Active Threat/Active Shooter

Prior to the Occurrence of an Active Threat

  • Register for UConnALERT. Encourage your staff members to enroll in UConnALERT.
  • Make sure that your staff is familiar with these terms: Vacate.
  • Shelter-In-Place.
  • Lockdown.
  • All Clear.
  • Discover safe concealment spots.
  • Familiarize yourself with two evacuation pathways.
  • Make sure to secure your doors, even if you leave them ajar.
  • Allocate roles and duties within your department. Discuss the tasks and locations for each individual.
  • Create a communication strategy.
  • Watch the “Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness Video” from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Document Conduct

  • If you observe aggression, intimidating or dubious conduct, promptly distance yourself from the vicinity and dial 911.
  • Always dial 911 promptly if someone’s conduct makes you feel endangered.
  • If someone is endangering their own safety or the safety of another person, dial 911 without delay.
  • In the event of an immediate danger or emergency situation, the University of Connecticut Police Department (UCPD) should be promptly contacted by dialing 911. If there is no emergency or imminent threat, employee concerns should be reported to 860-486-5684 or laborrelations@uconn.Edu.
  • For more details, please visit: http://safeworkplace.Uconn.Edu/employees-of-concern-team/.
  • Please let us know if you have any concerns about a student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful in the university environment. We are also concerned if the well-being of the student is negatively impacted by other students. You can reach the Student Care Team at 860-486-8402.
  • Create an online recommendation at: http://studentcareteam.Uconn.Edu/.
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    If You Are in the Vicinity of an Active Threat/Shooter

    If it is determined that there is an active shooter or threat in your vicinity, your primary option should be to vacate the area.


  • Ensure you have a getaway route and a plan in mind.
  • Please refrain from bringing your personal belongings with you.
  • Evacuate irrespective of whether others consent to comply.
  • Ensure that your hands are visible.
  • Possible Output: Used weapons and suspects’ description and number, location your, such as: possible as so do to safe when 911 Call.
  • If you are unable to leave the vicinity:


  • Conceal yourself in a location outside the suspect’s line of sight.
  • Secure access to your concealed location and secure the entrances, if feasible.
  • Switch off the lights.
  • Please turn off electronic devices.
  • Create the illusion that your location is devoid of people.
  • Dial 911 when it is safe to do so.
  • If you are in direct confrontation with the suspect and your life is in immediate peril:.


  • As a final option and only when your life is in immediate peril.
  • Try to disable the suspect.
  • Engage in physical aggression and hurl objects to divert or incapacitate the perpetrator.
  • If you are not in the Vicinity of the Active Threat, but receive an Active Threat/Shooter Notification

  • Quickly secure your room unless instructed otherwise by Emergency Personnel or UConnALERT.
  • During a Lockdown. Order:
    1. Calmly, but quickly close and lock all doors into your room.
    2. If possible, prevent access to your room.
    3. Securely close and fasten all windows within your room. Utilize the blinds, if available.
    4. Switch off the lamps.
    5. Conceal yourself in a region that is not visible and creates the illusion that your whereabouts are vacant.
    6. Please ensure that all electronic devices are turned off or put on silent mode.
    7. I need to purchase some groceries from the store.Output: I have to buy a few groceries from the shop.
    8. Await additional guidance from University Alerts and Emergency Personnel.
    9. Stay locked-down in your hiding place until your receive an “All Clear..”
    10. Dial 911 in case of an emergency occurring in your vicinity.
    11. If you are teaching a class and something along the lines of this message is what you want to say: Please silence your electronic devices and let’s make it seem as quiet as possible. If there is no one in this room, we will further instruct to wait. I am going to shut off the lights and close the doors to move to an area in the room that is out of view and lock and barricade the doors.
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  • Send a text message to your family to inform them that you are safe.
  • Follow the instructions of Emergency Personnel and UConnALERT closely.
  • When You Encounter Law Enforcement

  • Stay composed and adhere to the instructions given by the officers.
  • Always ensure that your hands are visible.
  • Refrain from making sudden gestures or movements towards law enforcement personnel.
  • Please refrain from gesturing, shouting, and/or raising your voice.
  • Once the threat is neutralized, it is important to communicate this information to others. The first responders should refrain from providing medical assistance or initiating evacuation procedures until the threat has been neutralized and the area has been deemed safe. Treatment and evacuation will be initiated by the Police and Fire/Emergency Medical Services once the threat has been neutralized.
  • You might be searched or accompanied by law enforcement officers.
  • Please adhere to all guidelines provided by Emergency Personnel.
  • Following an Incident of Active Threat/Shooter

  • You might be brought to a triage or another holding space for medical assistance, questioning, counseling, or support services.
  • Stay in safe zones until told otherwise.
  • The crime scene will not be released by law enforcement until you access the area or retrieve items that have been evacuated.
  • Please stay updated on counseling services, assistance, commemorative events, and other significant updates regarding the occasion.
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