21 Middle part Tribal Braids that Look Dope!

Tribal braids are particularly fascinating, as they celebrate the African heritage and culture in a stylish way. You can do numerous styles with tribal braids, which are a great way to protect your natural hair from humidity and heat.

The style of braid known as the middle-part style has been a popular choice for several centuries, originating from the original Fulani or Tribal braids that featured a middle-parting. The middle-part style is recognized as a familiar braid style that has stood the test of time.

I can post this in the prettiest middle part of tribal braids, where we can experiment with a few terms before jumping in and exploring.

Explore 18 stunning tribal braids with a heartfelt touch that you should definitely give a try.

What are the middle part Tribal Braids?

Tribal braids, which originated from the West African tribe known as Fulani, are a type of braiding style that involves creating cornrows and patterns in the middle of the head, leaving a parted space.

The tribal braids, which originally had a solitary cornrow running through the center of the head and separating the cornrow braids on the left and right, have now transformed into an assortment of different patterns and styles. However, the braids have now evolved to have various styles and patterns, departing from the original single cornrow in the middle of the head that separated the left and right cornrow braids.

How long do tribal braids last?

The duration of your tribal braids will depend on the pattern and type you’ve opted for, generally lasting between four to six weeks, which is longer than the jumbo or chunky ones.

How do you style tribal braids?

You can style your tribal braids in a couple of ways. Some girls like to add accessories like elastic bands, beads, and rings to their braids. Depending on the style, you can also try making twin buns or pigtails, curly hairstyles, a high bun, or even a ponytail.

What is the prettiest tribal braid?

For this weekend, you might want to experiment with these exceptionally stunning native braids. Distinguish yourself with the diverse designs and motifs that ensue. The vast majority of ethnic braids are undeniably attractive.

1. Double Bun middle-part Tribal Braid

Two buns middle part braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Let’s begin with this tribal braid in the middle part, styled in a double bun. Just to clarify, the double bun is a hairstyle where two buns are tied on the top left and right sides of your head.

Instead of assembling the hair at the front, both sides of the hair are symmetrically tied and assembled at the top, with the hair at the back being braided into cornrows. In the case of a double tribal braid bun, the hair is braided into two braids.

You can also style it further by leaving two single braids to dangle in front of your sides. It’s such a fresh touch to the Fulani braids.

2. Triangle Box middle-part Braids

Triangle Middle Part Braid
Source: Pinterest.com

Rewritten The epic style of triangle box braids has evolved over time, but it is still characterized by square boxes formed at the scalp and consists of individual box braids that are tied together. This is the traditional way they are done.

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Create a middle-parted box triangle braid on top of your head, leaving space parted on the top of your head. Instead of forming triangles, this hair parting involves cute squares.

If you achieve braids, middle-part box, triangle, or Fulani, you can choose to have them at the back, in braids box triangle, and at the front, in cornrows. However, it’s important to note that Fulani braids are not the typical choice.

3. Two-middle-cornrow parted braids

two middle cornrows parted
Source: Pinterest.com

The braided hair on the two sides consists of two cornrow braids that extend from your forehead to the center of your head, diving into your hair. These braids are the typical Fulani style, either in straight cornrows or zigzag, box, or crossing patterns.

I said that this is once again a more original version of the tribal braids, with a single cornrow parting the hair into two parts in the middle, just like the Fulani braids.

Give it a shot, feel free to shape the rear hair however you prefer, after you’ve braided the front hair in cornrows. You can also curl it, braid it in box braids, or put it up in a high ponytail. This hairstyle with tribal braids is absolutely stunning.

4. Ponytail Parted Braids

Another pretty tribal braid is the one in the middle. It consists of cornrows front-space middle-of, which are tied from the crown and allowed to hang down.

The ponytail is a popular hairstyle among celebrities and trendy girls. It’s amazing to see how this hairstyle, with a parted tribal braid, is styled in such a phenomenal way.

Particularly, I am fond of the style, especially when two individual braids are left to dangle side-by-side at the front. This style takes the concept to a whole new level. Taking this style to the moon is an understatement.

5. Middle-part Box Braids with Curls

middle part curled box braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Absolutely extraordinary is sporting a tribal-inspired middle-part hairstyle that can be paired with curled box braids. I have extensively covered this topic on my blog, and box braids with curly tips are absolutely stunning.

In the rear, it comprises of waves or wavy individual plaits and in the front, it comprises of cornrows parted in the middle. The look is extremely adorable yet very uncomplicated.

You can choose to add curls to the ends of your braids or right from the scalp. You can opt for box braids or go for macro and micro braids.

6. Beaded middle-part Braid

Beaded Cornrow middle Part
Source: Stylevore.com

This is popular among enthusiasts who braid tribal hairstyles. It involves cute beads that decorate and style these braids in a unique way.

The clear translucent beads, specifically at the conclusion of the braids, appear beautiful. Nevertheless, my preferred choice is the synthetic or metallic beads. You have the option to choose those.

The one I prefer is the braid positioned in front of the central cornrow. Additionally, you can position them either alongside or at the conclusion of the braid. In terms of bead placement, you have the option to interweave them with cornrows.

7. Crochet middle-part Braid

bob boho crochet hair braids 1

An alternative option to achieve a Fulani curly hairstyle is by tying pre-made synthetic hair extensions in a crochet braid style. This involves creating cornrows onto the back of your head and then attaching the crochet-made hooded hair extensions, which mimic the look of natural hair.

The extensions are equipped with fastening hooks and you have the option to purchase crochet extensions on Amazon for approximately $25. Attach the extensions to the cornrows by using the “crochet” method, and all that is required is to have your hair braided in cornrows.

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Note: The center parting is formed when braiding, and the extensions are exclusively attached at the rear end.

8. Middle-parted with rings

Parted with rings

You can also decorate your hair with rings. In addition to beads, you can add tribal braids with a middle-parted Fulani braid style.

This is a timeless concept. It entails affixing rings to your hair in a similar fashion to how earrings are hooked.

Some girls incorporate petite rings with other accessories hanging from them, while others prefer to adorn themselves with slightly bigger rings.

9. Knotless middle-part Braids

You should try single knotless braids and middle-parted cornrows this weekend. They involve braiding the front section and the back section of your head from the center. Another cute tribal braided hairstyle to try this weekend is middleless knot braids.

Just so you know, knotless braids are single braids that begin at the scalp without any knots. The Knotless Fulani braids are exceptionally smooth because they feature intricate patterns, which sets them apart from regular knotless braids. Unlike regular knotless braids, the Knotless Fulani braids are incredibly sleek due to their complex patterns. Essentially, knotless braids refer to single braids that commence from the scalp without any knots.

10. middle-part Twist Braid

Middle Part Twist Braid
source: pinterest.com

Crochet braids, which are installed by a stylist, are less expensive than having them made by a stylist.

The twist braids in the middle add a unique and adorable touch to the twists. Usually, individual braids, knotless styles, curls, and box braids incorporate cornrows and the traditional middle-part Fulani style. The twists are exceptionally beautiful due to their distinctiveness. The twist separated in the center are exceptionally beautiful due to their distinctiveness.

The crochet twist is used to create cornrows all over the head. The hooks are used to attach the extensions to either a specific section or the entire head.

11. Single-Line middle-part Braid

Cornrow plus Single Braid Middle Part

This braid is a typical tribal hairstyle, characterized by a single cornrow that stretches from the forehead to the center of the head.

The hair is divided into two sections by the central cornrow. At the start of the central cornrow, you have the option to incorporate accessories such as a ring or bead.

You have the option to choose zigzag braids, boxed cornrow braids, or a combination of micro and macro braids. Various designs and fashions of cornrows can be woven on the sides.

12. Mixed middle-part Braid

The following beautiful tribal braid is the mixed middle-part braid. This is also referred to as a blend middle-part braid.

The braid is made using various colors or one can use different colors by braiding a mixture of two different materials.

Some of the most well-liked variations feature turns with a fusion of ebony and ivory, a combination of golden and ivory, and a mixture of golden and ebony.

13. Blonde Parted Braids with curls

The person doesn’t like to experiment or change their hairstyle with a braided and parted blonde curls. They find it boring to always wear black tribal braids. Another cute hairstyle is the blonde middle-part braid with curls.

People often mix black cornrows and blonde curls, creating braids made of cornrows at the back of the head, using blonde braiding hair extensions.

However, on occasion, the curls are attained by utilizing crochet hair extensions and not necessarily braiding.

14. Fukani Shoulder Length Braid

Shoulder length fulani
Source: Pinterest@Monica T

Instead of having long braids in the back, you should go for a single curl or braid that stops along the shoulder. The next gorgeous braid is simply a shoulder-length tribal braid.

These come in various shades. You can choose blonde, black, or any vibrant-colored Fulani shoulder-length braids.

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These braids are especially perfect for embellishment with accessories such as beads. White translucent beads can be added to the ends of the braids. These braids are especially suitable for decorating with jewelry like beads.

15. Tiny middle-part Braid

Middle Part tiny braids
Source: Pinterest@Shayla

If you desire beautiful and resilient Fulani braids, opt for small middle-parted braids that are not only uniquely attractive but also have a long-lasting quality, thanks to the use of microbeads.

Fulani micro braids are tiny braids that consist of small cornrows extending into single small braids at the back of the head, and they are more affordable compared to expensive macro braids. Now you know.

Instead of just installing cornrows and extending single braids, you have the option to have micro braids with curly ends or high bun micro braids, of course.

16. Jumbo Parted Braid

Burgundy jumbo braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Depending on your budget and personal taste, you might consider getting Chunky Fulani braids. These braids can be done as single braids or as large cornrows.

You may only have a few, sometimes instead of many, cornrows. This can be achieved by using large amounts of hair braiding or large crotched hair extensions.

At the same time, you can also go for jumbo middle-part braids that are styled into a high ponytail or high bun.

17. Parted Braids with elastic accessories

Middle Part Braid with line and elastic accessory
Source: Pinterest@Jonathan

You can also use elastic rubber accessories to decorate your braids. However, not all of them. You know, you can decorate your braids with rings and beads, so far as you know.

Each individual plait is not adorning you as this holds significance. On the front, you intertwine these individual braids with an elastic rubber band.

18. Burgundy middle-part Braids

If you are plaiting your hair and desire to achieve a burgundy appearance with a middle part, opting for tribal braids resembling the color of red wine is an excellent decision.

Of course, what matters in the end is the style that suits you best. You can opt for other patterns or styles, such as Fukani burgundy Jumbo braids or Fukani burgundy tiny braids.

19. Middle-part Bob Braid

bob fulani braids

The next attractive indigenous braid is the middle-part bob braid. This is comparable to the shoulder length braids – except that these bob braids occasionally do not necessarily stretch or go beyond the shoulders. The shoulders don’t sometimes necessarily reach or extend beyond this bob braid, except that this is similar to the shoulder length braids – except this is pretty tribal braid is the middle-part bob.

However, at its essence, the bob is the abbreviated tribal braid. Once again, this is an ideal hairstyle for embellishing with beads.

20. Lemonade middle-part braid

In the Lemonade video, Beyoncé sports hairstyles similar to the various other styles that can also be associated with the term “lemonade braids,” although it is commonly used to refer to Fulani or tribal braids.

I would encourage you to go for either the Fulani box braids or the lemonade micro braids, as they both complement the tribal braid style and middle-part pattern. It is, of course, our area of interest.

21. Pink middle-part Braid

pink Fulanibraids
Source: Pinterest@yonni H.

If you have a preference for vibrant braids, the pink Fulani braids are likely to catch your attention as they can enhance your femininity and radiate positivity unlike other color options.

If you desire a more pinkish appearance, you should consider augmenting the quantity of the pink braiding materials. In order to create the Fulani blended braids, you have the option to blend pink and black braiding hair or synthetic hair.

The transparent white beads add an even more beautiful touch to the braids. The tribal bob Fulani braids, in pink, look great in the photo, and you can style them however you like. These braids are particularly fashionable.

Final Thought on the middle part Tribal Braids

Wearing these braids demonstrates a sense of pride and connection to African heritage, showing that as black women, we are rooted in the origins of our ancestors on this earth. Braids were a common hairstyle among the Fulani people of West Africa, representing a tribal and cultural tradition.

I have high expectations that this post has provided you with sufficient details and understanding about the stylish tribal braids with a sleek middle part. You might also be interested in reading the subsequent posts related to different hairstyles.

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Otherwise, I hope you have the best of luck!


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