30+ Chest Tattoos for Men and Women: Words, Names & Quotes

If you are interested in finding an amazing tattoo that suits your style and preference, we will present cool ideas for ladies below. These tattoos are often done with meaningful and personal word selection, and are considered to be masculine in their placement and design. Chest tattoos are often inscribed with top words, numbers, dates, quotes, or specific words that accentuate each inked word perfectly. These tattoos are often worn in a bold and outstanding black inked style. Chest tattoos are popular for men and some of the most gorgeous tattoos.

What Is The Price Of This Tattoo?

If you opt for a chest tattoo, be prepared to spend between $100 and $350. A more budget-friendly option would be a chest tattoo done in black ink. The cost increases for a larger, more vibrant, and more colorful design, depending on the choice of colors used for the tattoo inscription.

Tattoos For Women

1. Tattoo on the Chest with Feminine Words.


Tattoo the word “dream” on your chest and remind yourself that everything is easily achievable.

2. Two Chest Phrase Tattoos For Females.


We do not recall days but we recall moments is something that everyone will cherish to etch on their chest!

3. Quotation for a Tattoo on the Chest.


A beautiful tattoo that every girl will adore on her chest.

4. Petite Bosom Phrase Ink For Females.


“Bring me to the place of worship” is a tattoo that devout girls will adore.

5. Quotation Chest Tattoo.


Remind yourself that you should savor each and every moment with this adorable design.

6. Female Chest Tattoos.


This tattoo will provide you with a fresh perspective on life, and it will be fitting if you have conquered feelings of sadness and despair.

7. Phrases Engraved On Chest Tattoo.


Understand that it is important to always savor every moment and that life is an enjoyable adventure.

8. Tattoo on the Chest for Females.


Sometimes, every single one of us just needs a subtle prompt that it is essential to uphold a optimistic and brave outlook!

9. Vibrant Chest Tattoo.


Get this amusing chest tattoo and have the word Sayonara inked in this vibrant yellow color.

10. Tattoo on the Chest near the Collarbone.


If you’re fearful of tattoos and needles, this will be suitable for your relaxed personality.

Tattoos For Men

1. Tattoos on the Chest of Men.


Individuals can remind themselves that without hardship, there can be no achievement, which is the sole path towards success.

2. Tattoos on the Chest with Tribal Designs.


If you believe in the universe and the power of fate go with this tattoo and let fate decide everything for you.

3. Designs of Tattoos with Words on the Male Chest.


This is a stunning tattoo to contemplate over your chest and alongside your heart.

4. Tattoo with Black Chest Words.


Choose this distinctive tribal-inspired pattern and showcase your powerful authoritative side.

5. Single Word Chest Tattoos.


Embrace the concept of equilibrium in your life and demonstrate a balanced approach to enjoying life.

6. Easy Chest Word Tattoos.


If you are a positive thinker or an idealist, this tattoo will be perfect for you!

7. Quotation Chest Tattoo For Males.


Ideal chest tattoo for individuals seeking a daring ink design that spans across the chest!

8. Words Tattoos: Stay Calm


Stay calm is a stylish tattoo for men who desire to remain grounded.

9. Distinctive Torso Word Tattoo.


Stylish and creative, this tattoo appears to be deeply engraved on the skin.

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10. Large Quotation Box Word Tattoo.


Get your preferred and significant quote imprinted on your chest to exhibit your beloved song or film.

11. Words in the Chest Written in Black Ink.


Stick to certain letters that are distinctive to you and that others will not possess or comprehend their significance.

12. Word Tattoos on the Chest for Men.


You can also dedicate your torso tattoo to someone significant in your life.

13. Sophisticated Distinctive Trunk Word Print.


Reflect on the significance of tranquility with this chest tattoo.

14. Elaborate Engraved Chest Tattoos.


Forever and always is a trendy tattoo that the majority of individuals will admire and delight in.

15. Angel Engraved Chest Tattoo.


Having the word “Angel” tattooed across your chest will give a spiritual and meaningful appearance.

16. Tribal Torso Word Tattoo.


If you appreciate tribal and commanding ink, take into account this stunning chest design.

17. Single Line Chest Word Tattoo.


The dog ran quickly through the park.Output: The canine sprinted swiftly through the park.

18. Distinctive Ebony Ink Chest Word Print.


Be cautious when it comes to this tattoo as it will require a considerable amount of time to perfect.

19. Awesome Chest Word Tattoo.


A beautiful tattoo on your chest that will demonstrate your connection to a significant individual.

20. Large Tattoo Across the Chest.


If you adore or reside in California, this stunning chest ink tattoo will be perfect for you.

21. Feminine Flower Chest Tattoo.


Understand it, you must! That additional element of attractiveness, those decorative patterns simply enhance. She resembles being a part of an ancient community. Adorned with shaded floral tattoos and various linear artwork, all embellishing this lady’s torso.

22. Dragon Line Art Chest Tattoo Design.


The animal is created by using thin lines, giving it an adorable appearance. The dragon tattoo, which covers the entire chest, is seriously badass and epic. If you like dragons, you might consider getting a tattoo like this.

23. Intense Bull Chest Tattoo.


Embrace it, this powerful and mighty symbol of strength, the epitome of its forceful and intense appearance, accentuated by bold shadows, a tattoo of a fierce and dark bull placed on the right side of the chest is present here.

24. Chest Tattoo featuring an Owl in Blackwork style.


Imagine having a majestic and mysterious owl tattoo, with ink black intricate designs, decked out in all its glory, as if it were a guardian watching over your soul with its fierce and wise eyes, always there to protect you and radiating the right vibes throughout the night.

25. Medusa Torso Tattoo.


Do you want to go for this stunning grey and black inked Medusa on the chest, seriously? It looks fantastic, like a majestic crown on top of Medusa’s whole chest, taking over their hair in a way that resembles a masterpiece.

26. Delicate Teddy Bear Tattoo Design on Chest.


Is there a shot to give? It’s just that something like a magical fairytale doesn’t… In the middle of a mysterious and moody forest, with all the trees decked out in lush greenery, there stands a soft and fluffy bear.

27. Tattoo of a chest with a Gothic bat design.


Overhead, a crescent moon was suspended by webs! The bat’s wings are completely black, while its body displays a vibrant red hue. Observe the magnificent creature above! It resembles a mystical being plucked directly from the pages of a fantasy book. And just wait for what comes next.

28. Fierce Canine Tattoo on the Torso.

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Absolutely incredible is the immense strength and passion depicted in this design. It’s absolutely captivating, and you won’t believe it! Similar to the depths of a blazing fire filled with fervor, they’re actually composed of flames, astonishing, the gaze of the wolf. This chest tattoo is truly revolutionary.

29. Chest Tattoo with Artistic Waves and Sun.


The waves and the sun are a vibrant shade of red. It gets even more impressive. Surprisingly, the waves and the sun are contained within the circle. Delicate lines are intricately inked in the shape of a circle tattoo, positioned right in the center of the chest. This is truly the epitome of coolness!

30. Tattoo on the Chest with Barbed Wire.


We’re talking about these intertwining barbed wires that represent your life journey, and what makes it unique is their realistic look. This is not your average cliché barbed wire design, but rather rock tattoos of barbed wire!

31. Tattoo of Hands in Prayer on the Chest.


Those who have a religious love will appreciate this tattoo idea, as it features clasped hands floating in the sky like the universe, symbolizing a heart-to-heart connection. Additionally, this cool and super shining necklace cross also embodies the same sentiment.

32. Chest Tattoo with Traditional Art of an Eagle.


The majestic and untamed spirit you possess is showcased on your chest, symbolizing strength and freedom like a powerful tattoo. While the rest of the eagle is black and badass, some parts of it are yellow in color. This majestic eagle, spread across your chest, looks both fierce and magnificent.

33. Decorative Patterns on the Torso.


The artwork is like a skin, with a few intricate geometric patterns surrounding it to make it even more awesome, right? It sounds exciting, with delicate lines running across the chest, resembling adorable seashell-like shapes underneath.

34. Tattoo of a Chest with a Fu Dog.


This tattoo is very masculine, and we must mention that black and grey ink is utilized. We are referring to this Fu dog. It is prepared to safeguard you, tattooed directly on your chest, with all its legendary splendor, a majestic and age-old guardian lion.

35. Delicate Line Octopus Chest Tattoo.


The tattoo on your chest, which is a mystery with a deeper meaning, will be rocking and often associated with intelligence. There is an octopus inked on your chest with fine lines, symbolizing genius. We have always been fans of this unique ink design that stands out and fits Bill perfectly.

36. Tattoo of Odin & Yggdrasil on the chest.


It’s an ideal design for you if you have an interest in mythology. Yggdrasil represents the ancient mythical tree, while Odin is regarded as the supreme deity in Norse mythology. Enclosed within the design is the Yggdrasil tree and Odin’s tattoo, with a black circular frame located on the right side of the chest.

37. Feline Tattoo Design on the Torso.


If you adore your furry feline friend, you can get a tattoo of a black British cat surrounded by these beautifully designed leaves. It’s so cool, and it has a permanent place in your heart, just like the cute cat.

38. Unique Skull and Crimson Blossoms Torso Tattoo.


There is an image of three animal skulls, crazy and wild, fused together like a masterpiece artwork. Can you guess what part covers the whole chest?

39. Adorable Carrot Chest Tattoo.


Adorable produce for the win! Indeed, you heard it right. Placed on the chest, this tiny carrot tattoo is colorful and lifelike. It’s such a refreshing and enjoyable concept, but getting a quirky sounding carrot tattoo might be a fun idea.

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40. Design of a Wolf Chest Tattoo.


A head wolf’s tattoo is inked on the left chest, creating a stunning contrast against the skin. The artist used white ink to give it a wicked, shadowy, and pop-like effect, making it anything but an ordinary design.

41. Chest Tattoo of Irezumi.


Are you fond of Japanese art and culture? If your answer is yes, here is an amazing tattoo idea that features a cool Japanese irezumi chest tattoo covering both your right and left shoulders, full of vibrant colors.

42. Tattoo of a blackwork rose on the chest.


Take a look! You have to. Adding some cool darkness with black on all sides, isn’t that right? The design of these asymmetrical flower tattoos that start from the right and left shoulders and cross over the chest is really awesome. We seriously think this tattoo is rad.

43. Deer Torso Tattoo.


Who wouldn’t want a tattoo like that? It’s like a majestic deer, covering its chest with alluring and shaded antlers, swirling around beautiful flowers and graceful butterflies. It’s the best part, and it’s all artsy-looking, creating powerful vibes and a perfect blend of nature’s grace.

44. Tattoo of a Serpent on the Chest with Skulls.


It’s something like a straight-out fantasy movie. There are three skulls stacked on top of each other, right in the middle! But wait, it gets even cooler. There are two fierce-looking snakes slithering around, one on each side of the ribcage. Look at this scary ribcage tattoo on the chest!

45. Idea for an Angel Chest Tattoo.


Take a look at this cherubic design if you have an interest in chest tattoos or are considering getting one. It resembles a fragile masterpiece, you know? The intricate line work is simply breathtaking, gentlemen. Furthermore, it appears as a splendid sketch on their chest, behold the presence of a baby angel!

46. Subtle Butterfly Torso Tattoo.


Do you know what would be an awesome idea for a chest tattoo? A delicate and tiny purple butterfly that looks feminine and graceful, symbolizing transformation and the beauty of a girl.

47. Tattoo of a Japanese Art Chest.


An aura of enchantment that elevates the design to an entirely different realm, those mesmerizing twirls encircling the mask – and here’s the true surprise – a deep and formidable Hannya mask tattooed directly on the chest.

48. Tattoo of a Sun Symbol on the Chest.


Embrace it! The sun shines both below and above, creating sparkling, yes, sparkling, beauty. This exquisite tattoo is formed by combining these delicate, tiny dots that come together to create the most incredible sun design.

49. Tattoo of Rosemary on the Chest.


How aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced this tattoo on the chest looks! It represents love and loyalty, and is a great choice for remembrance. One leaf is on the right side and the other leaf is on the left side. The art of rosemary is a mesmerizing sight!

50. Chest Tattoo of an Eagle in Blackwork.


You can be proud to show off this tattoo, Trust us. There is a beautifully crafted line of leaves and flowers above the majestic eagle. Wait and get this stunning traditional blackwork art tattoo of a majestic black eagle on your chest, which symbolizes power, freedom, and strength.

Looking for a Fresh Tattoo?

Are you ready to wear tattoos? Which one do you like the most out of the bunch? We have everything covered for everyone’s preference and taste, don’t you agree? We can’t wait to see it on your chest sometime soon, so let us know what you fancy the most!

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