5 Shocking Facts About Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Hidden Son

In this article, we are presenting five shocking facts about Aiden Caohman Kennedy, a young member of the vast Kennedy family. While some members of the newer lineages have chosen different careers, the Kennedys, like any other business family, have faced both criticism and praise for their actions.

Kennedy Caohman Aiden is the youngest child in his family, having three older siblings: a sister named Kennedy LeMoyne Kyra, as well as two brothers named Kennedy Finn “Finn” Finbar William and Kennedy Richardson Conor. Aiden is the son of Kennedy F. Robert Richardson Kathleen Mary Jr.

Aiden can trace his ancestry to the esteemed lineage of the Kennedys, proud to be a member of the fifty-second generation. Prior to marrying Kathleen Mary Richardson, his first wife, Aiden had two children, Alexandra Kathleen Kennedy and Bobby III.

Robert announced in January 2023 that he is now married to actress Cheryl Hines, who is famously known for her role in Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, Robert’s announcement of their separation from his wife has shielded Cheryl from media scrutiny.

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4. Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy Went Through a Tragic Loss

Did Aiden Little, who was only 11 years old when his mother Mary Kennedy Richardson died, know the answer to why the renowned political dynasty architect married such a famed New York resident but took her own life?

An autopsy revealed a small portion of her blood to contain antidepressants. However, years later, she began abusing alcohol and drugs, and even faced some charges from the police. Mary Richardson, mother of Kennedy’s Aiden, was a renowned interior designer who was appreciated for her work in environmental and philanthropic causes.

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Mary felt humiliated by Robert, who showed off his relationship with TV star Cheryl Hines, leaving all her children alone and taking her own life to bear the pain she couldn’t end. Mary had always feared losing her home, which she had built for her family, and she had a huge credit card debt. In the past few years, Mary had been going through severe depression. At the time of her death, she was still dealing with the case and had filed for divorce from Robert, her then-husband.

Kyra, the only daughter of Robert and Mary, was sent to live with Cheryl due to emotional struggles at the challenging and difficult age that Aiden and his siblings had experienced. The death was more than they could handle for some.

In May 2012, the Richardson family arranged a commemorative gathering at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, while Mary’s burial took place at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Redford by the Kennedy family. Her spouse disgraced her, along with the sensation of solitude without the children, encompassing numerous sorrowful encounters, their mother had to endure while the kids eventually adapted to the bereavement.

3. An Impressive Pilestock of Aiden Kennedy’s Portfolio

In May 2026, the youngest son of Robert Kennedy Jr. Is scheduled to complete his education at the renowned Harvard University. Since August 2022, he has been enrolled at the university. In 2019, he obtained his high school degree after studying at Salisbury School and Middlesex School from 2015 to 2019.

Aiden started his work experience by interning for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for a period of three months. During this time, he discussed the work experience of the young Kennedy. Subsequently, he held the position of Chris Kennedy Gubernatorial Outreach Intern for eight months at the Illinois State Senate Democratic Caucus. Throughout this period, he had the opportunity to work in different roles at diverse organizations, commencing in May 2017.

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Aiden recently completed a three-month internship as an intern analyst coverage assistant/production at Electric Grand in Los Angeles. He was also involved in serving as an intern at Financial Coast West and interned with Goldstein Hedlund Baum, corporate counsels, as per his recent work on Kennedy’s LinkedIn. Additionally, Aiden’s involvement in the internship was significant.

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2. An Avid Fan of American Football

Cheryl’s intensity and passion almost caused her to become just like Aidan Kennedy, a ten-year-old boy who is incredibly obsessed with the New England Patriots, as reported by The New York Post. Aidan is a dedicated fan of the American football team, the New England Patriots.

In an effort to overcome their misfortune in 2014, Hines and Kennedy, as a couple, got married as a family. Nevertheless, Aiden’s mother was already unhappy that Robert Kennedy Jr. Was in a relationship with Hines. Only a few weeks later, tragedy struck Aiden’s mother, Mary, as she tragically ended her own life, causing Cheryl’s comment to seem somewhat thoughtless, despite its initially harmless appearance.

1. Aiden Kennedy in Politics? The Kennedys Might Win Again in 2024

In the past few months, the youngest son was seen supporting his father’s campaign in April 2023. Aiden Kennedy is very energized about his father’s run for the 2024 Presidential Election. He is not seen much in public or active on social media. Aiden prefers to maintain a low-key life in relative limbo, even as younger generations of the Kennedy family have chosen journalistic or film careers.

On April 19, 2023, 69-year-old politician Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Along with his wife Cheryl, introduced Finn and Aiden, his sons, and Kyra, his daughter and Bobcat’s granddaughter, to his supporters in Boston, before launching his campaign for the White House in 2024.

The latest findings suggest that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is ahead in the popularity surveys when compared to Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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In the 2024 presidential election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is viewed positively by 49% of the population while 30% hold a negative opinion. Conversely, Joe Biden enjoys a favorable rating of 52% with 45% expressing unfavorable views. Donald Trump’s ratings, on the other hand, indicate a 43% approval rating and a 53% disapproval rating.

Source Table: The Economist.

In the 2024 presidential race, Jr. Kennedy F. Robert continues to hold a leading position as a contender. According to a new poll by The Economist, he is viewed favorably by just 30% of respondents and unfavorably by 49%. In contrast, Biden was viewed unfavorably by 45% while Trump was viewed unfavorably by 53%.

Meanwhile, while President Barack Obama was in office, his father worked as a designer, author, and artist at the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts from 2011-2013. At the same time, his mother has been serving as the U.S ambassador to Australia since 2022. Jack, who is the lone son of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg, holds the distinction of being the sole grandson of the late President John F. Kennedy. Jack Schlossberg expressed his disapproval of his cousin RFK Jr.’S presidential campaign, deeming it embarrassing. Additionally,

Jack Schlossberg identified a self-indulgent endeavor associated with the nomination of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In an Instagram video recorded inside a vehicle, Jack expressed that his cousin Bobby Kennedy Jr. Would back Biden if he showed concern for the current affairs taking place in the United States. He took it a step further by stating that Biden aligns with his grandfather’s aspirations for America and is the most outstanding liberal president in recent times. The 30-year-old offspring of Caroline Kennedy formally gave his support to President Biden.

Cheryl, Aiden’s stepmother, said that she is fully supportive of her husband’s plans to run for the White House in 2024 against President Joe Biden. Moreover, she mentioned that he is very happy and proud of his daughters and sons, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Being particularly supportive of his campaign.

The commitment of the Kennedy family to public service and their hope for social and political harmony continues to influence the domestic and international landscape.

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