A Girl Called Samson

AH has such talent for discovering untold stories and giving a voice to strong women who might otherwise have been forgotten.

Deborah’s tale is one that many readers will admire, as she is someone who desires to make her goodness and loyalty evident to others. She fights for women’s freedoms and rights that, even today, men often take for granted. She is a person with a resilient spirit, making it easy for others to relate to her.

I found the backdrop of the American Revolution to be very engaging. It made me appreciate just how much people sacrificed in order to gain their independence. I enjoyed learning about the different events of the war, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an American patriot.

So, overall, this is another fantastic narrative expressed by an exceptional writer.

Thank you, lake union, for the ARC!

↠ 4.5 stars.

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When I think of Amy Harmon, I can’t help but feel that her love for me is unparalleled. It’s as if she possesses a magical ability to encapsulate her emotions in written words and effortlessly express herself. Additionally, she seems to have an enchanting aura that accompanies her wherever she goes.

“A Girl Called Samson is a story about the origin of freedom in America and how a strong-willed young woman staked her claim in history. I felt a lot of parts were pulled straight from history, as I could see how much I loved her earlier years and the events that led up to her leaving home and joining the revolution. It’s incredible to see how real Deborah’s story is.”

I have been well served, and — although it is not the most important trait — I have served valiantly. I have killed and I have been wounded. I have been shot at.

What makes this book great is the scripture that wonderfully curates Deborah’s story of striving for more and having faith, embracing the freedom of becoming a boy but never loathing being a woman, all while inspiring admiration for her bravery and determination.

I mostly wanted to free myself. I wanted to be a warrior like Jael, a mighty woman who liberated people from the oppression of her powerful fist.

Our name is effortlessly associated with the place we hold dear, and you can proudly become a part of something bigger, if that is what you desire. The message is about wanting to belong to something greater. This is the tale of perfection. Of course, one cannot deny the existence of romantic love and the love for one’s country in this story.

Please prioritize this one on your list without delay, regardless of the necessary actions. Present it, go through it again, make a reservation for it, and read this. Swiftly read it and set it aside, although truthfully, I was unable to fully comprehend it. I made an effort.

*Some profanity and a couple of short suggestive door scenes but not excessively detailed.

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If I had been attractive and petite, I might have harbored different aspirations. I have contemplated this idea numerous times. It is common for our looks to impact our dreams. I find myself wondering how my own ambitions might have been altered.

Each flip of the page revealed numerous aspects of Amy in Deborah, and it strongly resonated with me, as if I could hear Amy’s voice speaking. However, I couldn’t help but be truly impressed by Harmon’s ability to captivate me as a reader. Just like in every book she writes, Harmon raises the bar yet again with Amy. Deborah, on the other hand, represents the embodiment of strength and determination, as she fearlessly stands up for what she believes in.

Deborah reminds me a lot of David in the Bible, as those around her may have been focused on her size and stature, looking past her lack of a better term here, waters still run deep.

I am extremely proud of Amy and the extensive research she conducted for this book. As you read these pages, you can truly sense the dedication, hard work, and determination that went into it, despite the discouragement she faced. She remained steadfast and determined.

I want this book to make me a better person. A friend and mother, a better wife. I am alive to such experiences, and my heart is full of thankfulness and gratitude. Thank you, Amy, for always going with your instincts. You are my hero!

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5 stars.

“Great miracles were wrought on their journey, but miracles do not make life easy. Most often, miracles just make the next step possible.”

Deborah, who is a girl, is hindered by her gender in various ways. She is strong enough and tall enough, but she desires to become a soldier and join the fight. However, she doesn’t feel free like the rest of the boys in the Thomas family. Even when she is finished with her indentured servitude as a servant to the Thomas family, she still spends most of her young life as a servant.

The war goes off and Deborah disguises herself as a young man. I love being inside Deborah’s head. She has a strong determination, bravery, strength, and moral character. She knows what needs to be done without any complaints and possesses a strong moral compass. As you follow this story, you will see a lot of development and growth, experiencing her journey as an adult, teenager, and child.

I loved how the story turned out, but the focus of the story was not on love at all. It was a slow burn. I truly loved the romance as well. One of my favorite things about the book was getting to know Deborah through her letters.

I highly recommend picking up this book! Amy Harmon, one of my favorite authors, writes another story that brings life to the narrator’s way. I really loved listening to it, and this book was truly exceptional.

Audio book source: Audible
Story Rating: 5 stars
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Narration Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Historical
Length: 13h 14m

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Based on a true story, the place was not pleasant, but there were some scenes that were not surprising. Eventually, the story turned when she met John Gen Patterson. She ended up killing the enemy and found herself fighting alongside the men. Her voice deepened and she bound her breasts cautiously, disguising herself as a man. She joined the Army because she wanted to fight. The book “A Girl Called Samson” by Amy Harmon is a fantastic account of Deborah Sampson’s life.

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Samson Called A Girl is the first book of Amy Harmon’s, and I am so glad that I finally took a chance on it. It’s excellent! It’s a rich history, well-researched and depicts a moment in the past that I’ve never read about before – the Revolutionary War in school. But it felt like a part of the reading experience, like a forbidden love story.

This is the best book I’ve read from Amazon. If you’re looking for a different kind of historical fiction that effortlessly blends fact and fiction, make sure to pick this up. I was entranced in the story because Amy’s words flow so beautifully, and it wasn’t difficult to get lost in the pages. However, I thought it would take me a few days to finish this book, being over 400 pages.

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“The conflict has had the greatest impact on the women,” I stated. “History will not recall them at all.

In this historical fiction, Amy Harmon tells the story of Deborah, a young woman who disguised herself as a man to join the revolutionary army.

I would like to express my gratitude to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing me with the opportunity to read this book. The thoughts and views expressed in this review are entirely my own.

I don’t even consider myself an expert on any specific period of time, but I really enjoyed learning about a woman from history whose story intrigued the author of the Revolutionary War timeline. Amy Harmon is one of my favorite authors, whether it’s historical fiction, contemporary fiction, or even romance fiction.

I am still here, filled with awe. The horror has not struck me. If I am to survive until the end, I will have to bear witness to the incomprehensible waste and sheer terribleness of war.

Repeatedly, Deborah and her expedition were belittled. However, it proved somewhat challenging to maintain my fascination, despite the thorough investigation of military particulars upon Deborah’s inclusion. Although I appreciated the topic, I didn’t consider it my preferred AH tale. Typically, I devour an Amy Harmon narrative in a single session.

I still held faith in their words, and the phrases that had sparked a revolution within me were, “We do not battle for the man who possesses everything and desires more, but for the man who possesses nothing.”

#AGirlCalledSamson #NetGalley. Release Date 01/04/23Goodreads review published 14/04/23.

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I already know that the book by Turner will be fantastic! The author is such a great storyteller!!!! I just love how this sounds.

Definitely a greatly awaited book of 2023 ♡ for me.

I really loved it, overall, although it seemed more like a romance than a historical fiction novel at times. However, it was exceptionally well-researched and written, and I highly recommend reading it first on Amazon. Finally, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.

Samson, a young woman, won’t be one of her novels I’ll read again, but I simply admire her writing.

The author’s writing has improved exceptionally well over the years. I find her historical novels to be the best by far, mainly because of the depth of her research. Her novels are like a history lesson, which makes them absolutely fantastic. Bravo!

As usual, I can’t wait for her upcoming project!

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In this country, there is a possibility that things can change. However, our destinies are determined from the very beginning, starting from the moment we are born and occupy our mothers’ wombs. It is extremely difficult for a person who is born into specific circumstances to completely break free from them, regardless of where they are on this planet.

No one ever inquires of us, and yet…Our Revolution as well. It was our struggle, even if it was not always on the battleground. ‘I must recount my tale [as it’s the story of all women].’ When the war is concluded, Deborah realizes that the battle is not yet finished. Genuine affection can offer acceptance and love was something she never expected encountering during her voyage. Samson by appellation and Samson by unwavering strength, she never retreats and her resolve is constantly evaluated during those years. ‘I am endeavoring to become something…That I am,’ her inherent rights, she combats to be autonomous as Deborah Samson. In the conflict for independence, she fights for the establishment of the United States as a loyalist. Concealing herself as a lad, she enlists and joins the army when the Revolutionary War commences. Beyond that which had been imposed upon her, some kind of purpose and identity, something superior, something grander, she dreamed of throughout those years. Her existence was not her own; serving the responsibilities that others imposed upon her, Deborah Samson spent the majority of her life as an indentured servant.

Amy Harmon has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. Her ability to develop layers and depth of character in her stories is a great strength. “Samson Called Girl” is a patriotic story that highlights the coming together of a diverse group of individuals in the United States. However, it is also a story about what it means to be a woman and the journey of self-acceptance and independence. I highly recommend this historical fiction to anyone who is a fan of women in history. It is an extraordinary premise, based on a real-life woman, that will captivate both history enthusiasts and fans of women’s stories.

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The truth was actually more powerful than the ending of this book, and there was no need to alter the truth in my opinion. However, the author has complete autonomy to choose how they want to tell the story. On behalf of Deborah, I was a bit outraged that she was creating more of a charade about protecting a man than revealing the truth of the strong-willed woman. I would have preferred if she stayed closer to the truth, as I think it wasn’t necessary to add a fictitious ending and romance to the attachment. I do not think it was necessary to add a fictitious ending and romance to the attachment, which already had enough extraordinary facts about her life. I decided to tell her story and I found this fact that she stayed true to the facts more preferred. I loved the idea of this book and I was hooked by the compelling and exciting storytelling. Amy Harmon is a gifted writer. I would round it to 3.5 stars.

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I really want to love this historical fiction, but it feels like I’m forcing myself to read it because I don’t want to fall asleep. There are so many characters that are thrown in randomly without any explanation, which makes it feel rushed and confusing. Everyone seems to like it, but I don’t know why because the story just feels bland to me.

2,001 ratings194 followers.

5+ Incredibly Outstanding Stars!!

The girl is extremely brave. She puts herself in a box to escape from the general and others and find freedom. She changes her circumstances to create her own path to freedom. It’s about choosing your own way to freedom. This story is not about the American Revolution. Please don’t let the time period deter you. This time, Amy Harmon’s book has managed to enthrall me with a story that is set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. Every time I read a book by Amy Harmon, I am in awe of her more and more. She is truly a treasure.

Deborah, although as brave as she was, fell hard for him. I was so honorable that I was more than brave. But, almost as brave as she was, he was brave too. However, love comes outdone then, forbidden. Oh, the horrible realities of war! But, she did not want to be outdone. The scary circumstances of discovery come right down, a whole plethora of choices. With the Continental Army at the forefront, she ultimately chooses to disguise herself as a boy. As Deborah grows older, her intensity only becomes more intense. The beginning of Sampson’s compelling journey as Girl A was very from the very beginning.

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Enjoy reading! It was an absolutely amazing top read of 2023. I could go on and on about how wonderful it was. I don’t want to give anything away, but I could definitely see myself getting lost in a book like this. The movie adaptation would be fantastic. The writing was so clear in my mind that I could even imagine the smell, feel, and visuals of some of the passages. The writing was intense and vibrant.

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I definitely recommend revisiting this story! I don’t want to say much more, as I want you to experience it for yourself. The story of Her Love was sweet and oh-so-welcome, but also unexpected. It was inspiring to watch her accomplish what she desired, and to see herself as a part of something greater and a part of freedom. Instead of seeing her as a young woman limited by society’s expectations, we see that she is capable of so much more. I didn’t get the impression that she would be treated like a curse, but rather, I was nervous and praised her highly. Deborah is an admirable character, with her quiet strength and devotion radiating from the pages. I loved seeing America’s birth through her eyes, and Harmon did extensive research to bring this period of American history to life. The characters and setting are vibrant and real, thanks to Harmon’s brilliant weaving of fiction and fact. I want to thank Merriman Felicity and Kids’ Liberty for this captivating and inspiring story. As someone who has consistently been interested in studying history, especially the Revolutionary War, this book exceeded my high expectations. Everyone should follow what they said, because this book is truly amazing.

I was very disappointed when the story, which people trivialized and she took away the importance of what she accomplished, veered into a fake love story. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, which was based on the historical reality of Robert Samson/Deborah Shurtliff.

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This story brings together a courageous and emotionally charged account of a girl who was ahead of her time. She defies societal expectations and refuses to accept the status quo in her quest for a better life. The character created in ‘Secret Soldier’ or ‘War to Went Who Girl the Samson, Deborah’ breaks the glass ceiling and goes above and beyond her usual magnificence, creating a truly unique story. I find myself completely immersed and subsumed in this book, just as I do with all of Amy Harmon’s works, and it takes me less than a minute to be captivated.

I do not hate you for being a woman, and I do not hate any woman. I hate that I cannot walk down the street alone or travel to Paris without a husband. The limitations of life and nature have placed restrictions on me. The limitations of life and nature have placed restrictions on me. I simply hate that a woman cannot be a constitution draft helper, a statesman, or go to Yale. I do not hate being a woman, and I do not hate any woman.


I saw all of them. I wanted any man or boys Thomas to run faster than any soul fluttering and palpitating her. I dreamt of Deborah struggling against her invisible shackles of indentured servitude. You’ve walked into it like you almost feel, so vivid and so right. This is a historical account of this time period. I absolutely could not put this book down. I am struggling to find appropriate words to describe the awe I am feeling and miserably failing myself.

Before accomplishing anything, one must not be afraid to try. To embark on a quest. I should test my courage and explore the world, just as I desire. Something more. I also desire something different.

With undivided trust and allegiance, my heart belongs to General Paterson John, while my fealty is for Sylvanus, my gratitude for Mrs. Thomas, and my admiration for Hull Agrippa. Each of these characters in Amy Harmon’s work has completely captivated my life, with Samson, whose strength equals that of Deborah, being especially beloved. These characters embody the hallmarks of Harmon’s writing – historical accuracy and rich detail. They are unforgettable characters that will capture your heart. It is challenging to witness the journey of Samson and Deborah, where it becomes hard to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. The struggle for acceptance is evident in the woman’s transformation from a pretentious garb of valiance to a patriotic and pioneering spirit, embracing her esteemed pedigree.

“You are the best man I’ve ever known, John Paterson. No desire for a crown, but like Solomon. He has a patriotic heart and a level-headed and broad-minded personality.”


Courage and transparency remain steadfast. Guide and motivate courageous language. On several occasions, I read a book in which there were revelations that inspired me.

“It is not for the man who has everything and wants more that we fight, but for the man who has nothing.”.


Start to explain how my heart was deeply touched by the amazing journey that Bonnie Shurtliff, Robert Harmon, and Amy Golden took me on in this incredible book. From the very first page to the moments beyond, their words reached far beyond the confines of their home and illuminated my soul like a shining light bulb. I am truly grateful for this unforgettable experience and I can’t even begin to accurately describe the impact it had on me. Thank you, Amy Harmon!

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**ARC given in return for a truthful review**.

Harmon is a master at immersing the reader in the world she has created, skillfully bringing their stories and characters to life. Samson, Called Girl, her latest book, is a testament to her incredible storytelling ability, delving into historical fiction. I am thrilled that she has chosen to write in this genre, as her writing is captivating and I would read anything she writes. I genuinely feel that Amy Harmon is one of the finest authors out there and she is one of my personal favorites.

I loved them in varying degrees. Small stacks and large stacks. I don’t love you in the same manner. This is a new sensation. It has engulfed me and it’s like a towering mountain. I would love to experience this feeling, but I never knew how it would feel.

Deborah’s journey in Samson Called Girl A is a remarkable one. The book has all the elements of a great story – heart-pumping scenes, light-hearted moments, and poignant moments. Deborah’s character is awe-inspiring, showcasing resilience, determination, and strength. I found myself invested fully in Deborah’s world, and Harmon’s ability to transport readers is truly remarkable. From the very beginning until the end, I was rooting for Deborah. Although it took a bit of time for the momentum to gain, once I was hooked, I couldn’t put the book down.

A Girl Called Samson is undeniably a triumph of historical fiction, and I cannot recommend it enough. Harmon’s talent as a writer is undeniable, and I am eagerly anticipating her next book.

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I absolutely loved reading Deborah Samson’s book because it delved into the hardships she faced as a woman in a predominantly male field. Despite the challenges, she remained determined and resilient, which I admired. Her choice to follow a difficult path required immense bravery and courage. I was truly inspired by the freedom and hope that her story brought. I cannot express enough how much I wanted to shout and share these untold stories of women. This book consumed my soul, and I feel proud to be a woman because of it. Honestly, I don’t even know how to begin writing this review.

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The romance was completely different than I expected, in the best ways possible. I was glued to every page because of the amazing chemistry I had with them. They pulled me in between intense and passionate feelings, all in the same scene. I loved the forbidden romance and the age gap between [redacted because I don’t want to spoil] and Deborah.

This book needs to be read by all. Every time the closing pages come, I am in awe. I love the beautiful way she crafts the story and all the historical aspects of life. I didn’t expect anything less from one of my top five favorite authors (Amy Harmon). This book was unbelievably amazing.

Genre: Historical Fiction with a touch of Romance – General audience observations – Language: minimal usage – Romantic elements: subtly implied, not explicitly described – Intensity of violence: notable – Potential triggers/Content Warnings: exploration of war themes (particularly Revolutionary), portrayal of indentured servitude, depiction of loss of life and loved ones, occasional references to abuse and parental abandonment.

498 ratings 225 supporters.

I was always delighted to read another story by Amy Harmon, as her storytelling has a way of captivating readers. In addition to being a beautiful story, “The Sweet Burn” was the best romance yet. It inspired me with Deborah’s ambition to create a reality of freedom for all women and men in America. The overarching theme of the story is admirable, as it highlights the sacrifices she made and the struggles she inevitably faced. Amy Harmon’s effort to bring this remarkable woman warrior to the forefront of readers’ minds is commendable. Fortunately, the story also brings attention to the world, although it is a shame that not many people know about Deborah Samson. This novel is truly incredible – Wow!

44 ratings3 followers.

This book is absolutely amazing and deserves more than just 5 stars. Harmon’s masterful writing has made it the best book of the year so far.

94 ratings4 followers.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this excellent book, which was quickly drawn into by the author.

What if I told you that this book, except for the fact that it’s about real people in history who actually got married, is a romantic story that could lead up to a 5-star read?

Changing the facts of the lives of 2 historical figures is deemed unacceptable. However, it is common for authors to take certain liberties when writing a historical novel in order to enhance the narrative flow.

Very disappointing.

785 ratings8 followers.

A woman’s life lacks worth without a partner. I desire the inclusion of the love story that was omitted. The level of readability was high, but excessive historical fiction like this makes it feel stretched.

49 ratings4 followers.

“We advocate for the individual who possesses nothing, but we do not advocate for the individual who possesses everything and desires additional possessions.” “It is imperative for you to persist in the battle as the sun ascends, as your heart continues to pulse, and as you continue to inhale and exhale.”

Could you possibly need everything? I could not put down this captivating story. It has such beautifully written and engagingly powerful elements. Above all, this book has struggles of life, finding oneself, and internal battles. It’s a retelling of Mulan, with forbidden love, triumph, and love stories. I love it so much! It’s my favorite historical fiction of all time. It’s easy to say this quote.

161 ratings273 followers.


I was shocked to discover that this mostly true story was based on a real woman named Deborah Samson. Besides the romance part of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of a strong female character who disguised herself as a man to serve in the American Revolutionary War, unlike other girls. Amy Harmon does it again!

Sorry, but I am unable to fulfill your request.

I highly recommend this amazing book, “A Called Girl Samson” by Amy Harmon, which demonstrates her wonderful talent for bringing vivid characters to life. It’s a remarkable story about how Deborah, a woman who thirsted for freedom and loved Samson, pursued her passion during the American Revolutionary War. This book has become a go-to for me as an author!

I am not ready, and I must return to womanhood. It is a marvelous thing that being a man is not. I am not one and I will never be one, I don’t even want to be. It has never been about changing myself. It has always been about freeing myself.

I received a digital ARC from Darci in exchange for an honest review. “Samson Called Girl A” will be released on April 1st, 2023, on Amazon Publishing.

639 reviews.

He took excessive freedoms! However, it is evident that research was conducted. It would have been known that sticking to the facts would have made this interpretation superior. The author turned the cheesy romance into a truly fascinating character for the heroine. Skip the rest and read the author’s note at the end to learn the true story of Deborah Sampson.

231 feedback14 supporters.

I highly recommend the fictional historical love story. It is unexpected and she never thought she would find freedom in such circumstances. I was amazed to see her learn to love herself as someone more than she ever thought possible. I loved the Revolutionary War history that was written in an educational and immersive way. I also loved how the author wove in the faith that was founded on our country’s history, as it is something I can’t imagine going through war without. Amy Harmon did a wonderful job bringing her life to the story, without the constraints of society. It’s a remarkable story of a woman’s life in a time when war was meant only for men. We should honor and know more about such remarkable women in history!

The closeness to imply through written words is nothing but romantic and passionate. I am captivated by a language that expresses love without any explicit elements, just a general anger, which is demonstrated in two instances of GD and CW.

1,070 feedback176 followers.

I really enjoyed it! It brought to mind the musical “1776,” which mixed the revolutionary sing of our forefathers and mothers with a feisty heroine, Molly Brown, who can out-fight and out-shoot any boy. It is a touch of the Unsinkable Molly Brown. It is a romantic and adventure-packed story that inspires, with a noble hero and a strong and memorable heroine.

421 evaluations31 supporters.

I absolutely loved this story. It was so captivating and compelling from beginning to end. Samson and Deborah’s fictional story completely blew my mind. I couldn’t stop crying and laughing while reading it. If Amy Harmony has the ability to write such amazing stories, I would give it more than 5 stars.

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