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Among the shared interests and economic cooperation, the allies focused on the response to COVID-19 during their first bilateral meeting held virtually on Tuesday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden of the United States had a virtual tête-à-tête.

Following the meeting, Trudeau and Biden agreed to work closely together on a wide range of issues, including climate change, economic recovery, and the pandemic. Trudeau described the meeting as “productive” in a brief statement issued afterwards.

“He said that Canada and the U.S. Would launch a joint initiative by agreeing to double commitments to spur other countries to increase their own ambitions and achieve a net-zero carbon emissions goal by the year 2050.”

In an attempt to exert pressure on Canada, Chinese authorities detained Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who are currently seeking the immediate priority of Canadian officials: their release. Meng Wanzhou, a high-ranking Huawei executive, has been freed, and President Biden has also committed to addressing this matter.

Biden expressed, “This is my inaugural one-on-one meeting, my first official phone conversation as president, which is why I consider you to be a closer ally than Canada, the United States has none.”

Trudeau expressed gratitude to Biden for “taking significant action in addressing the issue of climate change.”

“The absence of U.S. Leadership has been strongly felt in recent years,” he stated, according to USA Today.

Perhaps – just perhaps – we might be able to return to that point. However, it has been quite a while since we were the exemplary and prominent nation. I believe Trudeau’s concluding remark encapsulates the situation perfectly. The musings of Angry.

FBI warning regarding potential ‘conflict’ against Congress reached D.C. And Capitol Police on eve of assault, intensifying security concerns.

On the evening of January 5, around 7 PM, a member of the Capitol Police Department received a memo in their email inbox. The memo warned of violent attacks by extremists and was issued by the FBI. Less than 24 hours later, on January 6, an angry mob overran the U.S. Capitol.

According to congressional testimony on Tuesday, top officials at either agency did not flag the alert about the deepening questions regarding the massive security failures that contributed to the breakdowns on Jan. 6.

The former Chief of Capitol Police, Steven Sund, and the acting Chief of Police for Washington D.C., Robert Contee III, said that the intelligence community failed to adequately communicate and detect key information about the intentions of the attackers during the Capitol riot.

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Lawmakers informed Contee, “I definitely believe that an uprising as aggressive as an insurrection at the Capitol would necessitate a telephone conversation or some form of communication.”

According to The Washington Post, the Capitol Police is portrayed as a “consumer” of intelligence from 18 federal agencies.

Angry’s Thoughts: I concur with Sund here. If it’s indeed true that they only received an email, that’s absurd.

I hope you find this soon. We should definitely have some drinks! Oh! I almost forgot, there is a possibility that a large angry mob might be incited by the irresponsible rhetoric of the President to declare war on Congress tomorrow. Cheers!

I honestly mean that it is not only important to send an email, but also to follow the criminal borderline and provide the entire premise of the information.

This planned mob had a multitude of needs that needed to be addressed – it is also foolish to solely blame the Capitol Police for this, as there was plenty of open-source information available to inform us about what exactly was going on.

Johnson & Johnson to miss target for pledged vaccine supplies

Johnson & Johnson expects to fall far short of its commitment to deliver 10 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine by the end of February, with hopes to be ready to ship under 4 million doses after receiving emergency authorization from the drug and food administration.

Johnson & Johnson has disclosed the shortfall of its production goals, revealing how far the company’s drug production has fallen behind. This comes as another promise by the company to deliver an additional 25 million by the end of March.

“During a hearing on Tuesday, Dr. Richard Nettles, the vice president of medical affairs at Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, stated that as soon as emergency use authorization is granted, approximately 4 million doses of our vaccine will be made available. Additionally, by the end of March, we will have 20 million doses of the vaccine ready for shipment.”

Angry’s Reflections: How has the notion of offering fewer assurances and achieving greater results changed? Recently, it appears that everyone has adopted the opposite strategy.

It is clear that there is still a mammoth amount of vaccine that will be available by the end of March. It would be better to have accurate information from the beginning.

QAnon Shaman Seeks Release from Custody; Alleges the Government Misrepresented His Flagpole and Ornament

Albert Watkins, a defense attorney, is trying to get Jacob Chansley, also known as the “QAnon Shaman” and the rioter from the pro-Trump January 6th incident, out of jail. It is commonly attributed to Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, that he was a master of words in American literature.

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“Contemplates movement liberate pretrial displays of comprehensive pages 74 (27 Chansley’s line first), truth can be found by putting oneself in its shoes, and one can travel around the world while embracing a falsehood once more.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the “falsehood” in question is a “misrepresentation” of a “pole” that was in Chansley’s possession during the assault on the U.S. Capitol Complex, according to the filing submitted with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

During the detention hearing on Jan. 15 in Arizona, the defense portrayed the flagpole held by [Chansley] as a “spear.” However, the government’s argument necessitated the description of the flagpole as a “dangerous weapon.”

The defense maintains that the government misunderstood that evaluation.

The motion contends that the flag held by the accused on January 6, 2021, was embellished with a decorative top, as has been made evident since the initial detention hearing, through the defendant’s attorney’s communication with the Department of Justice, represented by its Assistant U.S. Lawyer.

Chansley’s defense claims that he did not possess a weapon, but rather, he had a “bauble” with a flagpole. In other words, the object at the bottom or top corner is typically an ornament known as a finial.

Angry’s Thoughts: Furthermore, he requested to be let out because the organic food he is being provided with caused “digestive problems.” Seriously.

That was an impressive spear, but he can express his opinions about the “flagpole” and I don’t really care if prison food caused his stomach discomfort, with all due respect to his defense.

Perhaps take into account your specific dietary needs before you storm the Capitol in the future.

Ron Johnson recently presented an absurd conspiracy theory during the Senate hearing on the Capitol attack.

Following the riot at the US Capitol on January 6th, Senator Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, has been actively promoting wild conspiracy theories and pushing himself into a niche within recent weeks.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached for his involvement in the riot, which some speculate was an attempt by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to divert attention from her own wrongdoing. Although Johnson has not explicitly stated Pelosi’s transgressions, he has hinted at her involvement. Furthermore, Johnson recently expressed disbelief that the events at the Capitol constituted an “armed insurrection,” despite overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that during the Senate’s first public hearing on January 6th, there were suggestions that professional provocateurs were present in the crowd, which led to a largely peaceful gathering taking a violent turn. This was based on a single eyewitness account that Senator Johnson used to spread the information.

On January 14, Michael J. Waller read excerpts from a controversial piece on The Federalist, which accused the Security for Center at the think tank of being Islamophobic.

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CNN reported that a small number of individuals, claimed by Waller, appeared to use a huge rally as a cover to stage the violent storming of the Capitol, suggesting that these individuals were primarily responsible for the attack and not Trump supporters.

Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow), who is getting on my nerves lately, knows that the insurrectionists seen at the Capitol were believed to have stolen the election and were urging Trump. He personally saw them under oath, saying he’s lying. Thoughts: Angry.

It’s truly astonishing to me how many individuals are ready to completely degrade themselves for a twice-impeached, disgraced former President.

‘Unfavorable politics for them’: Republicans mock Democratic Covid bill

“Republicans are embarking on a daring yet calculated risk: that voters will not punish them for standing against a widely popular $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill.”

With President Joe Biden and even barely seeking input from their fellow Democrats, Republicans are now gambling that there will be more backlash over the closed schools, and staying closed, as the massive price tag and partisan process of the Covid bill’s massive relief package could become the first pandemic relief plan that the GOP ranks oppose, despite bipartisan support and five bills with a year following the bipartisan trillion-dollar spending on fighting the virus.

Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) Stated that it is challenging, if not impossible, for Republicans to perceive the current contours of the situation.

An issue they believe will emerge as a powerful political tool, especially in crucial suburban battlefields—throughout the nation, Democrats are vigorously criticizing and excluding them from the lawmaking procedure, accusing Biden of it. However, Republicans are content with imposing their own agenda.

Angry’s thoughts on this bill are that it is pretty risky politically, and they are going against any Republican who is going to vote for it, as it has more bipartisan support.

Increase in Vaccine Production and Supply in the United States Following Delays Caused by Snowstorms

The White House said on Tuesday that the weekly shipments of coronavirus vaccines to the states would continue to increase, with production ramping up to deliver 14.5 million doses, up from one million doses.

Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the White House, mentioned on Tuesday that the number was shared with governors during a conversation with Jeffrey Zeints, the coordinator for the president’s response to the coronavirus. Officials at the state level have been requesting for additional vaccines, stating that healthcare professionals could significantly increase the amount of shots they administer, with millions of eligible Americans eagerly waiting to receive their vaccinations.

On January 20th, the Biden administration announced that vaccine shipments were doubling, as distribution efforts entered their fifth week. According to Psaki, the increase in vaccine distribution was a much-needed boost. This news was reported by The New York Times.

Angry’s Thoughts: The more effective the upcoming wave is, the greater the number of vaccines we can administer at present — as the number of cases is decreasing across all categories. This is fantastic news overall, as there is a high probability of Johnson and Johnson’s emergency use authorization and an anticipated increase in production next week. As of today, the United States has administered over 65 million doses, but the snowstorm understandably resulted in vaccination delays last week.

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