A difficult decision to set us up for the future

Sharing difficult news can be a challenge for me. We have made the decision to reduce our workforce by approximately 12,000 roles. We have already sent a separate email to the employees in the US who are affected. Due to local practices and laws, this process will take longer in other countries.

Taking full responsibility for these changes weighs heavily on me, as I am aware of the significant impact they will have on the lives of Googlers. I deeply apologize for this. Saying goodbye to some incredibly talented individuals whom we have worked with and whom we have loved working with will be difficult.

Today, we are confronted with a distinct economic landscape compared to the one we recruited for, in order to align with and propel the periods of remarkable expansion we have witnessed in the previous two years.

I am confident about the huge opportunity in front of us, thanks to the strength of our mission and the value of our services and products. We have undertaken a rigorous review across functions and product areas to ensure that our roles and people are aligned with our highest priorities as a company. We will need to make tough choices to fully capture the investments we have made in AI and eliminate any outcomes that do not reflect our desired results.

We are grateful for them, and your contributions have been invaluable. We want to thank the Googlers who are leaving us for working so hard to help businesses and people everywhere.

Although this change may not be simple, we will provide assistance to employees as they search for their next chance.

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In the United States:

  • We will compensate employees throughout the entire notification duration (at least 60 days).
  • We will also offer a starting package with a severance of 16 weeks at GSU, with an additional 16 weeks of salary every year for the first two weeks, and accelerated vesting after 16 weeks at Google.
  • We will provide 2022 bonuses and the remaining time off for vacations.
  • We will provide six months of medical care, assistance in finding employment, and help with immigration for those impacted.
  • Outside of the United States, we will provide assistance to employees in accordance with the practices followed in the respective localities.
  • As an almost 25-year-old company, we are bound to go through difficult economic cycles. These are important moments for us to sharpen our focus, reengineer our cost base, and direct our capital and talent to our highest priorities.

    The company, which pivoted to an AI-first approach years ago, has led groundbreaking advances across the industry and our businesses. This enables us to make big bets in areas where we are limited by constraints.

    We have a substantial opportunity in front of us to approach our products across AI responsibly and boldly. Additionally, we’re ready to share entirely new experiences for businesses, developers, and users. Thanks to Google’s early investments, our products are better than ever.

    Today, one of them is certainly. Even on our toughest days, I remain optimistic about our ability to deliver on our mission. That’s why I see the same energy and spirit driving our efforts when I look around Google today, from the beginning. It’s been at the core of our culture to disregard the “impossible” and continue this work.

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    Do you have any questions about how we will proceed? We will be organizing a town hall meeting on Monday. Please check your calendar for more details. Please take good care of yourselves and make sure to absorb this challenging news. If you are starting your work day and are free to work from home today, please feel free to do so.


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