It is my goal to provide my readers with unfiltered opinions about games; however, I’m probably not going to please you if you’re looking for a review like mine. So, let me warn you in advance: if you enjoyed the game, I’m finally writing my review of Square Enix’s new Harvestella, a farming simulator slash JRPG, after weeks of tedious gameplay.

(The one redeeming quality of Harvestella is Brakka. I would replay the game any day just for him ♡.)

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Title: HarvestellaOverall Rating: 5/10Console: Nintendo Switch.

So let’s dive into what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about Harvestella.

Beneath the attractive exterior of this game lies a disappointing and shallow mess. Don’t be fooled by the pretty graphics and immersive gameplay, as the game’s budget was clearly spent too much on certain in-game graphics and not enough on everything else.

The voice acting in my otome games is amazing. If I wanted to play one of my otome games, I’d read the texts a lot more. I expected a lot more, especially for the price of nearly $60. While you’re mostly reading barrages of texts, occasionally an NPC will say something. Despite having a beautiful soundtrack, the game barely has any voice acting. The lack of voice acting is a major letdown for me.

I couldn’t play the game for too long because my eyes began to hurt. While the background items in the game were angular and blurry, some of the food CGs were beautiful. You would expect concept images in a pitch, not the final product. The graphics in-game looked like the most impressive aspect, second only to the in-game objects.

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I played a rogue-like game, and if I wanted to play something punishing, I would lose everything by getting killed by a monster, so I desperately remember to only sell crops to make a profit. The revival system punishes new players and is insane. Some might say that it can be marketed as a farming simulator that matches the battling format, but then I say that I shouldn’t pick up a battle game. I understand that some people might disagree with me now, but if your first real-time game is Harvestella, it might be a good match for consumers.

I need to mention, of course, that it felt like a prettier version of Stardew Valley, and you can accomplish certain quests to unlock certain features. There are side quests that you can do to make game farming intentional, rather than an afterthought.

Harvestella is severely lacking in gameplay, but it is also overpriced. Square Enix has tried to pass off this mediocre mess as a premium experience, but it’s not worth the cost. For $59.99 plus tax, you can buy several other games that will deliver in terms of art, storyline, graphics, and voice acting.

I’m stuck with the game Brakka because of the gameplay, but let me clarify. I am a Brakka stan. I love his battle style and his storyline is heartbreakingly beautiful, and his design is gorgeous. If Harvestella were an otome game, he would be my ultimate crush. The answer is simple. If you ask why I finished the game, it’s because I enjoyed it so much.

Evaluating gameplay is an enjoyable aspect of gaming, and it’s important to keep in mind that it is just a game, so one should not become excessively upset about my review. Certain mobile games possess superior visuals compared to a game with inferior visuals, so I would dislike it if someone were to expend their hard-earned money on it. If you desire it, wait for the holiday sales as there are numerous superior games available. Avoid squandering your hard-earned money on this letdown – Harvestella is a unmemorable game. If I possessed the physical copy, I would likely utilize it as a drink coaster. In summary.

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