All About Jesse Lee Soffer’s Love Life And Past Girlfriends

Soffer Was In A Relationship With Sophia Bush From 2014 To 2016

Actress Sophia Bush (L) and Jesse Lee Soffer in closeup image
(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

Friends, who seemed to be very close, were spotted walking together in New York City in September by E! News. They were observed holding hands, looking even more friendly than before. It was reported that they were dating, but apparently, they broke up in June 2015. Both Bush and Soffer were acting on the TV show P.D. Chicago while their paths crossed in 2014.

Bush’s left hand was obviously clasped around Soffer’s right hand. He wore a button-down shirt rolled up at the wrists, jeans, and aviator sunglasses. Soffer was equally relaxed in his choice of outfit, sporting a lightweight gray sleeveless dress and a pair of comfortable flats.

In the following year, Bush departed from the Chicago P.D. Ensemble. By November 2016, Bush and Soffer parted ways as the signs that potentially appeared romantic to certain individuals were evidently not so. The publication insinuated that people might be speculating whether Bush and Soffer’s connection could be rekindled, describing their physical interactions as “innocent public displays of affection.” E! News made contact.

According to TVLine, it was mentioned that Soffer generously talked about Bush when she departed from the cast. He expressed, “You know, it’s always heartbreaking when a member of the cast departs from a show. We’re a massive family, and she plays a significant role in shaping the show’s essence. Collectively, we built something remarkable, so it’s always challenging. However, the show must continue. That’s the way it goes.”

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Soffer Dated ‘Chicago Med’ Star Torrey DeVitto For Eight Months

Their once intimate partnership came to an end in May 2019, after a duration of less than twelve months. Soffer affirmatively acknowledged their romantic involvement to Us Weekly, expressing, “It’s fantastic, it’s remarkable.” Starting from September 2018, Soffer was romantically involved with DeVitto, an actress from the television series Chicago Med.

He Was Never With On-Screen Wife Tracy Spiridakos In Real Life

Sometimes, when actors portray spouses on films or TV, they convincingly create the erroneous impression that they are really married to each other or at least romantically involved.

There is always the possibility that Mr. And Mrs. Smith were pretending to be in a relationship like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on screen, because they were falling for each other off screen.

Fans of the show may be forgiven for mistaking them as a genuine couple, but in reality, Soffer and his TV co-star Tracy Spiridakos do not seem to be romantically involved. Despite their natural and genuine chemistry, there is no hint of any romantic connection between them.

Spiridakos and Soffer watch as a technician-looking person, solemnly seated near them, asks her good-natured questions while firing a make-believe lie detector on her. They all seem to be having a lot of harmless fun, clearly at ease with each other and genially horsing around. It’s priceless to see the lie detector test in action.

“Have you ever experienced an infatuation towards a colleague?” Soffer inquired. “Indeed,” she joked, grinning expansively.

“No,” then burst into fits of laughter, she replied with a serious expression, after a short, intense pause, Soffer playfully inquired if Spiridakos had ever committed a homicide. However, the most amusing part was still to come.

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“Everyone except Jesse was fantastic!” She playfully remarked when Spiridakos was asked about her experience when she initially became a part of the Chicago P.D. Cast and they were interviewed by ET Canada; the two truly enjoy teasing one another.

It is reasonable to assume that these two are not just colleagues, but also good friends, as neither of them has confirmed or indicated otherwise.

Jesse Lee Soffer seems to enjoy both his professional and personal life without outwardly putting pressure on himself to settle down with someone, at least based on the romantic relationships that we are aware of, which have ended in a friendly manner and run their course.

Soffer is a skilled young celebrity whose profession is flourishing and whose love life will hopefully continue to improve.

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