Alice in Borderland season 3 cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

The Joker, the game organizer pulled out a challenging card from the deck, right when Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and his friends believed they had escaped.

If we were truly honest, we always knew that it was inconceivable that the Joker would not appear, starting from the very moment the face of the card arrived.

So what now for the battered gamers who thought they had finally made it back to the ‘real world’ (poor hopeful saps)?

Will fans have to wait to find out but there will be one thing we know everything about Alice in the Borderland, a three-season series?

There is a lot more to unpack in the story on the left because we naturally remain hopeful. Alice has not yet been picked up for another season in Borderland, and there is no official line on whether or not she will be.

Fans had patiently waited for over two years to receive a December release date, which does not necessarily mean we should mark Christmas 2024 on our calendars. This is because it follows the first two seasons, both of which were associated with the holiday season.

Due to the pandemic, the production of the hit streaming service could only manage to release three seasons by December 2023, resulting in a two-year wait for fans.

If you desire to maximize the value of production, do not hurry these things. However, it is important to note that we are currently operating in a loose and fast manner, even though there is still a long time left in the year.

The final shot in the hospital is just another layer of reality that we haven’t yet experienced. That’s why every time we turn, we are challenged by crazy psychopaths with playing-card-themed personalities. This is where we got an explanation for why Cope and Arisu were friends and it seems like everything was cleared up at the end of the season. The trouble is, it still doesn’t seem like it.

Cast of Season 3 of Alice in Borderland: Which Actors Will Return?

We were expecting to see season three – they made two seasons of it, so we were surprised to find out that only one season of Borderland had aired. Alice, who we thought had died in season two, made a surprising appearance in season three.

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Yutaro Watanabe’s character is unlikely to come back to life, as he was buried during the season for Tatta. However, the same cannot be said for others.

We are eagerly anticipating the next season! Arisu and Usagi (played by Tao Tsuchiya) have managed to survive explosions, knife injuries, and numerous other near-death encounters in order to continue their journey with us.

We expect Ann and Chishiya, who play the characters Ayaka Miyoshi and Murakami Nijirô, respectively, to reprise their roles and also for Asahina Aya to join them in finishing the line across, dragging themselves.

Yuri Tsunematsu, a newcomer, made a great addition to the cast of Heiya as Heiya, since she didn’t end up chopping the block on the chopping board, there’s no reason we shouldn’t see her again.

In the Borderlands, Riisa Naka, the actress portraying Mira Kano, emerged as the ultimate adversary – the Queen of Hearts – for Arisu and Usagi. In an interview with Nextshark, she shared her aspirations for a potential third season and the revival of her character. Initially introduced as a prominent member of ‘the Beach’, she embarked on her journey in the first season.

She expressed, “In the event that a third season were to occur, I ponder what would unfold with the entire team that has battled alongside each other thus far. The apparition of Hatter has been showcased multiple times in the show, hence I have a hunch that he may make a reappearance. Consequently, it is also plausible to consider the potential return of Mira.”

Here’s hoping….

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Plot of Season 3 of Alice in Borderland: What can be expected in the upcoming episodes?

To begin with, we have not yet witnessed Tweedledum and Tweedledee manipulating the meanings of words according to their desires. There are numerous other potential allusions to Alice in Wonderland that can be examined. The introduction of the joker card implies that they are not in the expected location, even though they thought they had entered ‘the real world’ by the end of the season. We are concerned that Arisu and his companions will be in for a major surprise in the upcoming season.

So what might a third season contain?

In the final episode, Arisu found himself in a virtual reality environment where all the contestants could be tricked into believing that the series of games were a fabrication of his mind, leading to his hospitalization.

Thankfully, with Usagi’s help, he managed to free himself from the mental trap, but it’s possible that they could all slip into another chance when they gave up the game.

It will likely prove to be quite challenging for the team, as they have no memory of each other’s relationships or previous games. However, they will have the opportunity to break free and start anew with a new game, which they have already begun.

The entire group of gamers has advanced to the level of face cards, indicating that the Joker now possesses the capacity to be the most heartless. The cards have all become more challenging, intense, and severe.

If the gamemasters were to adopt the characteristics of its ‘joker’, there could be a series of sinister manipulations and tricks in store for Arisu, as they continue to puppeteer and batter him as a gang.

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‘Individuals’ transformed into former gamers who were uncovered as the current face-card gamemasters, resulting in the demise of Arisu and his friends’ accomplishments, in reference to the gamemasters.

Without providing any explanation, the players of the game were given the opportunity to become citizens, with the chance to take their fate into their own hands and either accept or reject the offer after winning the final face-card.

Banda (played by Hayato Isomura) and Yaba (portrayed by Katsuya Maiguma) made the decision to become inhabitants, signifying that they could potentially be the new gamemasters for season three. Meanwhile, numerous individuals declined the opportunity to continue participating in the game under less risky conditions.

Trailer for Season 3 of Alice in Borderland: When will it be available for viewing?

Just to inform you, we will be the initial ones to release the trailer for season three; however, it will take a considerable amount of time before it happens. Unfortunately, we have no positive updates for you regarding this matter, but we will not require you to struggle through a sequence of games to discover the answer.

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