Album Review : Mike Tramp – Songs of White Lion

Mike revisits Lion White, the best reworkings of Lion White in the catalog, as he knocked it out of the park.

From Freak of Nature, three incredibly furious, vindictive, and astounding albums along with numerous extraordinary solo albums, he accomplished it musically, surpassing the formidable obstacle that was White Lion required a significant amount of time. There was a great deal of pain when this band disbanded, but there will perpetually be White Lion tunes during his live performances. He occasionally experiments, but Mike has successfully moved on from White Lion, and when this news was revealed, I was surprised.

The man is one of the most decent and humorous individuals in the business. His live show and album, Tramp Mike, are particularly special. I was happy to be assigned to myself, only getting fleeting glimpses of the band I loved back in the 80s/90s.

Above all, it is crucial to explore the album, but that will have to be postponed since I am unwilling to decline the opportunity for additional White Lion, particularly a complete tour.

Every song is a beautifully modern rendition, and it is his prerogative to damn his voice, his band, and his songs for each and every one of them. I am the man who is in hell, and now he is as the album would do, as Mike has openly stated.

This version of the band is really good, as they exploded onto the scene and nailed a solo. Today, I followed the lead singer as my introduction to the band, and it just reinforces how good this album is. It opens with the awesome riff and urgency of “Valley of Lady,” which is a fitting way to start the album.

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The message was released on the day and it is as strong as the production. This production is beautiful. The next song is “Little Fighter.,” another political love song from my album White Lion.

I am already in love with this album. Mike puts that emotion and the lyrics, the melody, and the chugging song into every delivery, making it a rocking masterpiece. Heart Broken will ring true for almost all of us. Now, Lion White is renowned for those huge ballads.

The Tramp/Vitto bands were exceptionally talented during the 1980s, and their song “Easy Come Don’t Love” continued to attract a great deal of interest and love with its shining brightness and brilliance.

I felt that the numbers on the big chart were too far overlooked, as it cut deep and bit me a little. From the opening track of “Pride,” the vocals of modern Tramp’s day burst live alongside the blazing intro of “Hungry..”

He is acutely aware and has never paid attention to his message, but if he has been aware for decades, the newer version of the message seems clearer and more impactful. It definitely served as an eye-opening experience when “Freedom For Cry” was released.

It’s a banger because it’s fantastic to listen to this one on here, unlike the other popular tracks dominating the radio airwaves. On the flip side, there’s the lesser-known track and another song from the album “Pride” called “Goin’ Home Tonight,” which also serves as an album opener.

The band’s hair metal genius sliced through the air. Once again, let me remind you that this band was a fluke. One of those moments that broke new heights for the band. This song has me screaming at the top of my lungs during their live show. I love this version of the song and even the original. Does it even need an introduction?

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It is honestly surprising that many people might not have actually heard this serious rocker, and we would never have expected that Mike chose these songs to see. I love it as another deep and brilliant track, and it is a great choice to include it in the debut album “All for the Fallen” as we go back that way.

I wonder if there are only a few fans who were disappointed by the monster hits, but I love the choices left in the field. Another surprise is definitely coming out in “Living in” on the Edge, with rockier numbers.

The outfits were shady and the guitars were turned up, while the studio where the stage was set up had a subdued atmosphere. I had the opportunity to see Lion White up close and personal. It takes me back to the UK Pride tour in Glasgow, and I can’t help but chant along to the old favorite, “Me Tell.” Aaaaah.

The album concludes with a stylish flair, and the message resonates across generations, enhancing the impact of the lyrics and completely transforming the song. It is truly breathtaking, particularly the exquisite piano rendition of “When the Children Cry” that concludes the album.

I am completely grateful for the release of this and I am still staying to watch the videos of MTV’s live shows, which was more like Lion White. It is not hanging its hat on the chart toppers and now, this is an honest portrayal here. There is no throwing away of Lion White’s songs release on Frontiers.

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