7 Best Castles in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are several magnificent castles to explore – ranging from George Washington Vanderbilt’s expansive properties to the initial enduring State Capitol. North Carolina boasts numerous castles, eliminating the need to venture to Europe for a taste of enchanting fortresses.

1. Castle McCulloch, Jamestown

It hosts a variety of public events, such as annual Masquerade Gras and Mardi beer festivals, New Year’s Eve parties, and other similar celebrations.

2. Biltmore Estate, Asheville

Antler Hill Village, situated approximately three miles away, can be accessed by means of an underground tunnel. Adjacent to the fireplace in the Billiard Room, a Smoking Room can be entered through a wooden door. By carving in the library, one can discover a small room referred to as the Den. Accessible through a disguised food in the Breakfast Room, the Butler’s pantry can be reached. The estate contains hidden passages, providing ample space for concealment. It boasts an extensive library, along with an astonishing 43 bathrooms and 35 bedrooms, among its staggering total of 250 rooms. Constructed in the nineteenth century by George Washington Vanderbilt II, Biltmore Estate stands as the largest privately-owned residence in America.

Some visitors have reported seeing a shadowy figure, possibly a woman, gliding down the corridor of Biltmore Estate, which is said to be haunted.

3. Smithmore Castle, Spruce Pine

Castle Smithmore is another classic Disney princess castle, complete with a royal dining room, turret suites, and breathtaking views of the martial mountains. The owners have packed it full of centuries-old furniture, but it’s pretty modern as far as castles go. The hotel offers gourmet dining, wine tastings, archery lessons, and soul-stirring massages. It’s five-star all the way.

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4. Castle Ladyhawke, Tuckasegee

Bird-watching and kayaking, activities similar to boating, are regal and reserved for guests who wish to head out onto the lake. Inside, there is a magnificent Great Hall and a three-level spiral staircase, along with a variety of luxurious suites that would befit a princess. The 60-acre estate, set against dense forests and majestic mountains, offers breathtaking views of the fairytale-like Tuskasegee River Valley. Ladyhawke Castle, a fully functioning castle built with historically accurate Scottish architecture, is not only a popular wedding venue but also referred to as another regal website.

5. Castle Mont Rouge, Rougemont

This abandoned castle, situated in the rolling hills of Durham’s heart, serves as the home of local artist Robert Mihaly. Inspired by Bavarian castles and Middle-Eastern minarets, Mihaly began sculpting the structure years ago, using a delightful hodgepodge of styles. Since the project was abandoned, graffiti artists have covered the building, making it the most unstable and covered structure Mihaly has seen since he divorced.

6. Graylyn Estate, Winston Salem

It is packed with personality, with rare imported panelling from Paris, solid marble showers and bathtubs, and French fifteenth-century carved doorways. It is filled with antiques and furniture from around the world, and it was built in the 1920s as the first manor of J.R. Reynolds, the CEO of Tobacco Co. Estate Graylyn, without a doubt, boasts a 55-acre estate with four posters and towers and turrets, and it may not be a castle in name, but it is certainly a castle in spirit.

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