Federation and Empire Rank Guide

Every limited vessel possesses a rank prerequisite, thus here are the particulars regarding the rank necessary for every vessel. The majority of individuals are motivated to pursue these ranks due to the vessels. To gain access to system authorizations, engineers, and naturally, vessels, it is feasible for an autonomous pilot to acquire ranks in these supplementary establishments operated by the Federation and the Empire.

Table of Contents

  • The ships.
  • How To Achieve a Higher Position.
  • Top. Methods to Achieve Higher Rank Rapidly.
  • The ships.

    The Federal auxiliary restricts access to the following vessels to its members.

  • Federal Dropship – Midshipman (3rd Level).
  • Federal Assault Ship – Chief Petty Officer (5th Grade).
  • Federal Gunship – Ensign (7th Level).
  • Federal Corvette – Rear Admiral (12th Rank).
  • The ships listed below are only accessible to members of the Imperial auxiliary.

  • Imperial Courier – Expert (3rd Rank).
  • Imperial Clipper – Baron (7th Level).
  • Imperial Cutter – Duke (Rank 12).
  • How To Achieve a Higher Position.

    You will be able to see information about the “Power” local in each of the Superpowers. To see the ranking order of what you see, go to the right panel on the second section tab of your status.

    Currently, our primary focus lies on the lower section of this data. In the case of the Federation and Empire (please note that the Alliance lacks a Naval Auxiliary and therefore does not possess ranks), these consist of the hierarchical position and the advancement indicators.

    In order to improve your rank, you need to perform missions for minor factions that are aligned to the relevant superpower. Note that the amount of REP reward you gain from these missions scales with the rank you are aligned to. Additionally, any type of mission can be performed as long as it is aligned to the faction.

    The most frequent types of missions for enhancing your ranking are:

  • Donation missions – merely a question of donating hard-earned credits to assist.
  • These missions can transport data from one system to another very quickly, with around 20 stacked at a time.
  • Passenger expeditions – transporting individuals to their desired destinations, especially for station rescue operations (further details will be provided later).
  • Cargo missions – usually transport of a certain product to a neighboring system.
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    If you are just starting in a new system, you may find that it takes time to build up your reputation. It is important to note that only factions with whom you have a “cordial” relationship will appear. Once you fill up the progress bar under your Rank, you may be offered “Follow-On” missions for the Imperial Navy or the Federal Navy.

    You may have to wait well to find the next Navy mission available, as your progress is still ongoing in the lower ranks. Just keep going and continue gaining more REP to achieve the next rank bar that you have already completed once.

    Top. Methods to Achieve Higher Rank Rapidly.

    Rescue missions

    The nearby rescue megaship offers an abundance of passenger trips to assist those in need. In such situations, the civilian population promptly endeavors to evacuate as the station endures extensive destruction and erupts in flames due to attacks on starports in the Elite galaxy, be it by human or alien forces. This occurs periodically.

    Performing these rescues is the most efficient method to increase rank. Consequently, if they are in coordination with either the Federation or the Empire, it is the quickest approach to enhance reputation with local factions.

    Ships that are popular include those that have a large passenger capacity and economy cabins, as well as recommended shields and heat sinks due to the volatile nature of burning stations. Additionally, the cabins are suitable for desperate refugees.

  • Type 7.
  • Python.
  • Anaconda.
  • Fly to the burning station to avoid overheating and it is advisable to go as a passenger on the mission board, in order to avoid overheating. The best missions are those with the lowest number of passengers and the highest amount of REP. Do that until your passenger cabins are full, then head to the nearby rescue ship and repeat.

    Note that even if you are still making progress in the background, you may want to periodically check on your progress to ensure that you are not off track. You won’t be able to actually gain the next rank until you complete those missions and explore other areas. However, by completing rank progression missions quickly, you will find that you can actually gain the next rank.

    Empire Missions

    A small or medium vessel is required to transport both systems, Mainani and Ngalinn. It should be noted that both systems only consist of a solitary Outpost station. This particular set of systems refers to Mainani and Ngalinn. Within Imperial space, there exists a pair of systems that are more efficient than any other location for advancing one’s rank within the Empire.

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    Displayed here are the groups that are aligned with the Imperial Eagle according to their respective names. Additionally, there are numerous factions under the Imperial umbrella that offer substantial opportunities for the mission “Data Delivery”. Each of these factions has a large number of systems, and you can only have a single station on the land in each of them. Furthermore, these two systems are very close to each other.

    The methodology here depends on heading to Mainani, docking at the outpost, and taking all the Delivery/Courier missions to Ngalinn, which can be done if you have free funds by doing any credit donation missions (you can do them from the aligned Empire factions), jumping across and handing them in, taking the REP reward and picking up missions to back up.

    Additionally, if you find yourself short on missions between Mainani and Ngalinn, there are numerous Imperial factions available in that area. Therefore, you have the option to consider these factions and their missions to Flettner Survey in Aitvas. It is important to take note of this.

    If you fail to complete the missions and deliver the data, the ship will not be destroyed. You can still skip supercruise and the landing process, and immediately rebuy at your target destination. You can even accelerate this by committing suicide as soon as you complete the jump into the system.

    Federation Missions

    The Empire approach is considerably slower than the alternatives, all of which are fairly effective but lack a single, highly efficient ranking system like the Federation. Nevertheless, there are several choices available.

    It is better to claim that these methods have a number of supporters other than two. I suspect that this is due to changes in the state simulation background over time and luck, in practice.

  • Ceos / Sothis The method here is essentially identical to the Imperial method described – take all the Courier missions you can get from one system to the other, then repeat the process back to the first system. Rinse and repeat.

    However, there are a few notable differences. Firstly, there is only a single Federal faction in these two systems, as a result you are highly dependent on the state of that faction, if it is in a boom and / or outbreak state, you are likely to have an easy time filling up on missions. If not, you’ll have a harder time. The faction you are looking for has this symbol:

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    Secondly, there is more than one station in each system. As a result, you cannot apply the suicide method to reliably arrive at your destination each time, and the missions you take could be to any one of the stations in the other system. The best approach I have found is to travel around the stations in one system collecting missions until you have 20, then jump to the other system, and fly from station to station (starting at the one which completes the most missions) handing them in and collecting more missions.

    Finally, due to the greater difficulty in filling up on Data Delivery missions, I would recommend using a ship like a python which is both relatively fast, but also has a good cargo capacity, thus allowing you to take cargo delivery missions as well.

    Note: avoid the missions with the Horizons symbol on them (indicating the destination is a planetary port) since planetary approach takes much longer and these ports are the furthest destinations from the star (in one case over 100k Ls). The Horizons symbol looks like this:

  • It may be difficult to find harder missions efficiently, so you may need to broaden the array of nearby systems to point from each of these systems in practice. Here is an advantage: there are three Federal-aligned factions in each system. The method described above, known as the Chakpa/Ochosi method, is essentially identical to the one mentioned here.

  • The method remains unchanged for completing each trip, with the only difference being that there are two Federation factions available instead of one. However, the trade-off is that Canopus / Exphiay Again generally offer higher REP rewards compared to the previous options.

    Firstly, the missions here are more biased towards cargo missions, so I would recommend putting more focus on having a larger cargo hold. A Cutter is the ideal ship for this as you are likely to meet NPC pirates here.

    Secondly, the stations in Canopus are 42,000 Ls away from the star. This means that there are relatively long supercruise times in this system., which is the reason each trip takes longer.

    As before, it is recommended to avoid the missions to planetary port as this will further slow down your trips. However, if you find a large number of missions to this destination, it may be worth considering in this pair of systems.

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