53 October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas To Spread Positivity In 2023

Showcasing a calming and exquisite blossom, these tattoos are among the most significant and visually appealing tattoos. Express your affection for your own birth month or the birth month of a loved one, birth flower tattoos offer an excellent opportunity.

The tattoo representing the birth flower of October is a mix of various colors, including pink, gold, and yellow. The most commonly accepted flower for babies born in October is the Marigold. There is no specific design for the October birth flower tattoo, as it can be depicted in various vibrant variations.

We have gathered some of the best designs for tattooing here to help you solve your problem. So, if you are looking for a unique design for this tattoo, you are not alone. There are plenty of design choices for this flower, and both the tattoo of this flower and the birth flower tattoos for October are visually appealing and carry symbolic meanings.

Let’s see them.

October Birth Flower Tattoo: Meaning And Significance


This tattoo represents the loving and caring nature of October babies. The tattoo symbolizes positivity and warmth for the wearer. The October birth flower tattoo holds a symbolic meaning that sets it apart with its beauty.

The tattoo of the marigold is not only symbolically significant, but it also holds cultural importance. In some cultures, the marigold tattoo is associated with death and mourning. However, in Indian culture, the marigold is used in marriages and festivals to symbolize joy and celebration.

The Marigold tattoo offers a vast array of tattoo concepts. You are bound to discover countless tattoo inspirations for the Marigold flower tattoo, as it is an extremely favored tattoo among individuals born in October.

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We have gathered some of the most beautiful October birth flower tattoos to help you sort out a tattoo for yourself. We can provide you with a list of these elements and help you in matching and mixing them by improvisation.

Let’s jump in.Output: Let’s dive in.

October Birth Flower Thigh Tattoo


The tattoo on the thigh usually features a big marigold flower, which is bright yellow and golden. This tattoo can also include vines and other flowers. The thigh serves as a canvas for this big flower tattoo, especially if October is your birth month.

The blossom possesses various hues, inscriptions, foliage, and prominent contours, all of which can be personalized. You have the freedom to adjust the size of your design to your liking and capture some truly captivating intricacies of the Marigold blossom on the upper leg.

Geometric October Birth Flower Tattoo


Marigold tattoos are some of the most unique and futuristic tattoos we have seen. This tattoo features the Marigold flower in a geometric pattern, such as a triangle or circle. To make it more vibrant, other elements can be incorporated into this tattoo, such as geometric patterns.

Depending on where you want the tattoo and your preferences, you have the option to adjust the size of the tattoo. Monochrome and uncomplicated patterns created with geometric tattoos tend to appear most appealing. Certain hues can be personalized to suit your desired tattoo design.

October Birth Flower Hip Tattoo


Opt for the hip tattoo, and then you may desire an October birth flower tattoo that is linked to certain individual particulars if you prefer tattoos completed on the hips are highly personal and elaborate, therefore naturally, the hip is an exceedingly personal area to get inked.

This tattoo can also be customized with other elements such as leaves, vines, and flowers, as well as vivid colors and great detail, because it will mostly be hidden under a pair of pants or jeans.

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October Birth Flower Shoulder Tattoo


The tattoo of a dragonfly or butterfly can incorporate various elements and be done on a large canvas with vibrant colors. Additionally, this tattoo is easily visible. It is a perfect choice for those who want a bigger tattoo of a flower representing October birth on their shoulder.

October Birth Flower Forearm Tattoo


If you are willing to show off your birth flower tattoo on your forearm with maximum visibility, then the Marigold flower tattoo with added elements like dates or vines, and birds, showcases great details.

October Birth Flower Ribs Tattoo


Primarily uncomplicated silhouettes, this tattoo appears incredibly graceful. The Marigold is showcased on the ribcage. Opting for a rib tattoo is ideal if you desire a private tattoo that can be effortlessly concealed.

Traditional October Birth Flower Tattoo


Marigold, the traditional American tattoo, showcases the tattoo flower of October birth in a style that also includes some bright colors and deep black outlines. Additionally, it can add some spark to the other elements of the tattoo.

October Birth Flower and Bird Tattoo


This tattoo can be easily customized with simple black-and-gray colors or some vivid colors. It features another bird with the Marigold flower, and it represents the birth of October.

October Birth Flower Fineline Tattoo


You have the option to choose different colors for your tattoo. This tattoo has a very minimalistic design with not too many added details to the outline of the flower. The Marigold tattoo is done with a very fine needle to create precise and delicate lines.

October Birth Flower and Dragonfly Tattoo


The combination of the dragonfly tattoo and the marigold tattoo creates a remarkably refined and calming appearance. The Marigold blossom serves as a resting spot for a dragonfly, or alternatively, the dragonfly is often found near the Marigold. A simplistic version of this design can be created by referencing an image, or you can opt for a vibrant, colored rendition of the tattoo.

October Birth Flower Arm Tattoo


You can play around with the colors of the tattoo, using shades of gray and black. Additionally, you can add some amazing details to the tattoo. The Arm is a spacious workspace for a tattoo similar to Marigold, especially on the shoulder.

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October Birth Flower Matching Tattoo


Are you interested in getting a grand design tattoo with your partner? This tattoo is often done in a simple outline. If you are looking to get a matching tattoo with your beloved, you can also get a matching tattoo to go along with it.

October Birth Flower Name Tattoo


If you are looking for a tattoo for your name, you can combine the Marigold tattoo with the name of your beloved. These tattoos can depend on different flower colors and feature different font faces. Additionally, if you are looking for a tattoo for your birth flower, your name will also be featured.

October Birth Flower Finger Tattoo


Finger tattoos, especially those featuring a single Marigold flower outline, are frequently chosen for their simplicity and popularity. However, it’s important to note that finger tattoos can be quite painful.

October Birth Flower Quote Tattoo


If you want to combine the Marigold tattoo with a quote from your favorite person or a famous quote, you can choose a great option. This tattoo features the Marigold flower in black and white color, along with an elegant or simple font for the quote.


We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your journey about the tattoo Marigold, which is not only immensely popular but also holds some cultural significance. You might naturally have some questions to ease your journey.

Q: Is the sole tattoo of the October birth flower the Marigold tattoo?

If you are from these regions, can you do a tattoo of the October birth flower? The Cosmos flower is also considered a birth flower for October, although the Marigold is also widely regarded as the birth flower for October.

Q: Does Marigold Tattoo need to be in a particular shade?

Your personal choice depends entirely on you. Even though the Marigold tattoo showcases natural colors, you can still get it in any color you desire. The Marigold tattoo does not have a specific color. The answer is no.


The Marigold tattoo is a classic and beautiful piece that can be done in many sizes and shapes, depending on your preference and needs. It also makes a soothing and golden yellow color. This tattoo can be done for cultural significance as well, but it caters not only to babies born in October.

We hope that you helped us with your suggestions for choosing a tattoo for yourself. There are a lot of designs for this tattoo, and we hope that you rightfully find the perfect design.

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