Accused Murdaugh conspirator Curtis Smith released from jail

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that the man accused of colluding with former Lowcountry lawyer Alex Murdaugh has been set free from prison.

Eddie Curtis Smith was released from the Lexington County Detention Center on Wednesday, two days after Judge Clifton Newman reinstated Captain Adam Myrick’s bond.

Smith was charged with multiple crimes, including criminal conspiracy, possession of marijuana and two, illegal possession of a schedule II narcotic, and trafficking 10-28 grams of methamphetamine. Additionally, Smith was charged with forgery and three counts of money laundering.

Newman initially granted bond in June of last year, but it was later revoked in August when prosecutors alleged that Smith had violated his house arrest and provided false information about his financial status during a previous bond hearing.

Attorneys informed the court at Monday’s hearing in Columbia that Smith had gained approximately 55 pounds and been behind bars for 235 days.

Smith stated, “Please record my blood pressure, and also record my blood sugar levels.” He mentioned that he has been unable to seek treatment for his pain for eight months, and he also mentioned that he has a titanium rod in his back.

Newman states that the court must authorize any business-related journey. Smith emphasized the necessity to continue working in order to maintain his well-being. Despite being placed under house arrest, Smith is permitted to attend church, medical appointments, and a limited number of other special circumstances.

Jarrett Bouchette, the lawyer representing Smith at The Floyd Law Firm, expressed, “I believe it’s fair to state that he has undeniably faced certain health challenges that have prolonged and complicated his situation in the past few months, and regrettably, they have only escalated.” “Therefore, I will refrain from further elaboration.”

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Murdaugh and Smith were indicted for an alleged plot to acquire and distribute Oxycodone. According to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, the criminal conspiracy charges claim that between 2013 and 2021, Murdaugh and Smith were involved in a scheme that involved approximately $2.4 million and 437 checks.

Smith counterfeited the endorsements on several of the checks, while the counterfeit charges claimed that the supposed handling of the checks were related to the charges of money laundering.

Among others, individuals who have had contact with no witnesses or co-defendants and random drug testing, Smith, who was initially arrested at the house, still has to follow the same conditions as the bond was originally set.

Smith stated, “If I get my property back, nobody is going to drag me off. I completely comprehend the importance of my bond letter and the relevance of these cases in connection with Murdaugh Alex.”

Smith, who had been previously arrested and charged in connection with a shooting during Labor Day weekend of 2021, was apprehended nearly three months after the fatal shootings of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh at the Murdaugh’s remote hunting property in Colleton County.

Smith and Murdaugh were charged by a Grand Jury in Hampton County for what investigators described as an unsuccessful scheme to employ someone to carry out self-destruction.

Smith was charged with presenting and pointing a firearm, conspiracy, and assisting in suicide, as well as making a false claim and committing aggravated battery and assault of a serious nature.

Investigators have indicted Murdaugh, who is alleged to have directed Smith to shoot him in the head with a gun provided by Smith in order to cause his own death, allowing his surviving son to collect the life insurance policy’s “beneficiary” benefit. The indictment also includes charges of filing a false police report for the shooting and making a false claim for payment, all as part of a scheme to collect the death payment.

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