Actor Cassi Davis Is Alive, Despite Death Hoax Shared Online

Fellow entertainer Tyler Perry posted on Instagram that he talked to Davis on the phone.

Published Feb 20, 2023


Actress Cassi Davis passed away in February 2023.



Following a struggle with lung cancer, Cassi Davis, known for her role in “House of Payne,” was rumored to have passed away on Feb. 19, 2023, as per the circulation of misinformation on Facebook, YouTube, and in at least one article. Contrary to these claims, she was indeed alive, and this incident turned out to be nothing more than a false death rumor.

Additionally, we discovered no evidence indicating that she had ever received a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Ella Davis is also known for her role as Madea in the movies, as well as her portrayal of Aunt Bam in “Madea’s Family Reunion” and her role as Ella Payne on “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”.

Davis, who was lively and humorous, was verified to have a conversation over the phone with fellow entertainer Tyler Perry, the creator of both “House of Payne” and the “Madea” films, as stated in an Instagram post.

Perry wrote in the caption of the post, “I called her and asked her was she dead and she said hell no!”.

After I’ve gotten several calls from people giving me their condolences and I didn’t know what they were talking about, I was sent this article that’s going around.

I don’t know how she could have died and nobody told me or her. So I called her and asked her was she dead and she said hell no!

Can whoever is responsible for this please stop you better be careful when you speak death over a child of God.

This woman is loved by millions and you’re hurting a lot of people.

Cassi is fine living her best life with no worries, no cares, no social media, and no drama. She’s waiting to shoot the next season of House of Payne.

Perry spoke about a death hoax article on Instagram, which falsely claimed that Cassie Davis, an American actress, passed away at 58 due to lung cancer.

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Time her name had been used in a death hoax. She even made a playful comment, saying that she must have “died more times than a cat.” Perry mentioned that Davis informed him that this had happened at least three or four times.

All right, so, I’ve been getting these calls, so I had to post this which I didn’t want to but I’m supposed to because of people calling me and crying. I’m getting texts saying, like, “My condolences, Tyler.” I’m just like, “What is going on?”

They said, you know, “We heard that Cassi died.” I’m like, “Cassi who?”

“Cassi Davis. Miss Ella. ‘House of Payne.’ Aunt Bam.”

I was like, uhhh, I just talked to her on the phone and she wasn’t dead but let me call her back.

So anyway, I call her up and say, “Cassi, you know about these death hoaxes?”

She said, “Yes, Tyler. This is the third or fourth time this has happened, and people just need to stop doing this.”

I was like, “Yeah, you gotta be careful when you speak death over a child of God.” So, we started talking and in pure Cassi fashion she started making some crazy jokes.

I said, “Cassi, you sure you’re not dead?” She said, “Well, I feel like I’m in heaven because these chicken wings I’m eating are so good. (laughing) So we talked about that for a minute.”

She saw the article. Somebody sent it to her. And in the article, I’m crying and Al Sharpton is at the funeral. And she said, “When I saw that Al Sharpton was at my funeral, I tried to call him to just thank him.”


She also said that she’s died more times than a cat. (laughing) She went on to say that when she really dies nobody’s going to believe it. She’ll be like the boy who cried wolf, and the wolf ate her obituary. I mean, Cassi is hilarious.

I assured her. I said, “Cassi don’t worry, when you die for real,” I know this is crazy … this is our sense of humor, “I said when you die for real, I will make the official announcement.” She said, “Thank you, but I’m sure I’m going to outlive you.”


Then she asked if she could have the funeral at my pool. Let me tell you something about Cassi and my pool. Cassi will be swimming in my pool, and security will let her in, she’s just swimming, so I come home from traveling and I walk out to the backyard and she’s just in the pool.

She’s like, “Damn, what are you doing here?”

I’m like, “This is my house! I live here!”

The remainder of the video can be found on Instagram.

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Previous reports have mentioned that celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Simon Cowell, Sylvester Stallone, and Jaden Smith, all of whom seemed to have the intention of tricking readers into unknowingly installing malicious software on their devices, were involved in other death hoaxes. It is possible that the death hoax regarding Davis could also be true.


To it. “Aunt Bam,” the American actress Cassie Davis, has tragically died at the age of 58. The reason for her demise is startling, and there were indications preceding it.

Perry, Tyler. “Instagram.” Instagram, 20 Feb.

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