6 Feed In Braids: 17 Innovative Ideas to Look Mesmerizing

When considering a feed-in braids hairstyle, one term that comes to mind is innovative.

The hairstylist can use their imaginative mind to create mesmerizing hair designs. Whether it’s a hairstyle with 6 braids in feed, 4 braids in feed, or 2 braids in feed, each hairdo in braids is fascinating to look at.

One of the most protective hairstyles out there is a long-lasting period. It is pretty easy to achieve low-maintenance hairdo. A total of 6 braids are created in the technique of feed-in. The most visually appealing hairstyle is probably the one with 6 braids in feed-in.

In this article, I will also provide a guide that will help you get home to this mesmerizing hairdo, and I will be focusing on intricate designs and looks. I will be giving a list of innovative hairstyle ideas that will mesh well with 6 braids in the feed.

What are 6 Feed-in Braids

Generally, feed in braids refer to a braiding method in which hair extensions are seamlessly braided with the natural hair. The extensions are intricately woven with the existing hair. To comprehend 6 feed in braids, it is essential to grasp the concept of feed in braids.

The finished hairdo has the appearance of natural hair braids, with all six braids stitched together around the nape to keep them in place. This hair design consists of six woven braids, using the technique of feed-in. The use of extensions is not noticeable at all.

Braids can be worn in different styles, such as buns and ponytails, either straight back or regularly.

How to Achieve 6 Feed-In Braids

Our comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about braiding techniques, including hairdos. With this guide, you can easily achieve a pretty hairdo at home. However, it’s important to note that braiding in feed 6 can be a complex hairstyle.

It is better to get your hair done by someone else who is knowledgeable about braiding this style a little bit.

You will require certain tools and products to achieve this look in the comfort of your own home. They include:

  • Rattail comb.
  • Edge styler.
  • Shine and jam hair wax.
  • Hair spray.
  • 5-6 bundles of hair extensions.
  • Sewing needle and thread.
  • Hair mousse.
  • Durag.
  • Hair Dryer.
  • I will be discussing the different hairstyles of straight hair. Once you have made your decision about the braiding style, we can proceed with the braiding. For instance, there are various types of braids, such as crisscross and zig-zag, that are designed to be fed into the straight hair at the back. Before you decide which types of braids you want to get, you will need to make a decision first.

    It is crucial to get the perfect symmetrical braids. Make sure that the sections are equally divided. Each of these sections will go from back to front. Using a rattail comb will make it easier and better. For the reason of creating 6 sections on your hair, you will have to feed the braids in this technique to get this hairstyle.

    You will gradually need to increase the number of thick braids to help keep your hair extensions in place. Your natural hair is weaved with hair extensions to create the braids. After creating the sections, you will have the braids.

    The hair will be secured in place with the help of a thread and needle, and you will need to stitch the braids together in the nape area. The braiding process is complete afterward. You will need to create six braids using the same process.

    To keep your braids dry and in shape on top of them, use a durag. It will help your braids stay intact for a long period. Then, you can apply hair mousse to the braids to maintain their shape.

    Once you have completed braiding your hair, make sure to shape and secure your edges. To achieve the desired look, use a hair wax to style and shape the braids. After your hair has dried, it is recommended to use a styler edge to design the baby hairs rather than using them while creating the braids.

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    There is a variety of hairdos in braids that feed into the hairstyles listed in 6 outstanding designs for which I am giving you a reason. I want you to have the very best of those hair designs, so try them once and you will look phenomenal. The braids in feed use 6 different hairstyles to finish off the hairstyle.

    6 Cornrow Hairstyles with Straight Back Braids

    6 Feed in Straight Back Braids

    The first hairdo we are going to talk about is the basic feed-in braids, which is a complete hairstyle that looks phenomenal and is quite easy to do.

    The hair extensions remain intact to ensure they are applied in the area where the hair is sewn around the back of the neck. Additional hair extensions are incorporated as the braids become thicker through the combination of natural hair and hair extensions. A total of six individual braids are created.

    With an exquisite style and well-defined shape, these can be utilized in this specific braiding technique. The delicate hairs around the hairline or edges are not incorporated into this hairstyle. No additional intricate motifs or designs are intertwined directly towards the posterior in this particular braiding style. The hair is elegantly woven straight towards the back in this particular braiding technique.

    6 Braided Hairstyles with Crisscrossed Triangle Pattern

    Triangle Crisscross Feed in Braids

    We are going to discuss the second hairdo, which is a combination of crisscross braids and triangle-shaped braids. The hair is divided into sections and braided in a crisscross pattern, creating a unique and different pattern. This hairdo gives off a chic vibe.

    The amazing hairdo, which lasted for a long period, has been completed. To enhance the individuality of the hairstyle, you can incorporate mini braids among the six main braids. The six braids are stitched together in the nape area, creating a similar pattern to feed into each other.

    6 Creative Feed-in Braids

    Freestyled Feed in Braids

    Now, we are going to discuss the hairdo where various shapes and patterns are designed in the hair, making it really unique and pleasant to look at. Another variation of feeding braids is present in the hair.

    The hairdresser can create star-designed or heart-shaped braids, which is a unique hairstyle. The advantage of this freestyle feed-in braids is that the hairstylist can come up with any designs.

    The hairdo, which is fully intact, is worth every penny. The braids near the nape area are intricately stitched, giving the hair design a unique and artistic appearance. The finished hairstyle resembles a work of art, with various braids woven in different patterns.

    Create a Bun Hairstyle with Star-patterned Feed-in Braids

    Star Designed Feed in Braids into a Bun

    The nape area is adorned with a sleek bun, which is then wrapped around each individual braid. The center of the hair is intricately woven with straight braids, while star-shaped braids grace the sides. Our attention is drawn to the exquisite feed-in braids featuring unique designs.

    The edges can be styled with a styler edge to give them a designed look. The hairstyle looks excellent when it is done. Another stunning hairstyle that will make you look phenomenal is braiding the hair.

    Initially, the completed hairstyle featuring six braids appears rather straightforward, but upon closer inspection, it is truly distinctive and awe-inspiring due to the star-patterned braids adorning the sides.

    6 Cornrow Braids with Styled Hairline

    The primary distinction between the two hairstyles on the sides is the feed-in braided hairstyle with styled edges. This particular hairdo bears a striking resemblance to a straight back feed-in braids. Moving forward, let’s delve into the next hair design we will be examining.

    They create intricate designs with these edges that make the hairdo look even more astonishing. They argue that using these hairs might injure the hair and scalp. While doing braids, many hairstylists do not use the baby hair at the front to prevent any damage.

    Braiding Hair into a Low Bun with Heart-Shaped Parting

    Another awe-inspiring braiding style that can make you look fabulous and protect your hair for a long period of time is braids in a heart-shaped feed. This hairstyle is quite similar to the star-designed feed in braids. The side hair is braided in a heart shape. You can choose to get this braid shaped on both sides or on one side.

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    You can create intricate designs and style edges. You will gather all six braids and bind them tightly into a bun. You can also wear this hairstyle in a bun. The process of styling is similar to feeding other pretty braids.

    6 Vibrant Zigzag Cornrow Braids

    Zigzag braids have become one of the trendiest hairstyles in the braiding community, and for good reasons. It is a great option for creating six colorful feed-in braids, which not only protect your hair for a long time but also give an extraordinary look.

    In any gathering, it will draw all eyes towards you and give you a flawless appearance. By incorporating colored hair extensions, you can craft a stunning and vibrant zigzag patterned hairstyle. These zigzag braids are formed using interlocking diagonal patterns, resulting in beautifully curved braids.

    The hairstyle will enhance your appearance and provide a more striking look, which will complement your original hair color. Select vivid shades that appeal to you, although I recommend considering any color option.

    Incorporate Cornrow Braids into a High Ponytail

    There are some variations, but the main foundation of this hairstyle is braiding. It is quite similar to straight back braiding technique. It involves feeding the braids into a ponytail. We are currently discussing another easy way to achieve this hairstyle.

    The hair is divided into various sections to create a stylishly braided ponytail, which is achieved by gathering all of the braids around the crown and tying them together. Although two braids originate from the back, only four of them begin from the front, instead of all six.

    The hairdo appears captivating and is quite distinctive from other feed-in braids hairstyles. Give this incredible hair design a try immediately.

    Brief Heart-Shaped Cornrows

    The finished hairstyle is pretty similar to straight back braids, but it can easily make it unique. There are a total of 6 braids in the braids, which is another variation of feed-in braids. Another protective hairstyle that looks phenomenal is short heart-shaped braids.

    You can create a more elegant appearance. You can make your hair look more sophisticated. Instead of using Dutch braids or cornrows, you can use crisscross braids. The first way to make a more diverse hairstyle is by making it.

    I prefer a cleaner hairstyle that features a single heart-shaped braid on one side. You can create two heart-shaped braids on both sides using just a stick.

    Duotone Hairstyle in Knotless Braids

    I prefer blonde hair extensions if the natural color of my hair is dark brown or black. Hair extensions can create a great combination of colors, giving my hair a pristine look. By using different colored hair extensions and incorporating them into braids, my hair can become even more gorgeous and vibrant.

    The hair in feed 6 duotone can be braided with a stunning appearance, such as knotless braids, as well as other intricate braiding designs. However, the most obvious choice is to have the hair braided straight back in a regular manner, regardless of your preferred design.

    Crimson Straight Back Weave with Feed-in Braids

    You can try dyeing your hair in braids to feed color into it. It has become popular because of its bold look. Fiery red is a popular choice for many women to dye their hair. Dyeing your hair can be another great option to get great results in braids.

    You can achieve any desired shape in braids. However, the hair color will give it an astonishing appearance. To complete your hairstyle, you can try heart-shaped braids or opt for straight back braids and keep it simple.

    Cornrow Braids with Small Sections

    In addition to pineapple braids, they can also be utilized with crisscross braids or straight back braids. This adds a distinctive touch and aids in crafting a more detailed hairstyle with these small braids. The primary braids are worn in conjunction with mini braids in feed-in braids.

    The finished hairstyle appears remarkable. Occasionally, hair extensions are employed when intertwining the small braids to ensure uniformity with the remainder of the hairdo. Typically, the hairdresser refrains from using any hair extensions when braiding the mini braids.

    Installing Box Braids with Feed-In Method in the Middle Part

    Sean’s Big hairstyle is inspired by a unique braid box in which square-shaped boxes are braided together in sectioned hair. The design of this hairdo is quite different from regular box braids, as the hair is fed through 6 parts in the middle.

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    The braids start from the middle of the head and go sideways. These sections are individually braided, creating a total of six sections. The hair is also divided into three different sections, with the middle parting the hair from the front to the back. However, the hair is parted in the middle from the front to the back.

    This unique hairstyle is a great option for wearing regularly. You can show your appreciation for Big Sean by wearing this hairdo.

    Braids with Twin Buns Hairstyle

    The hairstyle that I am discussing next is a regular straight back braided style. The hairstyle sounds simple. It involves braiding the hair in twin buns.

    Three braids are created and stitched together using identical buns, instead of regular braiding, all the braids are stitched together.

    You should not pass up on an amazing hairstyle. It can be worn at elegant events too. The wearer achieves a stunning look with the completed hairstyle.

    Lemonade Nourish in Braids

    The unique feature of lemonade braids lies in the position they begin in, setting them apart from other braiding styles. Opting for 6 feed in braids can be an excellent choice. Achieving stunning lemonade braids is relatively simple yet results in a captivating look.

    Depending on the desired style, the hair can also incorporate gentle waves, although typically it is braided in a linear fashion. Each individual braid originates from that specific angle, and the hair is parted to one side. Lemonade braids initiate from a single side, whereas the majority of braids commence from the front.

    6 Styles of Ghana Braids

    Ghana braids typically utilize hair extensions, whereas cornrows generally do not. The distinction lies in the incorporation of hair extensions. In terms of the braiding technique, it bears a striking resemblance to cornrows. Another fantastic hairstyle option is the feed-in braid, such as Ghana braids.

    It is a great protective hairdo that also gives a mesmerizing look. The individual braids are woven from each section of hair, which is divided into six different asymmetrical sections. The braids are gathered around the nape and stitched together to keep them in place.

    Colorful Extensions in Braids with Small Braids

    The hairstyle incorporates impressive techniques mentioned above, and it features dyed feed braids that give it an eye-catching look. To make it unique, we are also focusing on incorporating mini braids and colored hair extensions into the hairdo.

    You can create an impressive hairdo by coloring your hair, which may not suit your persona if you use a hair extension to achieve the voluminous look of big colored braids amidst mini braids.


    I hope that some of you find it helpful for the information you were searching for. I have tried to provide answers to some frequently asked questions about this hairstyle. You might have many questions, so I have attempted to answer some of them regarding braids in about 6 feeds.

    Q: What is the duration of feed in braids?

    As time passes, your hair will become longer and the braids will loosen. It is recommended that you do not keep this hairstyle for more than that. If proper care is taken and proper care is taken in braids, the braids can last from 2 to 4 weeks. Braids in feed and their longevity are known for being different from the rest: A.

    Q: What is the price of getting braids?

    The price of the haircut varies from $80 to $150. The specific hairstyle you choose, the skill level of your barber, and the location you reside in all impact the cost of the haircut. Numerous factors contribute to the cost of a hairstyle.

    Q: Does the act of braiding hair with extensions cause damage to the hair?

    If your hair is tightly woven in braids, it can cause damage to the scalp. Braids have the capacity to damage your hair only if they are too tight. Instead, braids are a protective hairstyle that preserves your hair and does not cause damage.

    Q: Is feed in braids a safeguarding hairstyle?

    Yes, it is a well-known fact that feed-in braids serve as a protective hairstyle, safeguarding the hair from both breakage and moisture loss for an extended duration. This ultimately prevents kinky hair from experiencing easy breakage and the gradual loss of its natural moisture.

    Concluding Remark

    It is a great choice for regular use as it keeps maintenance low and looks pretty. The hairdo has a long list of upsides with basically zero downsides. Braids in feed 6 is undoubtedly a trendy hairstyle that not only protects the hair for a long period of time but also gives mesmerizing looks.

    The hairdo can be worn in different ways, such as a twin bun or a single bun, or like a ponytail. The finished hair design gives the wearer a remarkable and breathtaking look, with artistic and intricate braiding on the side, making heart-shaped or star-shaped braids.

    It will never let you down. Your breathtaking appearance will captivate everyone and make you the focal point in any gathering. This hairstyle is an excellent suggestion for a great hairdo.

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