7 Ways To Check On Your Strong Friends (Plus 4 Important Tips)

Do you always need to cheer up someone if they are always the person you go to? Or maybe they always seem to have a solution and are always listening to everyone else’s problems. Do you have any friends that always seem so strong, no matter what life throws at them?

Sometimes, we can forget to check on these friends because they seem so strong and like nothing could shake them, but they are the ones that most need help in many times of need.

In this post, we are going to look at what it means to check on your strong friends and why you should check for some tips and review from them.

What it exactly means is checking how they are truly doing and finding out friends. It sounds like checking on your strong friends.

Occasionally, people need a bit more willingness to accept the value face of words. They simply don’t want anyone else to bother with their problems and have a strong tendency to quickly respond or brush off concerns, even when the truth might not be fine with everything.

When it comes to checking on your resilient acquaintances, it is essential to rely on your discernment and instinct and delve further, as you might need to.

Why Is It Important To Check On Your Strong Friends

It is important to check on your strong friends many times because they are the ones who often suffer the most. They may not reflect the reality of how they are actually feeling inside themselves, or even want to appear strong around those who want to be around them. Sometimes, they wear a suit of armor-like strength.

If this is true, especially when they know that people around them are also struggling, they don’t want to add stress to anyone else’s problems or think their problems are more important or significant than anyone else’s.

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Other individuals often neglect their happiness and well-being. Occasionally, individuals fail to consider their situation or delve further into their emotions because they are perceived as the resilient companion.

Unfortunately, many times people don’t realize their strong friends were struggling until it is too late. I am sure I have heard stories of people saying they didn’t know “I” or “one” funny, but they seemed strong.

It is crucial to inquire about the well-being of your resilient companions before it becomes too late.

How To Check On Your Strong Friends

To ensure the well-being of your resilient acquaintances, here are 7 methods, although they might not initially appear open to your support and may dismiss you, particularly if it is challenging to understand their needs.

1) Reach Out With A Message, Text, Email, or Phone Call

In order to delve further, consider if you should evaluate their response and genuinely be prepared, so they are not accustomed to individuals verifying on them in reciprocation. Inquire about their well-being to dispatch them a prompt message, one of the initial measures to verifying on a resilient companion.

You can begin with short and uncomplicated messages such as:.

  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “Hey I haven’t received any news from you in a while.”
  • “Just stopping by.”
  • “I’ve been pondering over you and desired to catch up on how you’re doing?”
  • “Are you doing fine?”
  • 2) Examine Their Response

    When it concerns their response, you can discern the underlying message by relying on your intuition and drawing upon your understanding of your friend. You ought to analyze their subsequent response.

    Did it seem like they were dismissing you?

    Do they appear to be doing fine?

    Are there any additional indications that would create the impression that they are not being authentic?

    Occasionally, there may be no further action you can take and that is acceptable, if they become defensive or are unwilling to engage in conversation with you, or genuinely do not desire your assistance. They might become defensive and not everyone will be open to your support, but bear in mind, it would be prudent to check in with them if you sense that something is amiss.

    3) Check In With Specific Questions

    If you feel that your strong friend is giving you vague responses or brushing you off, you might lead them to a more honest response by checking in with them. It means that asking them a specific question may be causing them stress, so it could be harder for them to shrug it off. Knowing this, you can address anything that you know may be causing them stress more specifically, and you can use a different tactic.

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    Some instances of this include:

  • “I recall you mentioned that you and your significant other have been having disagreements recently, how is that progressing?”
  • “How has your job been? Has it been less demanding since the last time we spoke?”
  • “I understand that you mentioned having a busy schedule at the moment. Are you ensuring to prioritize self-care?”
  • 4) Let Them Know You Are There

    If you don’t even want to talk to them, it is often a good idea to let them know that you are fine with what they are doing, even if they seem like they don’t want to know that you are fine with it.

    Although your strong friend may not currently need you, they may feel outreach and comfort from you in the future, knowing that you are there for them if they ever need it.

    This can appear as:

  • “Alright, I am constantly available to support you whenever you require my assistance.”
  • “Inform me if you ever require to discuss anything.”
  • “Feel free to reach out to me at any time you desire.”
  • “If you require someone to express your feelings to, I am always available.”
  • 5) Offer Practical Help

    Providing practical assistance may be more effective for them, as they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, our resilient friends may not always require someone to discuss their issues with.

    Offering to help by taking on another task, such as shouldering a huge burden off their shoulders or dropping off groceries, or giving them a ride somewhere, like helping with their children.

    Perhaps you may feel the need to take a break and step out of the house, whether it’s for a cup of coffee or a leisurely stroll. You could be caring for a sick parent, partner, or child.

    Often, what may seem like such a small gesture to you, can make a large difference to a person who is overwhelmed.

    6) Thank Them For Their Support

    Sometimes, our strong friends may feel undervalued or unappreciated for all the support they have been giving, but they might not need to vent about their problems to anyone else around them.

    A straightforward expression of gratitude like “thank you for your presence and support” can have a significant impact.

    7) Watch For Their Red Flags

    Depending on how long you have known your close friend and how strong your friendship is, you may start to notice red flags or hints about their behavior and something may not be okay.

    She often struggles with overwhelming grief, as I have noticed over the past few months when she doesn’t reply to my messages. However, she is usually very good at responding to my messages. For example, last year her mom unexpectedly passed away and she moved to a different country, which is where one of my best friends is now living.

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    This crimson flag informs me that my comrade requires additional assistance from me at this moment.

    As they go through a hard time, everyone will develop their own red flags or signs to make it easier to spot what you are learning.

    Tips For Checking On Your Strong Friends

    Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to checking on your resilient friends:

    You Can Only Do What You Can Do

    Sometimes, people don’t want to open up and ask for help, no matter how much you try and that’s okay.

    All you can do is attempt. If individuals do not wish to acknowledge your assistance, do not feel remorseful.

    Ask Them Important Questions Before They Are Struggling

    “Is it customary for you to seek assistance from others when you require it?” “How do you communicate your feelings of stress?” “In times of difficulty, what is the most effective way for me to provide support to you?” When developing a friendship with someone, it may be advisable to inquire about their preferences regarding support during challenging times, so as to be prepared for such situations in the future.

    Asking these questions before a moment of crisis can ensure that you can an honest answer that isn’t influenced by other factors.

    You Might Need To Reach Out For More Help

    When someone is really struggling and you are worried about their safety and the safety of people around them, you might need more help to reach out to them.

    Utilize them when you require those moments for there are instances wherein you necessitate their usage, particularly during a critical juncture in a mental health professional’s career.

    The optimal course of action is to do it, although it may prove challenging if you have concerns regarding them or others. Initially, your friend might feel upset with you or even dissuade you from reaching out to someone else.

    You would rather wish to help everyone, including your friend, to get more things done, and ensure the safety of all, rather than be unsafe.

    Don’t Take It Personally

    When people are struggling with their mental health, it is important to remember that they often act out of character and say things that they wouldn’t normally say. Personally, it is crucial not to forget to seek help for them or to check in on them. It would be unfair and unsupportive to shut them out or reject the offer of support that you are providing.

    Don’t take it to heart.

    Final Thoughts On Why You Should Check On Your Strong Friends…

    Even the strongest people in your life, who may seem invincible, could be struggling behind closed doors, and you will never know. It is important to make it a great habit to check in on the people who you care about and love, as they may be at the bottom of the line.

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