5 Best Places For Bungee Jumping Near New Jersey 2023

The activity primarily takes place on a Bridge, Tree, Dam, or Rock. It is regarded as the most intense adrenaline rush game designed for daring individuals and has been a popular choice in extreme sports since the 1990s.

There are various ways to swing yourself through the open air, with one of the most popular being to tie elastic legs to skyscrapers, hills, bridges, or towers and jump off from high ground.

Bungee Jumping in New Jersey
Bungee Jumping New Jersey

1. Six Flags Great America Amusement Park

The Devil Dare ride is here for those who love adventure and are seeking a thrilling experience. You can reach Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, New Jersey within an hour and a half by bus.

The velocity of this is approximately 65-70 miles per hour. Swaying back and forth like a pendulum, the safety device will secure you following a vertical drop of 12.5 stories. The rider’s back is attached to a sturdy steel harness. It involves a 125-foot unrestricted descent from a towering structure.

Individuals can choose to participate in bungee jumping either solo, with a partner, or in a group of three. The weight limit ranges from a minimum of 80 lbs or 36 kg to a maximum of 265 lbs or 120 kg. Those who are below 42 inches in height must have a partner to jump, while a minimum height of fifty-four inches is necessary for solo jumps.

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, 1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ 08527.

Six Flags Great America Amusement Park

Six Flags Great America Amusement Park Cost

The cost of a double room is $44 and $18 for a solo plunge. Guests have the opportunity to receive a 50% reduction on their park admission for this thrilling attraction.

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  • 2. Xcelerated Adventures

    Situated in New York, this is a tour company that provides guided tours, featuring thrilling activities such as Bungee jumping, kayaking, river rafting, and more. What sets them apart is their focus on guided tours.

    The tour starts from Quebec and goes to New York. People who love guided tours are searching for places near New Jersey to go bungee jumping. New York is the nearest metropolitan area from New Jersey and is the most visited tourist place in the USA.

    Tourists staying in the dormitories can enjoy bungee jumping from the Great Canadian Bridge, which stands at a height of 200ft. The list of activities also includes other sports like river rafting and kayaking.

    The construction project will be completed within the next month.Output: The building endeavor will be finished within the upcoming month.

    Location: New York, NY 10018.

    Bungee Jumping near New Jersey

    Xcelerated Adventures Cost

    The price for the overall tour is $499 per person. An extra fee may be required for lodging if up-gradation is needed.

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    3. Empire State Building

    MilesHighSky club organizes bungee events from the observatory deck of this iconic establishment in New York. To participate, individuals who are eager can reach out to them. Taking a leap from a towering structure like this one, standing at a height of 1250 ft, promises to be an unparalleled adventure. Additionally, the club is also arranging bungee jumps from Willis Tower in Chicago.

    Location: 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, United States.

    Empire State Building

    Empire State Building Bungee Jumping Cost

  • The cost of admission to the establishment is $45.23 per individual.
  • The price of bungee jumping may vary between $85 and $500, depending on factors such as the number of jumps, the height of the jump, and the participants participating.
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    4. Adrenalin Dreams Adventure

    Have a great time on your vacation in the towns of the Jersey Shore, where you can also locate them. This region has a common border with New Jersey, and in Pennsylvania, avid fans of extreme sports can engage in bungee jumping, which is well-known for its bridges and elevated platforms.

    Individuals have the opportunity to engage, and associations dedicated to bungee jumping arrange gatherings from these elevated locations. Enthusiasts yearning for excitement must possess an endorsement from a club and undergo professional instruction. The government enforces stringent safety standards for adventurous activities.

    Dreams Adrenalin is one of the renowned extreme sports clubs in Pennsylvania. They will begin their training with indoor sessions and participants are required to enroll for jumping and training. In addition to training, the club also offers fitness programs for participants. The candidate has made arrangements for their lodging and food.

    Address: P.O. Box 101347 City: Pittsburgh State: Pennsylvania Zip Code: 15237.

    Bungee Jumping Near New Jersey

    Adrenalin Dreams Adventure Cost

    The cost of a Bungee jumping training program is $4200 for a group of six participants and $500 for each additional student.

    Discover the age requirement for bungee jumping in the article “How Old Do You Have To Be To Bungee Jump?”

    5. Young’s High Bridge Bungee Jump

    Young’s High Bridge, located just a short distance from the city, offers an ideal opportunity for bungee jumping enthusiasts near New Jersey, with a thrilling journey that lasts for almost 10 hours.

    Bungee Vertigo has purchased the bridge over the Kentucky river, providing people with the opportunity to dive from a height of nearly 240ft and experience a thrilling contact with the book.

    Once again, similar to a pendulum, passengers are lifted up and swung before ultimately experiencing a 100ft initial free-fall. The company ensures the presence of medical professionals and certified bungee instructors for the skilled team.

    Those who love adventure must make a nonrefundable payment during the booking process, which includes the cost of membership.

    Location: US-62, Versailles, KY 40383, United States.

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    Young’s High Bridge Bungee Jump

    Young’s High Bridge Bungee Jump Cost

  • $129 for a single leap.
  • $160 with Vertigo Bungee club affiliation.
  • Young’s High Bridge Bungee Jump Cost

  • $129 for a single leap.
  • $160 with Vertigo Bungee club affiliation.
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    Bungee Jumping Safety Measures

  • Medical Evaluation.
  • Attire requirements for participants.
  • Company History Verification.
  • Weather Condition Inspection.
  • Equipment Check.
  • Safety Gear for Bungee Jumping.
  • Medical Evaluation.

  • Adhere to the company guidelines regarding the stature and mass of the individuals.
  • Pregnant women, senior citizens, individuals with bone fractures, osteoporosis, irregular blood pressure or heart conditions, respiratory disorders, pulmonary issues, head traumas, or neurological disorders are not allowed to participate in this sport.
  • Individuals in the process of recuperating from a surgical procedure are prohibited from engaging in this athletic activity.
  • Individuals are required to undergo screening for Non-communicable Diseases prior to engaging in any activities.
  • Participants dress code

  • Casual attire is recommended.
  • Sportswear is preferred.
  • Participants should feel at ease in their attire.
  • Visitors should avoid wearing excessively baggy clothing as it may become tangled with the cable.
  • Any jewelry or accessory that can endanger the participant is not allowed.
  • Athletic footwear is probably the optimal selection.
  • Many companies permit participants to engage in nude jumping, which is advisable to avoid due to safety concerns.
  • Company History Verification.

  • It is preferable to search for companies authorized by the Government.
  • Verify the government’s authentication certificate.
  • Conducting background and accident record checks are crucial.
  • Reach out to other familiar attendees for input about the organization.
  • Verify the safety procedures and medical support of the organization.
  • Verify if the staff and educators are certified or not.
  • Weather Condition Inspection.

  • It is a risky proposition to engage in stormy and rainy conditions.
  • Take a look at safety procedures for winter leaps.
  • Blustery conditions are also unfavorable for bungee jumping.
  • Equipment Check.

  • Many individuals fasten their legs to flexible cords supplied by businesses when they engage in bungee jumping, ensuring to inspect them before leaping.
  • Many companies utilize both ankle harnesses and body harnesses.
  • The platforms with the cords attached are very stable and sturdy. Metal fences and weight-bearing knots are used to secure the venue.
  • There are numerous companies that offer airbags or webbings for ground safety. Be sure to explore them as well.
  • Safety Gear for Bungee Jumping.

    The necessary safety gear for bungee jumping includes.

  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Good sneakers.
  • Bungee Harness.
  • Bungee Cable.
  • Functioning Carabiners.
  • Air cushions and fabric straps.
  • Bouncing Rigging mechanism.
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    Find Bungee Jumping Near You


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