5 killed, train derailed as ‘bomb cyclone’ hits California

Officials in the San Francisco Bay Area said that at least five people were killed, with four of them being hit by falling limbs or trees, as a cyclone known as a “bomb” wreaked havoc across California, which was already soaked.

Authorities stated that the tempest brought about substantial precipitation and wind gusts reaching speeds of 90 mph that toppled trees, obstructing main thoroughfares and highways. The storm, commonly referred to as a bomb cyclone, originated from the Pacific Ocean and fiercely impacted the San Francisco region due to a sudden decrease in atmospheric pressure.

According to officials, a large number of utility customers experienced power outages.

As per the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a tree collapsed onto a car that was in motion within the enclosed community of Rossmoor, which is approximately 25 miles to the east of San Francisco. This unfortunate incident led to the loss of one person’s life and caused injury to another individual. Furthermore, the CHP also informed that a work van situated in San Mateo County, around 30 miles south of San Francisco, was completely damaged due to a fallen tree at approximately 1:30 p.M. Local time on Tuesday, resulting in the fatality of another driver.

Officials reported that an individual lost their life at Lake Merritt in Oakland due to a falling tree. As per the office of San Francisco Mayor London Breed, two individuals in San Francisco tragically lost their lives in incidents related to the storm, one of which involved being hit by a tree branch.

The strong winds knocked down at least 700 trees and branches across San Francisco on Tuesday alone, according to city officials.

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Authorities reported that approximately 30 residences were affected following a mudslide that resulted in the closure of a road. This led to a strongly advised evacuation in the town of Woodside, located approximately 32 miles south of San Francisco, during the morning hours of Wednesday.

On a Wednesday, officials from San Mateo County posted on Twitter, stating that if you live in this area, please pack a bag with all the necessary essentials, including a change of clothes, medications, pets, insurance policies, and any other necessary items. They mentioned that once the road gives out, residents in that area will not have access to emergency services for the foreseeable future.

On Wednesday morning, following approximately 3 inches of precipitation in the region within a span of 24 hours, the National Weather Service released a flood advisory for Woodside and the adjacent communities in San Mateo County, as the mudslide occurred.

According to officials, injuries were reported when a train carrying 55 passengers struck a tree that had fallen onto the tracks. The incident occurred approximately 35 miles east of Martinez, near San Francisco.

As per the CHP, strong gusts of wind during the evening rush hour led to the overturning of a truck on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, resulting in the blockage of the eastbound lanes and causing heavy congestion.

On Tuesday, strong winds in downtown San Francisco were powerful enough to shatter windows in tall buildings, causing shattered glass to fall to the ground, as reported by the San Francisco Fire Department.

The winds at San Francisco International Airport reached gusts of 64 mph, while gusty winds of 74 mph were recorded in Oakland. Gusts of nearly 90 mph were experienced between Sacramento and San Francisco.

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The “bomb cyclone” developed off the coast of San Francisco on Tuesday, producing the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay Area. The atmospheric pressure dropped 24 millibars in just 17 hours.

The downtown area of Los Angeles experienced nearly an inch-and-a-half of rainfall, while the town of Lytle Creek in the San Gabriel Mountains recorded more than 6 inches of rain. The same storm system battered Southern California on Tuesday with wind gusts up to 100 mph in the northern San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles.

Most of California will remain under a high-wind and flood watch through Wednesday afternoon, but the weather system is expected to weaken.

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