3 Children From 2 Families Among 8 Killed in Allen Mall Shooting

All eight individuals who lost their lives in the tragic incident outside the Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday have been identified. Among the victims were three young children, who belonged to two distinct families from North Texas.

On Monday, the entrance to the outdoor mall displayed a collection of eight crosses, with the names of the victims beautifully embellished on each cross. Specifically, the names of Cindy Cho (35 years old), Kyu Cho (37 years old), and James Cho (3 years old) were affixed to their respective crosses.

According to witnesses, his mother lost her life while attempting to protect him during the shooting incident. William, the 6-year-old son of the Plano family, was also injured in the burst of gunfire and is currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital, following his discharge from the intensive care unit.

The fundraiser offered financial assistance to the family and its sole survivor. According to a message posted on the GoFundMe page, William recently commemorated his sixth birthday. Sadly, “a day that was meant to be joyous, filled with happiness and festivities, was abruptly ended by yet another devastating mass shooting,” the message stated.

An artist paints on crosses the names of eight victims killed Saturday, May 6, 2023, in a mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, photo taken Monday, May 8, 2023.

The area, as per the jurisdiction, stays in a crucial state. Ilda, the mother of the girls, Sofia Mendoza, an 8-year-old student in second grade, and Daniela Mendoza, an 11-year-old student in fourth grade, were also recognized by the jurisdiction as two students from Cox Elementary School who lost their lives in the incident.

“Expressing our condolences and prayers, David Vinson, superintendent of Wylie ISD, stated, ‘This tragic incident has impacted not only the families of the victims but also the Mendoza family. The profound sorrow we experience over the loss of our students is indescribable.'”

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The other three individuals who lost their lives in the shooting have been identified as Aishwarya Thatikonda, a 26-year-old engineer from McKinney; Christian LaCour, a 20-year-old mall security guard who was praised by Allen Chief of Police Brian Harvey for evacuating one person before being shot; and Elio Cumana-Rivas, a 32-year-old resident of Dallas.

After finishing shopping, the father who is a teacher in Venezuela spoke to Telemundo in Cumana-Rivas. He said that he was out with friends at the outlet when they split up and went their separate ways. Additionally, he shared photos of his son.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the mall entrance throughout the day, offering their concern, prayers, and paying respects to the families and victims. The outlet entrance is adorned with two sets of crosses, along with stuffed animals and growing flowers, serving as a continuous memorial.

NBC 5 confirmed on Monday that there were six individuals undergoing treatment at three medical facilities.

Three patients were in critical condition at Medical City McKinney, while one patient was in fair condition. Another patient was reported to be in fair condition at Medical City Plano, and a child at Medical City Children’s Hospital was in good condition.

As stated on a gofundme page, Irvin Walker II was among the initial individuals to be shot. Walker, who is currently in the process of recuperating from a significant surgery that saved his life, is being advocated for by Civil Rights lawyer Daryl K. Washington, who expressed in a statement.

Additional details regarding the ages and statuses of the remaining individuals who were harmed have not been disclosed.

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A memorial for eight people killed and seven injured in a mass shooting Saturday, May 6, 2023, at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, taken Monday, May 8, 2023.


The representative stated that on Saturday, tragic events unfolded, and he credited Officer Allen, who was running towards the gunfire, for asking for privacy in stopping the shooter.

Zach Horn, the officer’s legal representative, stated on Monday afternoon, “He is in good condition and would value his privacy as he copes with this life-changing catastrophe.” While everyone else fled, the officer fearlessly ran towards the gunfire from a high-powered rifle. He exemplifies the finest qualities of the law enforcement profession, being a courageous public servant with a compassionate nature.

The officer has not been publicly named.


Shoppers who were forced to leave their cars behind as the investigation continued into the shooting were allowed to return on Sunday and Saturday to retrieve their vehicles within a four-hour timeframe.

Individuals who have not yet retrieved their automobiles can do so at the northern entrance located between Skechers and Champs Sports.

Currently, exclusive access to businesses is granted solely to store managers. The reopening date for the outlet mall has not been disclosed by officials, and it remains closed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the local family assistance center at the Allen Senior Recreation Center, situated at 451 St. Mary Drive, is available for mental health, spiritual, and financial support. The center will operate on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting from 10 a.M. Until 7 p.M.

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In response to the mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets, GoFundMe has introduced a centralized hub for all authenticated fundraisers associated with the incident, in light of the overwhelming support received. The online fundraising platform affirmed that all contributions made will be directed exclusively towards survivors or the families of the victims, emphasizing their commitment to working tirelessly to ensure this.

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