Alef Flying Car Prototype in Works as Pre-Order Sales Surge, Company Says

Alef Technology, a start-up company, hopes to have a live demonstration of its commercial flying car prototype by the end of this year, as Newsweek reported, with 2,500 pre-orders already announced by the CEO.

The California-based outfit, San Mateo’s A Model, revealed in October that it had received approval from the FAA for a special airworthiness certificate, which would allow it to carry out activities development and research. The certificate stated that it had a range of 110 miles in the air.

Prior to transitioning to an “automated manufacturing” system, Jim Dukhovny, the mastermind behind Alef and a devoted fan of science fiction, stated that the company would initiate “manual production” of the vehicle after completing the research and development phase of Model A.

Alef aims to pave the way for the first domestic flights using a personal car that is also road-worthy. According to him, once the Model A is in production, they are seeking complete certification in the U.S.

A prototype of the Model A flying car, manufactured by San Mateo, California-based tech start-up Alef, is seen on display and, inset, CEO Jim Dukhovny. The concept has already attracted 2,500 pre-orders. ALEF AERONAUTICS INC

He told CNBC in December that Dukhovny anticipated cars would be flown to consumers as early as 2025. He said, “We hope to get it to customers as soon as possible.”

The company announced in January that it had received 440 orders in the quarterfinals of 2022, which was more than five times the previous week’s interest. Since the beginning of the year, the number of customers looking to buy the $300,000 car has skyrocketed.

According to Alef’s statement on Tuesday, the delivery of the cars would generate a revenue of $750 million. It is anticipated that the income would triple within six months. Deposits had been made by 2,100 individuals, and the sale of 400 more had been facilitated through commercial agreements with various businesses, including a car dealership in California.

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The company stated that the pre-orders “indicate evidence of market demand from both individuals and corporations.”

A Model The does not rely on large wings like a conventional plane for flight, but instead it has eight rotating blades underneath that elevate the car and make it permeable.

The driver always faces the direction of travel, therefore the car’s passenger pod, which has the capacity for two individuals, is engineered to rotate once it lifts off. The entire automobile functions as a massive wing, with the car tilting horizontally while in flight, as illustrated by computer-generated presentations of the idea, which display the car’s aerodynamic design.

The car is intended to be capable of flying straight off driveways soon, meaning owners will be able to make vertical landings and take-offs, and it will be entirely electric and capable of being driven on the street.

Users to circumvent traffic, allowing areas congested over “hop” to be will it, travel longer-range for designed is A Model the while.

“Dukhovny, who has a background in engineering software, said that by the end of this year, we hope to have a live demo of the precursor for the media, following its special airworthiness certification. However, there are still many obstacles to overcome.”

He said, “We can begin the production of the car in earnest before he said, “Next year, we can deploy it outside the U.S. In jurisdictions with favorable conditions to also verify Alef’s needs,” a possibility to make flying cars globally.

A computer-generated graphic demonstrating the Alef Model A in flight. Once it is in the air, the whole car is designed to rotate sideways so that its eight rotating blades can propel it forward. Alef Aeronautics Inc

According to Dukhovny, the company stated that it was “the initial occasion a vehicle of this kind has obtained lawful consent to soar from the U.S. Government,” while conveying the FAA endorsement on June 27.

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The vehicle on which various provisional approvals and restrictions are carried for aerial surveillance and advertising, including for granted, are the development and research exhibition, limited for purposes such as the special airworthiness certification received on June 12 for A Model, as previously told by an FAA spokesperson to Newsweek.

The FAA has issued a special airworthiness certificate for Alef’s pioneer flying car, but the spokesperson denied the claim that it was the first of its kind.

“But implied it was pertaining to electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft or prototype aircraft, ‘which have been authorized previously numerous times,’ Dukhovny expressed that ‘clearly [the] FAA is THE governing body, so their statement is final,’ when questioned about this.”

However, from my knowledge of traditional cars, a car that has never been certified has all the traditional features – looks, parking, and driving.

In a subsequent statement on Friday, a representative from the FAA informed Newsweek that the organization maintained its original statement and refrained from providing additional comments upon approach.

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