveillance video.

The spokesperson stated, “The assailant promptly confronted the officers who were initially responding to the situation, making it evident that lives were undoubtedly saved,” additionally acknowledging the presence of other individuals in the building.

According to a Louisville Metro Police dispatcher in a separate audio, the shooter, known as Connor Sturgeon, had left a voice message indicating his intention to harm all individuals present at the bank.

Based on the audio from Broadcastify, the dispatcher mentioned, “Expressing thoughts of self-harm,” he intends to harm all individuals present at the bank. Additionally, he left a voicemail stating that he contacted an acquaintance and sent a text message to a friend. He is the subject being referred to.

Please note that if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health issues, you can connect with a trained counselor at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website or call 8255-273-800 (or 988 at Lifeline).

Michelle Watson from CNN provided additional information for this article.

Louisville gunman opened fire during staff meeting

From CNN employees.

Investigators inspect bullet holes at the scene of a shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10.
Investigators inspect bullet holes at the scene of a shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10. (Jeffrey Dean/Reuters)

The mass shooting at the Old National Bank on East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky, began just after 8:30 a.M., Approximately 30 minutes before the bank opened to the public, according to authorities.

Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, a bank executive, informed CNN that she witnessed her colleagues being fatally shot during a staff meeting, with certain individuals present physically while others participated remotely, all observed through her computer.

“I observed individuals being killed. I don’t know any other way to express it,” Buchheit-Sims stated.

Buchheit-Sims mentioned that she did not have direct interaction with Connor Sturgeon, the individual carrying the firearm. However, she was acquainted with him due to the fact that his father served as her son’s high school basketball coach, while her spouse fulfilled the role of an assistant coach.

She said, “He has a personality that is quite monotonous.” “His temperament is pretty mellow. I have never seen the kid get upset or angry about anything in public. He was just very calm.”

How the Louisville bank shooting unfolded, according to police

From CNN’s Elizabeth Wolfe and Laura Ly.

Police deploy at the scene of a mass shooting in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10.
Police deploy at the scene of a mass shooting in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10. (Michael Clevenger/USA Today Network/Reuters)

Authorities stated that the gunfire at Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky, commenced at approximately 8:30 a.M. ET, roughly half an hour prior to the bank’s opening to the general public.

Bank staff were holding their morning meeting in a conference room when the shooter opened fire, Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, the bank manager, said.

One employee of a bank called her husband in a state of panic while seeking shelter within a secure vault. The husband, Caleb Goodlett, informed CNN affiliate WLKY that by the time he contacted 911, the police were already informed about the shooting.

Just a while ago, Goodlett informed the affiliate that he has not seen his wife since she called him in a very distressing state and she assured him that she is okay.

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The shooter, who was still shooting when law enforcement arrived, was fatally wounded in a gunfight with officers, according to police officials.

Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, the acting Chief of Police for Louisville Metro, stated that Nickolas Wilt, a newly recruited officer aged 26, bravely approached the sound of gunfire and sustained a gunshot wound to his head. Prior to the incident, Wilt had recently completed his training at the police academy, a mere 10 days ago. The Chief expressed that Wilt’s condition remained critical yet stable as of Monday afternoon, and he underwent surgery to address his brain injury.

CNN informed a source from federal law enforcement that the firearm utilized in the shooting was a rifle resembling an AR-15. As per the 2021 National Firearms Survey, approximately 30% of individuals who possess firearms indicated that they have possessed an AR-15 or a rifle similar in style, which happens to be the most widely favored rifle for sports in the United States. The AR-15 and its derivatives have notably been the preferred weapon in numerous devastating mass shootings, including the recent Covenant school shooting in Nashville merely a fortnight ago.

CNN informed state Sen. Gerald Neal, who represents the area where the shooting occurred, that the bank is located on the outskirts of Louisville’s burgeoning downtown commercial zone.

CNN’s John Miller, Laura Ly, Artemis Moshtaghian, Celina Tebor, Caroll Alvarado, Kristina Sgueglia, Sara Smart and Eric Levenson contributed to this report.

Instagram video of Louisville shooting depicts massacre that ended in about a minute, city official says

According to Mark Morales from CNN

As per a municipal authority, investigators witnessed firsthand the terror that transpired on Monday, observing the assailant discharge his AR-15-style firearm within the bank for approximately one minute and subsequently seeming to pause for a minute and a half before the arrival of law enforcement. Investigators are scrutinizing Instagram footage of the incident.

It’s uncertain why the shooter ceased firing.

The footage demonstrates that his assault on bank employees lasted approximately one minute, according to the official who spoke to CNN.

As per the official, the assailant is welcomed with a pleasant morning by an employee within the financial institution prior to the prominently displayed AR-15-type firearm initiating the live broadcast.

The shooter, who was eventually apprehended by Meta, Instagram’s parent company, can be heard saying to the woman on the live stream, “You should leave this place.”

The official said that the gunman, who is in the back, tries to shoot her but can’t because the safety of the weapon needs to be loaded and the shooter needs to properly load the weapon once the safety is off, according to the official. The official said that the worker shoots her back, takes off the safety, and properly loads the weapon once the shooter is prepared, according to the official. Her condition is unknown.

According to the official, the perpetrator then continues with his savage assault, aiming at the staff members as they try to flee from the assailant.

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According to the official, the assailant refrains from accessing additional levels of the bank where employees were already situated.

Once the shooter had finished firing, the official sat down in the lobby area, waiting for the appearance of the East Main Street.

As per the authority, the assailant patiently bided his time for approximately ninety seconds until law enforcement arrived and confronted the assailant in the firefight.

“There are no words,” Old National Bank CEO says in Louisville after shooting

From David Williams of CNN.

Two people embrace outside of a building where a shooting took place in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, April 10.
Two people embrace outside of a building where a shooting took place in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, April 10. (Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal/AP)

According to a statement from the bank, Jim Ryan, the CEO of Old National Bank, along with other members of the bank’s leadership team, is currently present in Louisville on Tuesday to offer assistance to individuals impacted by the mass shooting that occurred on Monday. Furthermore, the bank assures that they will remain present in the upcoming days as well.

“There are no words to adequately describe the sadness and devastation that our Old National family is experiencing as we grieve the tragic loss of our team members and pray for the recovery of all those who were injured,” Ryan wrote in a Monday statement to CNN.

“We kindly request that you continue to offer your prayers for all those impacted. In addition, we would like to express our gratitude and recognition to the local and state officials, medical community, law enforcement in Louisville, and on behalf of everyone at the National Old. The CEO’s statement states, “We also want to acknowledge and thank the officials at the local and state level, as well as the medical community, law enforcement in Louisville, and on behalf of everyone at the National Old. This tragic event has elicited an incredible response from them. It is crucial that we focus our entire attention on ensuring that everyone affected receives the necessary assistance and support. The situation is incredibly challenging.”

Interim police chief says more details to come on shooter’s note and information obtained in warrant

From CNN’s Kristina S

Louisville Metro Interim Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel delivers remarks regarding the shooting at Old National Bank on April 10 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Louisville Metro Interim Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel delivers remarks regarding the shooting at Old National Bank on April 10 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Mike Swensen/Getty Images)

During an interview with CNN, the interim police chief of Louisville, Kentucky, provided limited additional details about the ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting at a downtown bank. The gunman, who recently purchased a weapon, has not been identified, and the authorities are being cautious about revealing any information that could potentially compromise the investigation.

Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, the Interim Chief of Police for Metro Louisville, confirmed on Monday that police searched the suspect’s home, hoping to shed light on the motives behind the recovered items.

She did not indicate whether any additional search warrants were carried out.

The inquiry was in initial phases, stated the temporary leader, when questioned about a message the assailant penned suggesting he intended to execute a shooting at the bank.

“We will actually reveal that information, but I want to make sure that I don’t misspeak,” she continued, adding that the victims’ families and the public deserve accuracy, promising more details to come.

Wilt completed his training at the police academy just under a fortnight ago and was in a serious yet stable state, with notable improvement, she stated. Officer Nickolas Wilt, who sustained a gunshot wound to the head while attending to the incident, was the subject of her statement.

She requested prayers for him and the families of others who perished due to “meaningless” brutality.

Biden spoke with Gov. Beshear, White House says

From CNN’s Nikki Carv

President Joe Biden spoke with Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky over the phone yesterday evening, discussing the shooting at the bank in Louisville on Monday.

He had previously denounced the most recent mass shooting and urged Congress to take action on gun reform.

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