2023 Home Run Derby odds, picks, bracket: Will Julio Rodríguez win derby in his home park?

At BetMGM, Alonso is the frontrunner to emerge victorious. In the initial stage of the eight-man bracket, Julio Rodríguez, an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, will go up against Pete Alonso, a two-time champion, and is expected to be the crowd favorite due to his local connections. The 2023 Home Run Derby, scheduled for Monday night, also boasts a highly competitive field.

The derby will start at 8 p.M. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2, with the event being streamed on the ESPN app if that is what you prefer.

Pujols and David Ortiz have competed more than anyone else. This will be Alonso’s fourth consecutive time competing in the Home Run Derby. In the first round of the 2023 Home Run Derby, we will see Alonso and Rodríguez face off against each other. He also defeated Rodríguez in the final, with a score of 18-19. In the semifinals of last year’s Derby, Pete Alonso, the defending champion, beat Juan Soto with a score of 31-23, securing his second consecutive victory in the 2022 Home Run Derby.

Seeding is insignificant in this tournament. However, if there is one aspect of the seeding that bothers me, it is that the defending champion should always receive the No. 1 seed. When it came down to a tiebreaker between Robert and Alonso, Robert emerged as the winner because he had hit the most home runs since June 15. Specifically, on July 4, Robert had the highest number of home runs, which led to his designation as the No. 1 seed.

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Despite losing in the Derby to Alonso, he set the record for the most home runs in a single round with 91 in Derby and 40 in Cleveland at Field Progressive in 2019. This will be Vladimir Guerrero’s second appearance in the Home Run Derby.

I couldn’t confirm if the roof will be closed or open. We witnessed a similar situation in 2017 at Marlins Park, where there were some monster home runs at night with the roof closed but the outfield windows open. Park-Mobile T-While doesn’t have a domed-in stadium with an open outfield; instead, it has a retractable roof.

Given the perfect weather for the event, MLB leans towards keeping the roof open. Lower temperatures will affect how far the ball travels. The forecast for Monday’s Seattle calls for a high of 70 degrees with a wind between 5-7 mph during the Home Run Derby, which shouldn’t affect things too much.

All probabilities from BetMGM and revised Monday afternoon.

Longest home run proposition

The players in the bleachers field on the left have fewer than 10 hits to run home. Mike Zunino’s blast landed in the last-to-second row in the bleachers field on the left. Park T-Mobile has the longest home run ever in Statcast Era, with a distance of more than 470 feet. The prop is set for the longest home run at 489.5 feet.

Shohei Ohtani completely annihilated this ball in the previous season against the Mariners. Statcast estimated it traveled a distance of 463 feet.

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Field Coors is known for its high elevation, although the balls were not placed in a humidor. Despite the elevation, more than 10 home runs were hit at Field Coors, which is more than 500 feet above sea level. In last year’s competition, Soto hit the longest home run at 482 feet.

If the roof is open here, under the lack of wind and given temperature, it will be harder to fly far to the balls.

2023 Bracket for the Home Run Derby

Robert is the biggest favorite in the first round, with Guerrero the second biggest favorite against Betts despite being the No. 6-seed.

(1) Luis Robert Jr. (-215) versus (8) Adley Rutschman (+175).

(4) Adolis García (-140) versus (5) Randy Arozarena (+115).

(2) Pete Alonso (-170) vs. (7) Julio Rodríguez (+140).Output: (2) Pete Alonso (-170) versus (7) Julio Rodríguez (+140).

(6) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (-210) vs. (3) Mookie Betts (+170).

Home Run Derby specialist selections

Champion: Randy Arozarena.

Derby Run is a greater stage for an individual in baseball than home, and Arozarena is also a showman. He will be an overlooked player in this competition, stealing headlines with Rodríguez and Alonso. He also hits the barrel on 14.8 percent of his batted balls. Arozarena is having a career year with an average exit velocity of 92.7 mph.

Total number of home runs is either above or below 274.5.

In the previous year, we observed relatively small sums in the semifinal and championship. The outcome of each competition relies on the number of home runs achieved by the initial player. In this case, I anticipate a decrease in performance due to the weather conditions and the fact that T-Mobile Park is a moderately average stadium for hitting home runs.

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