Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti vs. RTX 3060 Laptop benchmarks & gaming

The RTX 3000 notebooks have been on the market for a few months already. Initially, Nvidia released the more advanced and pricey RTX 3080 and 3070 SKUs, followed by the mid-tier 3060 models, and finally, a few months later, they introduced the budget-friendly options of this generation, namely the RTX 3050Ti Laptop and RTX 3050 Laptop chips.

These laptops are also available for sale in the mainstream market for around 1000 USD/EUR. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, ranging from 14 to 16 inches in size. Additionally, they are implemented with settings that can handle everyday activities and FHD gaming at High and even Ultra levels of performance.

We’ll also update and take a look at how the 3050 chips fare against the older GTX 1650 and 1060 notebooks as potential upgrade paths for those who own those 2-3 year old laptops. However, rather than drawing conclusions based solely on the performance of these configurations, it would be wise to first test and wait for a few more implementations of the 3050Ti and 3050 SKUs, as their thermal designs and TDP settings can vary based on each unit.

Returning to this article, we will examine four different setups for the 3050Ti:

  • The Asus TUF Dash F15, equipped with an RTX 3050Ti running at 60-75W and a 4C Intel i7-11370H processor;
  • The Asus Zephyrus G14 with a comparable RTX 3050Ti 60-75W, but a more rapid AMD processor;.
  • The Asus VivoBook Pro 14X, equipped with a lower-power RTX 3050Ti 35-40W, but once again a swifter AMD Ryzen processor;
  • The Lenovo Legion 5, equipped with a lower-power RTX 3050Ti 60-85W graphics card, and once again a faster AMD Ryzen processor;.
  • When it comes to gaming and combining loads, you’ll see below that the F15 Dash has a quad-core CPU, such as the i7-11370H or AMD Ryzen, which actually provides a fair match for a mid-level GPU like the 3050s. Even here, I wouldn’t hesitate to test these models.

    Additionally, this article aims to look at the capabilities of GPU’s, comparing the implementation of the same 3050Ti RTX in both Intel and AMD. Furthermore, these differences between the two also help showcase us the implementation. Nonetheless, the main focus of this article is to examine the GPU’s abilities.

    In the past, we have already conducted tests on the Dash F15 variant of the RTX 3070 (80-85W). Additionally, we will assess the graphical capabilities of the 3050Ti and 3070 editions, while also incorporating a 60+W RTX 3060 (found in the Zephyrus G14) and an 80+W RTX 3060 model (featured in the TUF A15) for comparative analysis.

    Additionally, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7, which falls into the mid-range category, as well as the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 and Acer Swift X, which are known for their portability, have been reviewed. There are also a few other laptops with RTX 3050Ti that have been included in the reviews. To view all our reviews on laptops with RTX 3050Ti, please click on this link.

    Nvidia RTX 3050Ti chips compared to the 3060, 3070, and 3080 versions.

    Nvidia RTX 3050Ti chips compared to the 3060, 3070, and 3080 versions.

    These specifications sheets of the RTX 3000 Laptop GPUs seem interesting at first glance. So, let’s proceed with that in consideration.

    The fact that the Dash F15 chassis houses both a 3070 and 3050Ti indicates that the 3050Ti possesses only half the CUDA and RT cores, half the memory, and half the bandwidth when compared to the 3070. Moreover, the 3050Ti comprises 66% of the cores and memory found in an RTX 3060. Consequently, under an optimal power and thermal configuration, the performance of the 3050Ti should be equivalent to half that of a 3070 and 66% of a 3060’s performance.

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    In a perfect comparison arrangement, the standard 3050 receives even fewer CUDA and RT cores, indicating approximately 75-80% of the performance of a 3050Ti.

    RTX 3050Ti Laptop benchmarks, vs 3060 & 3070

    Even though on paper it might seem that the 3050Ti is capable of a lot more, in practice, our samples of the 3070 and 3060 are not as powerful, with power consumption of 80-85W and 60-80W respectively. We are currently looking at samples of the 3050Ti, which seems to be capable of 60-75W.

    The Armory Crate control app on Asus laptops provides the option to overclock all GPUs by +100 MHz core / +120 MHz Memory, specifically in the higher-performance profile. It is important to note that all laptops are currently set to the Turbo profile. Now, let’s examine these synthetic benchmarks.

    Dash F15

    i7-11370H + 3050Ti 60-75W

    Zephyrus G14

    R9-5900H + 3060 60-80W

    Dash F15

    i7-11370H + 3070 80-85W

    3DMark 13 – Fire Strike 12652 (Graphics – 14629, Physics – 14485, Combined – 5743) 17003 (Graphics – 18517, Physics – 25357, Combined – 8069 17438 (Graphics – 22319, Physics – 14370, Combined – 7517)
    3DMark 13 – Port Royal DNR 4341 5040
    3DMark 13 – Time Spy 5676 (Graphics – 5763, CPU – 5234) 7539 (Graphics – 7298, CPU – 9279) 7499 (Graphics – 8156, CPU – 5151)
    Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Medium 3324 4463 5463
    Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Extreme 10513 13231 16526
    PassMark 3358 (CPU: 13270, 3D Graphics: 8762, Disk: 24209) 5149 (CPU: 24437, 3D Graphics Mark: 11586, Disk: 18386) 3783 (CPU: 13400, 3D Graphics: 11504, Disk: 21965)
    PCMark 10 6146 (E – 9774, P – 9392, DCC – 6863) 6552 (E – 10649, P – 8184, DCC – 8759) 6230 (E – 9303, P – 9954, DCC – 7087)

    The GeForce 466.11 drivers were utilized to assess the performance of the 3060. Additionally, it should be taken into account that the benchmark results might be influenced by the fact that the 3070 was evaluated using older drivers (461.23), whereas the 3050Ti setup was examined using more up-to-date GeForce drivers (466.25).

    When comparing the power of the 3060 and 3050Ti graphics cards, you should primarily look at the scores in graphics benchmarks. The configuration of the 3060 is advantaged by the Ryzen 9 processor. While benchmarks like PCMark or PassMark show a small difference, the 3050Ti outperforms the 3070 by a significant margin in Uniengine and 3Dmark.

    Additionally, let’s compare the performance of various 3050Ti setups, which differ in power settings, clock speeds, and thermal designs, in direct competition with one another.

    Dash F15

    i7-11370H + 3050Ti 60-75W

    Zephyrus G14

    R7-5800H + 3050Ti 60-75W

    Legion 5

    R7-5800H + 3050Ti 60-85W

    VivoBook Pro 14X

    R7-5800H + 3050Ti 35-40W

    3DMark 13 – Fire Strike 12652 (G – 14629, P – 14485, C – 5743) 13154 (G – 14350, P – 23937, C – 5718) 14605 (G – 15589, P – 25320) 111565 (G – 12774, P – 23205, C – 4805)
    3DMark 13 – Time Spy 5676 (Graphics – 5763, CPU – 5234) 6112 (Graphics – 5805, CPU – 8741) 6673 (Graphics – 6364, CPU – 9208) 5332 (Graphics – 4992, CPU – 8690)
    Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Medium 3324 3405 3612 2913
    Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Extreme 10513 10558 10992 8875
    PassMark 3358 (CPU: 13270, 3D Graphics: 8762, Disk: 24209) 4888 (CPU: 20914, 3D Graphics: 9314, Disk: 24506)
    PCMark 10 6146 (E – 9774, P – 9392, DCC – 6863) 6503 (E – 10204, P – 9211, DCC – 7940) 6034 (E – 9717, P – 8519, DCC – 7205)

    In the Dash F15 and Zephyrus G14, the 3050Ti at 85W in the Legion 5 achieves approximately a 10% higher score compared to the 75W version of the chip as its power increases. On the other hand, in the 14-inch Vivobook Pro 14X ultrabook, the power-restricted 35-40W chip achieves scores that are 15-20% lower than the standard 60-75W chip at the lower power range.

    RTX 3050 Ti gaming performance, vs 3060 & 3070

    Additionally, in the more challenging AAA games like Red Dead Redemption, Metro Exodus, or Shadow of Tomb Raider, the 3070 and 3060 surpass the 3050Ti by a larger difference. While using the Zephyrus G14 powered by the Ryzen 9 processor, there remains a difference in performance among the various titles, and the advantage of the 3050Ti GPUs and higher-end processors diminishes even more in gaming. Moreover.

    The review of the Dash F15 delves into this topic extensively. In the majority of games, achieving a consistent 60 fps is a challenge, even when DLSS is enabled to enhance playable framerates alongside Ray Tracing. It will be necessary to decrease the graphical settings and not anticipate significant improvements in performance, although the 3050Ti also offers support for RT.

    In the VivoBook, apart from a few exceptions, graphics processing units (GPUs) were boosted in speed (+100 MHz core / +120 MHz Memory) using the Armory crate control application. This app is accessible in the highest-performance mode and at FHD resolution. Here’s our current findings.

    FHD resolution, Turbo (OC GPU) Dash F15

    Intel Core i7-11370H

    + RTX 3050Ti Laptop 60-75W

    Zephyrus G14

    AMD R7 5800HS

    + RTX 3050Ti Laptop 60-75W

    Zephyrus G14

    AMD R9 5900HS

    + RTX 3060 Laptop 60-80W

    VivoBook Pro 14X

    AMD R7 5800H

    + RTX 3050Ti Laptop 35-40W

    Dash F15

    Intel Core i7-11370H

    + RTX 3070 Laptop 80-85W

    Battlefield V

    (DX 12, Ultra Preset, RTX OFF)

    78 fps (56 fps – 1% low) 92 fps (68 fps – 1% low) 101 fps (53 fps – 1% low)
    Battlefield V

    (DX 12, Ultra Preset, RTX ON, DLSS OFF)

    32 fps (16 fps – 1% low) 58 fps (46 fps – 1% low) 69 fps (35 fps – 1% low)
    Cyberpunk 2077

    (DX 12, Ultra Preset, RTX OFF)

    32 fps (24 fps – 1% low) 44 fps (33 fps – 1% low) 61 fps (44 fps – 1% low)
    Cyberpunk 2077

    (DX 12, Ultra Preset + RTX, DLSS Auto)

    24 (16 fps – 1% low) 40 fps (29 fps – 1% low) 45 fps (35 fps – 1% low)
    Dota 2

    (DX 11, Best Looking Preset)

    103 fps (62 fps – 1% low) 106 fps (65 fps – 1% low) 101 fps (58 fps – 1% low)
    Far Cry 5

    (DX 11, Ultra Preset, SMAA)

    78 fps (62 fps – 1% low) 84 fps (72 fps – 1% low) 98 fps (78 fps – 1% low) 68 fps (42 fps – 1% low) 90 fps (68 fps – 1% low)
    Metro Exodus

    (DX 12, Ultra Preset, RTX OFF)

    41 fps ( fps – 1% low) 50 fps (32 fps – 1% low) 57 fps (43 fps – 1% low)
    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    (DX 11, Ultra Preset)

    110 fps (76 fps – 1% low) 113 fps (82 fps – 1% low) 137 fps (100 fps – 1% low) 88 fps (63 fps – 1% low) 146 fps (96 fps – 1% low)
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    (DX 12, Ultra Optimized, TAA)

    46 fps (32 fps – 1% low) 44 fps (32 fps – 1% low) 75 fps (58 fps – 1% low) 40 fps (29 fps – 1% low) 74 fps (47 fps – 1% low)
    Shadow of Tomb Raider

    (DX 12, Highest Preset, TAA)

    61 fps (34 fps – 1% low) 69 fps (52 fps – 1% low) 84 fps (57 fps – 1% low) 56 fps (45 fps – 1% low) 85 fps (40 fps – 1% low)
    Shadow of Tomb Raider

    (DX 12, Highest Preset, TAA, RTX Ultra)

    26 fps (18 fps – 1% low) 26 fps (14 fps – 1% low) 54 fps (32 fps – 1% low) 24 fps (1 fps – 1% low) 60 fps (34 fps – 1% low)
    Strange Brigade

    (Vulkan, Ultra Preset)

    128 fps (96 fps – 1% low) 150 fps (111 fps – 1% low)
  • Battlefield V, The Witcher 3, CyberPunk 2077 – recorded with Fraps/in-game FPS counter in campaign mode;
  • Far Cry 5, Metro, Middle Earth, Strange Brigade, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tomb Raider games – recorded with the included Benchmark utilities;
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Optimized profile based on these settings.
  • The temperatures between the CPU for C+70 and the CPU for C+80 are roughly similar. Earlier this year, we tested the 3070 variant at head-level with dB-48 and dB-47, and the 3070 variant at head-level with dB-46 and dB-45. We also tested the 3050Ti variant at head-level with dB-46 and dB-45.

    The performance variance between the evaluated games is approximately 12 to 18% when comparing the two processors in this particular situation. Additionally, the noise level increases to approximately 46-47 dB at head-level. However, both processors experience high CPU/GPU temperatures, with the RTX 3060 running slightly warmer than the 3050Ti model in the smaller Zephryus G14 laptop chassis.

    Finally, the performance of the G14 in Gephyrus Zephyrus is somewhere around 50-70% of the 60-80W RTX, and the performance of the 3050Ti variants is around 70-80% of the higher-power 60-75W 3050Ti. In demanding titles such as Dead Red Cyberpunk, it is still a pretty good gamer, even struggling only at settings like Ultra in the 14X Pro VivoBook with power-limited 3050Ti.

    To get in contact, please reach out. I would also love to hear your feedback and thoughts on these 3050Ti chips. If you’re interested in the overall behaviors and performance differences between various configurations of the 3050Ti RTX, make sure to read our reviews for more details on the exact laptop. This article is all about that, so OK.

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