7 Stunning Siding and Shutter Color Combinations to Consider

Take a look at these 7 breathtaking combinations of siding and shutter colors to see the potential options for your own house.

1. Emerald and Beige

The ability to create a serene and soothing atmosphere around your home is what makes viewers appreciate nature so much. Only the colors that work well together can achieve this. Throughout nature, green and brown shades are often found together, creating an ideal combination for your home. One of the most universally popular color combinations you can use for your home is tan and green, which are reminiscent of natural color palettes.

2. Blue/Gray with Ebony

The deep undertone of blue adds a subtle and classic look to this gray, which creates a still and homey personality. One way to enhance this perfect match is to choose analogous colors that sit beside black and gray, as they are also analogous.

3. Brick and Tan

Many people like the idea of using a neutral color palette on the exterior of their home. It makes for a nice choice for the background or siding color, as it creates a balanced and classic appearance while still adding personality with red brick shutters. Taupe works well between gray and tan, adding a variety of accent colors and keeping the overall appearance neutral and timeless. However, using too many neutral shades can begin to look a bit bland.

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4. Golden and Ebony

When you want to make a statement on the exterior of your home, you don’t always need to reach for vivid or bold colors. Sometimes, the same effect can be achieved by simply bringing together shades of cool and warm, or shades of dark and light. That home has pale yellow walls, but what really makes it pop is the rich black shutters, which create a contrast in both temperature and tone against the yellow. This creates a harmonious and daring look that captures everyone’s attention.

5. Tawny and Chestnut

Instead, you have a peaceful appearance that blends perfectly with the architecture and style of the house; there are no pops of color and no surprises. This produces a quiet and calm appearance for the home. In this case, the shutters are several darker shades, while the siding of the home is a light tan. Another way to create a subtle, analogous color scheme for your home’s exterior is to blend different shades of the same color.

6. Olive and Rust

Townhomes in this series need to distinguish themselves from others, which is why this particular residence stands out with its subtly striking look. The hues themselves contrast, while the understated shades of both the exterior and the window coverings complement each other. The combination of an olive green exterior and brick red window coverings effectively enhances the visual appeal, resulting in more vibrant and captivating views when placed together. Complementary colors, which are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel, can also harmonize well on an exterior, sometimes even when combined, rather than limiting the options to only analogous colors.

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7. Authentic Charcoal and Ebony

All shades of gray, whether they are strictly medium, dark, or light, can beautifully pair with black to create a subtly classic and dynamically appealing appearance for your home. The siding becomes even more stunning when combined with darker grays, while the lighter grays add a touch of elegance and sophistication. It’s worth noting that not all shades of gray have a secondary undertone color or a cool/warm undertone.

Obtain the Ideal Combination of Colors for Your Exterior

Make sure to give your home’s exterior a makeover and send a message that is intended to make people view your home in a profound way. There are so many different color combinations to choose from to ensure that you find the one that perfectly matches your home’s architecture and style.

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