5 Female Egg Cell Facts You Should Know

That’s quite remarkable. That’s truly the largest cell in the body and can be observed without a microscope. The majority of cells are not visible to the naked eye: a microscope is required to view them. However, the human egg cell is an anomaly.

The cell that comes close to being large, but not quite, may produce a small sound. The diameter of a strand of hair is approximately 100 microns, which is equivalent to one millionth of a meter. These cells are enormous when compared to other human cells, such as egg cells.

2. You are born with all your ova

During your reproductive years, these will be released every month during your menstrual cycle when you are born and you can have as many as seven million eggs in your ovaries. All her eggs are already present within her ovaries, every woman is born with them. Were you aware of this fact?

Since you were born, it means that you were once a fetus inside your mother’s womb, where the egg cells that carried your mother’s genetic material grew and fertilized from day one, making you her grandchild.

3. The condition of human eggs deteriorates with age.

The process of menstruation starts when around 700,000 eggs are left, which means that even before we hit puberty, many of these eggs die off. Although there are millions of eggs born with the quality of these cells, there is no exception for women as we get older, so our female egg cells also age.

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A woman is likely to have fewer than 1000 eggs left by the time she reaches menopause, as she continues to lose eggs each month. These cells of female eggs will continue to deteriorate regardless. It’s a common misconception that pregnancy or hormonal birth control can pause the natural deterioration of female egg cells.

Saying goodbye to hormones is a great way to get to know your body better, and today, signing up for Natural Cycles is proven to be scientifically effective as the world’s first app-controlled birth control that is 100% hormone-free.

4. A ovum is released every cycle

Ovulation is referred to as this, where an egg cell is released by the majority of women during each menstrual cycle. The occurrence of fraternal twins can occur in this situation, as some women have the potential to release two egg cells per cycle. When identical twins are formed, the fertilized egg cell divides into two. Unlike fraternal twins, who are genetically different, identical twins develop within the same amniotic sac.

If you are not monitoring your menstrual cycle, you might not be aware that you have not undergone ovulation. Many women are prone to experiencing anovulatory cycles at certain times in their lives, which are quite common. This occurrence is referred to as an anovulatory cycle, wherein ovulation does not occur during a normal menstrual cycle. By completely eliminating the presence of the egg cell, pregnancy is effectively prevented. Hormonal contraception functions by inhibiting ovulation.

5. The woman’s egg cell has a brief lifespan after ovulation

Once ovulation occurs, the female egg cell is released, and the window of fertility begins. Within 12-24 hours after, it is not possible for the egg cell to become pregnant again, and it will die. It is important to note that the released female egg cell rapidly deteriorates.

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Identifying ovulation is a key step in planning for pregnancy. The survival of sperm is dependent on the consistency of cervical mucus and the right conditions. Sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to five days and are more resilient when released once. This is the reason why the best time to conceive is actually before ovulation day, compared to when the egg cells are released.

Contraception and the Menstrual Cycle

When there is a risk of pregnancy, it is possible to control it by using a hormonal method of birth control or by abstaining from sex on the six days of the menstrual cycle when it is possible to become pregnant. This scientific method can also be used to prevent pregnancy and can help you plan for pregnancy when you are fertile, just by knowing.

It’s possible to learn about your unique body temperature rise and cycle by inputting it into the app and regularly taking your temperature. This is where Natural Cycles comes in, a tool that uses contextually appropriate synonyms to replace words in the input paragraph. It’s important to consider the tricky part when it comes to the fertile window opening before ovulation, even if you ovulated late. This is to prevent pregnancy.

The typical menstrual cycle, which is based on your fertility, does not forecast it, unlike the calendar technique. This indicates that the approach is customized to your needs and can anticipate ovulation by understanding the pattern of your distinct cycle, powered by an algorithm, unlike conventional fertility awareness-based methods.

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