2022 New Hampshire Primary Election Results

That raises questions about whether Bolduc can broaden his appeal beyond his own party’s base in November to help determine control of the Senate and beat Hassan in the race.

OBSERVE: Contestants who reject the result of the election are emerging triumphant in preliminary competitions, amplifying the significance of the approaching midterms in November.

Majorities in both chambers of Congress, key governorships, and numerous important state offices will be available for the taking when Election Day, which occurred just eight weeks ago, concluded the nation’s primary season on Tuesday in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

Several Republican incumbents who had been defeated by open antagonists have notched wins up and down the ballot, from Michigan to Florida, Arizona to Maryland. They were candidates openly championed by Trump, who helped extend his hold on the GOP nationally by closely hewing to his brand, at least. Dozens of such candidates were found around the country.

Candidates in the primary race who are more moderate tend to appeal to a broader swath of the electorate in general elections, where they are likely to have larger numbers of voters supporting them. However, it is those candidates who have the support of the former president that are likely to win the nominations now.

Republican primary voters this year selected conservative candidates from moderate or Democratic-leaning states, potentially impacting competitive races, including Massachusetts, that were previously within the party’s reach. Biden’s victory in the state, with a margin of over 7 percentage points, sets the stage for another test of the primary election outcomes in New Hampshire’s general election for the Senate.

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The main concern for Hassan, the candidate running for reelection, is facing Morse, the candidate who was endorsed by Chuck Sununu, a mainstream Republican. In the New Hampshire Senate primary, Morse defeated Bolduc, the candidate who was called by Sununu a moderate and relatively popular candidate. Bolduc’s victory is likely to reignite disappointment among some in the national Republican party, as Sununu, a Republican governor, might have posed a greater threat.

The governor, who was labeled as “a sympathizer of the Chinese communist party,” was not affected by Sununu’s criticism when he contacted Bolduc. Additionally, the governor implied that Bolduc would face more challenges in the upcoming general election. In contrast, Sununu referred to Bolduc as a believer in conspiracy theories.

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Some Democratic-aligned organizations have criticized the strategy of arguing that it could backfire if candidates go on to win elections, saying that it would make it easier for Hassan’s opponent, Bolduc, to win. Meanwhile, some Democratic groups have been promoting primary ads sponsored by Bolduc, consistently backing pro-Trump candidates in key races around the country.

“Throughout the primary, I felt the concerns of the voters, and once again, we need to send a message to Washington that I am an outsider. In the early hours of Wednesday, Bolduc tweeted, “Because we built a true grassroots campaign from the ground up, we overcame the odds and millions of dollars in spending from special interest groups.”

Biden traveled to Rhode Island and Delaware, where he cast his ballot late on Tuesday. The high-profile races in both states had less visibility, as the process of nominating candidates for this year’s midterms concluded instead of kicking off the primary campaign season, also known as the New Hampshire primary.

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The final primary contests unfolded at a dramatic moment in the midterm campaign. Republicans have spent much of the year building their election message around Biden’s management of the economy, particularly the soaring prices. Democrats are now entering the final stretch with a sense of cautious optimism, as inflation slowed for the second straight month and Biden’s approval rating steadies.

The Democrats may need the energy to accompany historically that defeats back turn to provide the first president’s new Midterms with a constitutional right to overturning the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion.

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Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, acknowledged last month that the Senate Democrats’ narrow control of the House could factor in as a “candidate quality” that may end up being more challenging for his party to overcome.

Many experienced Republicans, including former President Chris Pappas, could potentially square off against Democratic Rep. Karoline Leavitt in another contest in November. Leavitt, who previously worked in the White House press office under President Trump, also has ties to the former president and has worked in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. The same swirling dynamics were observed around the former president during his time in office.

Leavitt declared, “Our right-wing perspectives cannot be muted, our ballots cannot be purchased,” conveying a forceful and unequivocal statement to the political establishment in Washington, D.C., As well as our Democratic adversary.” Additionally, Pappas, who she also strongly criticized, has consistently presented himself as a centrist, collaborative advocate for our constituency throughout his entire political tenure. However, his voting record aligns more closely with that of a radical left-wing socialist Democrat.”

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Pappas wasted no time launching an offensive against Leavitt, vowing to combat the hijacking of our democracy by extreme politicians such as Karoline.

Bob Burns, a pro-Trump candidate, has won the Republican nomination for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District. He will be facing Annie Kuster, a five-term incumbent Democratic Representative, in the general election. The GOP views this race as highly competitive.

Weissert reported from Washington. Kathy McCormack, a writer for the Associated Press in Concord, N.H., Contributed to this report.

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