Anne Heche Dead at 53, Official Cause of Death Ruled: A Timeline of Her Fatal Car Crash

Anne Heche crashed her blue Cooper Mini into a little home in the Vista Mar neighborhood of Los Angeles on Friday, August 5th, around 11 am. The fire that erupted from the wreckage was so out of control that it quickly became an uninhabitable place. Firefighters had to rush to her rescue, taking nearly 60 of them to bring the fire under control, with a nearby hospital also being affected by the burns.

Now that we have gathered information about the dreadful incident that occurred before her passing, let us examine the LA County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office for further details regarding her cause of death and the decision to remove her from life support. This heartbreaking news followed her involvement in a third car accident within a 30-minute period, and it would later become evident that the collision resulted in a fiery outcome.

Heche’s podcast episode featuring vodka and wine consumption is released

Heche has claimed in her deleted episode of the podcast “Together Better” that it has been reported that she has been drinking vodka with “wine chasers,” and she has claimed to have been “rocked” after a very bad day.

The podcast show’s producer, Ryan Tillotson, stated in an episode of the ET podcast that the crash happened after the recording of the episode. However, some speculate that the crash occurred before Friday, a few hours before the episode was released.

He mentioned that on the day of the accident, she recorded the episode that she reports as false. The episode was recorded on Tuesday before it was released, which led to inaccurate reporting.

Heche buys a crimson wig moments before a sequence of collisions.

Moments before her car crashed, the actress randomly came into the studio of Richard Glass, the owner of the salon, and exclusively spoke with ET. Just two miles away from the fiery site crash, Heche popped into Glass Hair Design, the salon in Venice, where she purchased a red wig.

Glass informed ET’s Lauren Zima on Tuesday, Aug. 9, stating, “She wasn’t speaking in cursive, I use that phrase when individuals are under the influence.” He didn’t notice anything unusual about the celebrity, despite the fact that the incident occurred just moments before the mishap.

She was extremely polite and personable, wasn’t she? But the way you were slurring your words was like cursive in speech. The entire encounter lasted maybe 10 minutes, but it felt like a random and identical experience. It was not at all huge.

He added, “It was a remarkable, gentle exchange.”

Glass then informed ET that shortly after Heche departed from the salon, he learned about the accident through social networking platforms.

The owner exclaimed, “I learned about it through social networking platforms initially. After returning to work, I suddenly heard my notification sound, and upon checking it, I discovered that she had been involved in a car accident. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed. I was thinking to myself, ‘oh my goodness,’ and I fervently prayed for her well-being.” I shared the image on social media.

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Heche collides with apartment building parking structure

According to TMZ, Heche reportedly crashed into the garage of a complex apartment. Witnesses told the outlet that she then put the car in reverse and sped off, attempting to get out of the vehicle at the apartment complex.

The crash that occurred after the blue Cooper Mini was later shown in a video obtained by TMZ. You can purportedly hear a man shouting at Heche, saying “get out of the car”. The video also shows what looks like a red wig sitting on the passenger side of the center console, and The outlet also posted a photo of Heche inside her car.

Heche narrowly avoids colliding with pedestrian, strikes vehicle

The woman, filled with utter shock, proceeded to raise her hands into the air, narrowly avoiding colliding with a woman walking on the sidewalk. Another video captured the sight of a speeding vehicle racing down an alley, revealing a Mini Cooper that displayed no signs of slowing down or attempting to change direction in order to avoid hitting the woman in the aforementioned video.

According to TMZ, the Mini Cooper was engaged in a separate car crash, this time colliding with a Jaguar, shortly after narrowly avoiding the woman. Heche fled the scene after hitting the car, as stated by the news source. TMZ stated that the occupant of the Jaguar did not sustain any injuries.

The blue Mini Cooper, as seen in the video obtained by CBS Los Angeles shortly after, was part of the third accident of the day, moving at a considerable speed. The audio from the video captures the sound of the Mini Cooper hitting the house, which was also recorded by a Ring doorbell camera.

Heche collides with two-story residence, sparking a fire

Any injuries were not disclosed, but the Los Angeles Police Department officer told the public that a vehicle collided into a residence located on the 1700 block of Walgrove Ave at 10:55 a.M.

According to the LAPD, the car caught fire and the driver was taken to a nearby hospital for medical care in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Fire Department stated that a solo passenger vehicle struck and caused heavy fire in a two-story, 738-square-foot home, resulting in structural compromise and eruption upon arrival.

The LAFD stated that there were no other reported injuries. An adult female, who was found inside the heavily damaged vehicle, was taken to the hospital in critical condition by LAFD paramedics. It took firefighters 59 minutes to fully extinguish the stubborn flames and confine them within the heavily damaged structure, and it took them 65 minutes to gain access.

The cause of the crash remained unclear. TMZ reported that Heche was expected to be intubated in the hospital, but at the time, it was reported that she had to be intubated. Video captured by CBS Los Angeles showed the carnage left behind after Heche crashed her car into a home.

Heche “anticipated to recover”

After the dreadful car accident, Thomas Jane, the former boyfriend of Heche, stated that she is “anticipated to recover.”

“I am thankful to God for not hurting anyone else. My prayers and thoughts are with Anne, who is one of the true talents of her generation. I hope that my prayers can help pull her through and that she is now in a stable condition. It breaks my heart to see Anne go through this, especially because she is a mother to two sons. The news of today’s tragedy is devastating to me and to everyone who loves Anne. I no longer have any words to express the sadness I feel for her. He released a statement to the Daily Mail, providing an update on her condition during her hospitalization.”

She is in a steady state.

Heche sustained injuries from the accident, the representative also disclosed. The performer was in a stable state, as reported by a representative to ET the following day.

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“Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time,” the rep continued.

The reason behind the accident was still being investigated, the representative included.

Heche falls into a coma, in a state of “extremely critical condition”

Anne’s representative informed ET that she is currently in a state of grave severity. The representative stated that she had entered a comatose state on Monday, Aug. 8. Additionally, the representative mentioned that she has a notable injury to her lungs that necessitates mechanical ventilation, as well as burns that necessitate surgical intervention.

The representative stated, “She is in a state of unconsciousness and has not regained awareness since shortly after the incident.”

ET had also discovered that by that evening, Heche had been transferred to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills.

Explanation of Heche’s injuries

The actress is battling for her life, according to the details disclosed about her injuries, as stated by Dr. Michael L. Cooper, the director at the Burn Unit of Staten Island University Hospital, who is not responsible for Heche’s treatment.

Currently, she is battling for her existence. These are injuries that put her life in danger, so she suffered severe burns of the third degree, necessitating surgical intervention. Additionally, she was unable to breathe independently and suffered an inhalation injury, indicating harm to her respiratory passages. He stated, “Anne has incurred injuries that pose a threat to her life.”

Cooper stated that Heche being trapped in her vehicle within the blazing residence worsened the seriousness of the collision.

“Cooper stated,” in a closed space, such as her apartment and car, where toxic gases, including smoke, could accumulate at a high concentration, thereby obstructing her breathing and airway.

The physician additionally elucidated the scope of Heche’s most recent health status report.

She is unable to breathe independently. She suffered from smoke inhalation, which resulted in damage to her airway and now she cannot breathe on her own,” he explained. If she had not been put on mechanical ventilations at the scene, she would have died. The first responders did an outstanding job in transporting her to a medical facility. Subsequently, she received the necessary treatment on a mechanical ventilator to enable her to breathe. Due to her injuries, she was unable to breathe without assistance.

Heche being probed for DUI, hit-and-run incident

The Los Angeles Police Department is presently conducting an investigation on the actress for a slight infraction of operating a vehicle while impaired and fleeing the location of a crash, in relation to the severe car crash.

The LAPD officials informed ET on Monday, August 8th, that investigators are investigating what role alcohol or drugs may have played in the frightening collision and obtained a warrant to draw blood on the day of the crash.

According to the LAPD, once the investigation is finished and the outcome of the blood draw is established, the case will be transferred to the LA City Attorney’s office.

“At present, the issue has not been assigned a case by LAPD, as informed by a spokesperson for the L.A. City Attorney’s Office to ET.”

Heche had “drugs” in her system

According to multiple law enforcement sources, cocaine was discovered in the 53-year-old actress’ system after her car crash, which resulted in a fiery accident. The LAPD spokesperson confirmed on Thursday morning that the actress had narcotics in her system.

The LAPD spokesperson informed ET that Anne Heche is currently under investigation for Felony Traffic DUI. “Additional testing is necessary to eliminate the possibility of other substances being administered at the hospital, although her system has shown the presence of narcotics.”

Heche experienced a brain trauma, representative discloses she’s “not anticipated to make it.”

“The actress’ representative stated on Thursday evening that Anne’s survival is not anticipated. In a coma and in critical condition, Anne experienced a significant anoxic brain injury due to her accident and regrettably remains in that state.”

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She has long been determined to support life by explaining the statement, “if any are viable, she’s kept being and she chooses to donate her organs.”

“She will be remembered for her dearly missed light and courageously honest nature. The statement concluded that she especially moved the needle of acceptance for those who loved her – her work as a joy and kindness spreader in life was seen as more than her extraordinary talent. She met everyone with her generous spirit and had a huge heart, Anne.”

Heche passes away at 53

“The actress added in a statement on Aug. 12, ET, that she had not been taken off life support and that there would be enough time to find organ recipients who will match her. According to California law, which defines death as brain dead, her heart is still beating while she is brain dead.”

The statement read, “Today we have lost a radiant beam, a gentle and exceedingly cheerful spirit, a caring parent, and a devoted companion. Anne will be greatly mourned, but she endures through her magnificent children, her renowned body of work, and her fervent support. Her courage in consistently upholding her authenticity, disseminating her message of affection and acceptance, will persistently leave a profound influence. The enduring influence will be on acceptance and love, as she spreads her message, always standing in her truth with bravery. Her passionate advocacy and distinguished body of work, along with her beautiful sons, will keep her alive, even though she will be deeply missed. She was a loyal friend and a loving mother, as well as a most joyful and kind soul, whose radiant light we lost today.

ET also stated that Homer, the 20-year-old son of Heche, said, “I lost my mom and my brother Atlas. I am left with indescribable sadness, and for almost six days, I experienced unimaginable emotional swings. I hope to begin exploring what it feels like to be free from pain, just like my mom in eternal freedom.”

I love you, Mom. I wish you peace and rest. During this time, I am thankful for the support of my stepmom Alexi and my Dad Coley, who continue to rock my world. He added, “I am grateful for their love, which is known to me through their hearts. Over those six days, I have known the hearts of thousands.”

Family crushed

A source informed ET, “Anne’s acquaintances and loved ones are completely devastated by her demise. They are utterly shattered.”

The source added, “It becomes more challenging since they perceive the need to adopt an offensive stance while mourning the loss due to the unfavorable media coverage surrounding the crash.”

LAPD ceases investigation into Heche vehicle collision.

The LAPD stated in a statement on August 13th that no further investigative efforts will be made in this case, as any records or information that have been requested prior to this will still be collected and included in the overall matter, and the events will turn to this.

The statement included, “If a person suspected of a crime passes away, we do not submit for filing consideration.”

Heche ‘calmly’ removed from life support, prepared to contribute organs through donation

Heche was peacefully removed from medical support on Sunday, Aug. 14, as her organ recipients had been identified.

Emergency call records terrifying moments following her accident

Neighbors were frantically trying to get to authorities as quickly as possible to stop the spreading flames, as the newly released 911 audio obtained by TMZ revealed the terrifying scene from the aftermath of the first crash on August 16th.

The severity of the situation became evident as additional neighbors entered the debris to offer assistance. However, at the moment of the collision, it was not immediately apparent whether the caller was aware that Heche was inside the vehicle. The individual who dialed 911 informed the operator that Heche’s car had passed through the house “at a high speed.”

The fire was being suppressed in an effort to bring a water hose to the location, while the caller continued to take action. A person was trapped inside the car, shouting could be heard from concerned neighbors, as thick smoke and flames engulfed the vehicle.

Official reason for death disclosed

The actress’s fatal demise was a result of a blazing car accident, which resulted in thermal burns and inhalation of smoke, as officially verified by the LA County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office on Aug. 17, according to ET.

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