2021 Net Worth Of Each Korn Member: Who Has The Highest Income, Jonathan Davis Or James Shaffer?

The formation of Korn was finalized by Brian Welch and Jonathan Davis, who later joined the group, and they unveiled their eponymous first album in 1994. Korn was originally established in 1993 by James Shaffer, Reginald Arvizu, and David Silveria, who were formerly linked to the funk metal band L.A.P.D.

The band members all had equal income levels, although not all of them had the same level of income. As of 2021, Korn has an approximate net worth exceeding $120 million. Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch disclosed that the band has been working on a new album that may be launched this year. Korn’s 13th studio album, titled ‘The Nothing,’ was released in 2019 and entered the US Billboard 200 chart at number eight. In 2019, Korn released their 13th studio album, ‘The Nothing,’ which debuted at number eight on the US Billboard 200.

Jonathan Davis Net Worth $50 million

Jonathan Davis, the talented frontman of Korn, managed to stand out among his bandmates in terms of being the richest in the band. He is known for his intense live performances, both with the band and in his other projects. Through his performances, Davis has amassed a net worth of $50 million.

Astounding countless individuals with his unconventional tenor singing and fervent songwriting, over the course of his nearly thirty-year career, Jonathan Davis departed from his group Sexart to establish Korn alongside former L.A.P.D. Musicians, James Shaffer, Reginald Arvizu, and David Silveria in 1993.

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In the 2002 revival of the well-liked TV series, “The Twilight Zone” film, Jonathan created a theme song. He uses the name JDavis as his EDM alter ego for his DJing career. Alongside his successful journey with Korn, Jonathan has directed his attention towards diverse other ventures.

James Shaffer Net Worth $30 million

James Shaffer, also known as “Munky,” is considered one of the greatest guitarists and co-founders of the band Korn. Throughout his time, he has faced many challenges, but has built a successful career. With a net worth of $30 million, he is currently the second richest member of the band.

Shaffer has collaborated with Korn on multiple albums and played alongside different musical groups ever since. As a result of a motorcycle accident, he lost the tip of one of his fingers, which prompted him to take up guitar playing as a part of his recovery process. James’ musical journey didn’t commence in a typical manner with his first encounter with playing an instrument.

‘Munky’ reportedly acquired his intriguing nickname due to the similarity between his feet and the hands of a monkey. Additionally, he is the founder of his own record label, which sought to provide opportunities for emerging bands to enter the music business.

Reginald Arvizu Net Worth $20 million

Reginald Arvizu, also known as ‘Fieldy’, is regarded as one of the richest members of the best band’s songwriters, Korn, with a net worth of $20 million. Before deciding to continue in a different direction with Korn, James Shaffer and Brian Silveria, along with Arvizu, had been playing with L.A.P.D.

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Even though his bandmates originally called him ‘Gopher,’ Flea, the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, was mentioned as one of the biggest influences. Ultimately, they decided to call him ‘Fieldy’ which turned into ‘Garfield.’

Brian Welch Net Worth $10 million

Considering his net worth of $10 million, it appears that Brian, the guitarist for Death and Love and Korn, has earned the majority of his wealth by being a member of the best-selling rock bands throughout his career.

In 2008, his first Christian album called ‘Save Me from Myself’ was published. Brian made the choice to depart the group because of his spiritual transformation as a Christian and began his own individual journey in 2005. Welch is widely recognized for his role in shaping the Korn sound alongside his close companion James Shaffer.

Shifting the paradigm, the band played with Korn for ten years, recording their first album. Later in 2013, Welch rejoined the band. Furthermore, within 2021, he is preparing to release a new album titled “Preserved Perfectly” with his talented Christian band called Death and Love.

Ray Luzier Net Worth $10 million

Before becoming the permanent drummer of Korn, Luzier, known for his work in the iconic rock music industry, was another name associated with Roth Lee David. Similar to his bandmate Brian Welch Head, Luzier, the well-known drummer of Korn, has a net worth of $10 million.

In 1997, David Lee crossed paths with Ray Luzier and spent almost ten years teaching rock-style drumming classes at the Institute of Music. He played drums for Roth’s studio albums, “Dave Diamond” and “Band DLR,” until he left the band in 2005.

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During their reunion tour, Eric Kretz temporarily replaced Luzier in Korn, and besides his successful career, he also played live shows with Stone Temple Pilots. Even though they only asked for five songs during the audition, Reginald Arvizu and James Shaffer managed to impress Ray by learning 30 of their songs later in 2008.

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