200 Cosmic & Cool Space Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Space baby names – inspired by everything cosmic in the Milky Way and beyond – could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Here, we’re taking you on a cosmic adventure through amazing, uplifting, and trendy celestial names for girls and boys.

Let’s discover a baby name that’s as distinctive as your little bundle of joy.

Buckle up! It’s time for departure.

In this piece of writing: 📝.

Any name of a space is quite cool.

Here are some of the most popular space names that might inspire you beyond our solar system.

  • Leo: Ranked at number 3 on our baby name charts, Leo is, undoubtedly, associated with the constellation of the lion.
  • Luna: The Roman deity of the moon. Her name creates a stunning appellation in the present day.
  • Aurora: The Roman deity of sunrise and a breathtaking atmospheric phenomenon.
  • Phoebe: A Greek name signifying “radiant”, additionally the appellation of one of the satellites of Saturn.
  • Atlas: Another satellite of Saturn, and the deity who supported the globe in Greek mythology.
  • What are good moon names?

    The moon has always been a source of inspiration for civilizations worldwide.

    A suitable name for the moon could be precisely what you are searching for your young child.

  • Ariel: One of the satellites of Uranus, along with the name of a space observatory (Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey).
  • Aylin: A Turkish name that signifies “moon halo”. We adore it.
  • Callisto: One of Jupiter’s moons, it signifies “exquisitely beautiful”.
  • Calypso: Yet another moon of Saturn.
  • Cordelia: Derived from the Welsh term “gem of the ocean,” Cordelia is one of Uranus’ moons.
  • Cressida: A legendary literary paramour and a satellite of Uranus.
  • Diana: This Roman goddess became connected with Luna. Diana is a graceful name signifying the moon.
  • Elara: One of the moons of Jupiter, and a distinctive celestial name for girls.
  • Europa: One of Jupiter’s moons.
  • Faye: A lunar crater, and a delightful and uncomplicated name.
  • Helene: A satellite of Saturn, and a timeless feminine name.
  • Jacira: It originates from two terms in the indigenous Tupi language of Brazil, signifying “honey” and “moon”. A stunning fusion.
  • Jericho: The historic city in Palestine, its name originates from the Hebrew term yareakh, which signifies “moon”.
  • Moon: Evident, yet not to be underestimated! It could be the ideal distinct name for a newborn of any sex.
  • Oberon: The Ruler of the Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a satellite of Uranus.
  • Pandora: All bestowed. The legendary character with a renowned container and a minuscule satellite of Saturn.
  • Portia: One of the moons of Uranus and a character from The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.
  • You could try something a little different for Selena, as she is a popular variation. Selene, the ancient Greek god of the moon.
  • One of the largest moons of Saturn, Titan, derives its name from the Greek mythology, specifically from the family of gods known for their immense power and size.
  • Titania: A female variant of Titan, she is the ruler of the magical creatures – and a satellite of Uranus.
  • Explore additional lunar inspiration here: 47 Baby Names that Symbolize the Moon.

    Space names for girls

    Let’s proceed with our exploration of celestial baby names.

    We call these star names for girls, but outer space does not recognize any differences between genders.

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    If a name feels appropriate, it’s appropriate – regardless of the gender.

  • Astra: Derived from the Latin word for “star”. It could be ideal.
  • Astrid: Although not directly associated with celestial entities, it conjures the notion of ‘astra’ in the celestial expanse. Interestingly, it is a Scandinavian moniker bestowed upon infants, symbolizing a remarkable and captivating beauty.
  • Bianca: Signifying “white”.
  • Cassiopeia: A constellation and an ancient Greek queen, both exuding elegance and uniqueness.
  • Celeste: A name signifying “heavenly”.
  • Columba: The dove of Noah.
  • Estella: Signifying “celestial body” in Latin, it is one of the most sophisticated celestial labels for females available.
  • Esther: A Persian female moniker signifying “celestial body”.
  • Gaia: A spacecraft and the Greek deity of the Earth.
  • Juliet: A celestial title for females? Yes, a moon of Uranus.
  • Juno: The ruler of the ancient Greek deities, and a space probe.
  • Larissa: A nymph from Greece.
  • Leda: A figure from Greek folklore.
  • Leia: The princess from Star Wars. Why not? It’s a delightful name.
  • Libra: Zodiac sign and star formation. Explore more Libra baby names here.
  • Lyra: A star pattern symbolizing the lyre, a melodic instrument.
  • Maia: The deity of spring in ancient Rome.
  • Miranda: “Deserving of admiration”.
  • Nevaeh: Heaven spelled in reverse.
  • Nova: A stellar explosion.
  • Ophelia: A stunning and age-old English name.
  • Rhea: Signifying “streaming”, Rhea was the progenitor of Zeus.
  • Sally: Interesting fact: Sally Ride was the pioneer female astronaut to venture into space.
  • Soleil: A French term signifying “sun”.
  • Stella: From the Latin word signifying “celestial body”.
  • Sunshine: You are my sunshine, my one and only sunshine….
  • Vesta: The Roman deity of the household.
  • Space names for boys

    Now for some male names inspired by the celestial bodies.

    We hope you discover the ideal celestial name.

  • A second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, is known as an explorer or a wise and aged ruler, derived from an ancient English word.
  • Altair: Named after the celestial body in the Aquila constellation.
  • Apollo: The Greek deity of sunshine – and one of the most renowned spacecrafts in the world.
  • Armstrong: Neil Armstrong requires no introduction. He has a surname that serves as an excellent stellar name for boys.
  • Astro: Similar to the girls’ counterpart, Astra, Astro signifies “star”.
  • Buzz: Lightyear and Aldrin. Choose a name for your little one inspired by the icons of space.
  • Galileo: The most significant astronomer in history. We’re astonished that this name isn’t utilized more!
  • Glenn: A space traveler and a space vehicle – and a straightforward, single-syllable title.
  • Hercules: Greek legend and celebrity. Can you find a more powerful name?
  • Neil: A wonderful Scottish boy name. Oh, and the initial person on the moon.
  • Orion: A group of stars in the sky.
  • Pallas: One of the largest asteroids in existence.
  • Sirius: Your preferred Harry Potter character? That’s a discussion for another occasion. A remarkable appellation for a diminutive celestial body.
  • Gender-neutral space names

    And to conclude, here are some celestial names that are perfect for a baby of any gender.

  • Aries: The initial sign of the zodiac.
  • Cielo: Signifying “heaven” in Italian.
  • Comet: A celestial snowball.
  • Halley: Named after the renowned comet that appears once every 75 years.
  • Sky: Because there are no limits to the sky!
  • Star: Clearly understandable, in reality.
  • Vega: The designation of the Polaris.
  • Virgo: Following the earth sign of the maiden.
  • Zenith: The peak point.
  • Names that mean space

  • Agbaye: Signifying “cosmos” in Yoruba.
  • Alheimur: Signifying “universe” in Icelandic.
  • Alkawn: Signifying “universe” in Arabic.
  • Cruinne: Signifying “universe” in the Irish language.
  • Evren: Signifying “universe” in Turkish.
  • Linivè: Signifying “cosmos” in Haitian Creole.
  • Semesta: Signifying “cosmos” in Indonesian.
  • Uchū: Signifying “cosmos” in the Japanese language.
  • Vesmír: Signifying “cosmos” in Czech.
  • Visata: Signifying “cosmos” in Lithuanian.
  • Yǔzhòu: Signifying “universe” in Chinese.
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    Unique space names

  • Alya: The name comes from the Arabic meaning “fat tail of a sheep”. Ignoring that, it’s the beautiful name of a star.
  • Alula: Derived from the Celtic origin, symbolizing the embodiment of celestial knowledge.
  • Cosmo: Signifying “harmony and elegance” in Greek ‒ a celestial-sounding title.
  • Eclipse: Ideal for a newborn baby born amidst an eclipse.
  • Infinity: “To limitless and beyond!”.
  • Meridian: An astronomical circle.
  • Meteor: Small objects rushing through the vastness of the universe. The ideal name for a newborn son!
  • Perseus: Greek myth and star pattern.
  • Pollux: A celestial body in the heavens.
  • Rocket: For the tiny star you are aware will travel a long distance.
  • Sidra: An Arabic term signifying “divinity of the stars”.
  • Sitara: Derived from Sanskrit, the name means “morning star”.
  • Solar: Ideal for a morning stroll with your little one.
  • Solstice: When the daytime and nighttime reach their maximum and minimum durations.
  • Spock: A name for a baby with the finest eyebrows in the cosmos.
  • Trek: Any fellow Star Trek fans around?
  • Vulcan: Another reference to Star Trek, but also a deity of volcanoes in Greek mythology.
  • What’s a cool galaxy name?

    To find some fascinating space names, you only have to gaze up at the stars.

    Here are the top names that signify a galaxy for girls, boys, and individuals of non-binary gender.

  • Almajara: Translating to “galaxy” in Arabic.
  • Andromeda: A group of stars, celestial body, and a name from ancient Greece.
  • Bode: Following the discovery of Bode’s Galaxy, named after Johann Elert Bode.
  • Circinus: A galaxy named after the Circinus star group.
  • Eunha: Signifying “universe” in Korean.
  • Galaeth: Signifying “galaxy” in the Welsh language.
  • Galassia: Signifying “galaxy” in the Italian language.
  • Galaxy: Derived from the Greek term galaxias, a constellation of stars.
  • Gökada: Signifying “galaxy” in the Turkish language.
  • Halaktyka: Signifying “galaxy” in the Ukrainian language.
  • Lindsay: Following the Lindsay-Shapley Ring galaxy.
  • Malin: A galaxy named in honor of its discoverer, David Malin.
  • Mayall: Following the collision of two galaxies, Mayall’s Object was formed.
  • Réaltra: Signifying “galaxy” in the Irish language.
  • Xīngxì: Signifying “cosmos” in Chinese.
  • Planet names for boys and girls

    What about some beautiful names for planets?

    Some of these could be more distinctive celestial names, but others will be more earthly.

  • Ægir: A celestial body named in honor of the Norse deity associated with the ocean.
  • Arion: A celestial body named in honor of the renowned poet from ancient Greece.
  • Arkas: A celestial body named in honor of the offspring of Zeus and Callisto.
  • Ceres: An infant planet and a Roman deity of corn. A delightful and tender appellation.
  • Dagon: Named in honor of the deity associated with fertility in ancient Levantine mythology.
  • Dulcinea: A celestial body named in honor of the protagonist from Don Quixote.
  • Eburonia: A planet named in honor of the Celtic clan.
  • Eris: A small planet in our solar system, similar to Pluto.
  • Hämarik: A planet named after the Estonian term for “dusk”.
  • Haumea: A planet in the shape of a football.
  • Hypatia: A celestial body named in honor of the Greek astronomer and philosopher.
  • Jupiter: The largest planet in our solar system.
  • Makemake: Another small planet in our solar system.
  • Mars: The celestial body of passion, action, and conflict.
  • Mercury: The smaller celestial body associated with communication and cognition.
  • Neptune: The eighth planet in our solar system, representing aspirations and creativity.
  • Orcus: Named in honor of the Roman deity of the underworld.
  • Pluto: Is it considered a planet? Does it make a difference? It’s a delightfully unique name for a young man.
  • Rocinante: Another exoplanet named in honor of the protagonist from Don Quixote.
  • Saturn: A celestial body associated with diligence and valuable life experiences.
  • Sedna: Named after the Inuit deity of the ocean.
  • Venus: She most likely requires no introduction, Venus is our planetary neighboring celestial body.
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    What are some fantasy planet names?

    We don’t have to confine ourselves to the planets surrounding us for inspiration ‒ what about imaginary planets?

    You will come across a multitude of elements from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who at this location, so embrace your inner geek!

  • Aaleen: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Abafar: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Akiva: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Alastria: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Aldea: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Alderaan: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Anaxes: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Anura: From the Doctor Who TV show.
  • Arda: From The Lord of the Rings.
  • Arrakis: From Dune.
  • Asgard: From the Marvel franchise.
  • Boranis: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Caprica: From the Battlestar Galactica franchise.
  • Corellia: From the Battlestar Galactica franchise.
  • Daiyu: From the Battlestar Galactica franchise.
  • Deneva: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Dozaria: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Endor: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Eresa: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Felucia: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Ferrix: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Florana: From the Doctor Who show.
  • Golana: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Griffoth: From the Doctor Who television show.
  • Hysperia: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Ilidaria: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Juhraya: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Kala: From the Doctor Who television show.
  • Karris: From the Doctor Who television show.
  • Kavaria: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Kei: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Kentanna: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Lakertya: From the Doctor Who franchise.
  • Lissepia: Derived from the Star Trek series.
  • Lysia: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Mandalore: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Matalas: Derived from the Star Trek series.
  • Maveth: From the Marvel show.
  • Napinne: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Onderon: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Orellius: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Phylos: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Quarra: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Quinnis: From the Doctor Who show.
  • Risa: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Rishi: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Romulus: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Rugosa: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Sakaar: From the Marvel franchise.
  • Sava: From the Doctor Who show.
  • Skaro: From the Doctor Who television show.
  • Solaris: Coming from Solaris.
  • Takara: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Taresia: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Tiburon: Derived from the Star Trek series.
  • Umbara: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Varala: Derived from the Star Trek franchise.
  • Vormir: From the Marvel franchise.
  • Wrea: From the Star Wars franchise.
  • Wysanti: From the Star Trek franchise.
  • Xandar: From the Marvel franchise.
  • That is our compilation of celestial infant monikers!

    We’ve explored our galaxy and imaginary realms to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your little celestial body. 🌟.

    Do you have any favorites? Share them with the other expectant mothers of Peanut.

    Looking for more inspiration from the stars? We also have lists of baby names for each zodiac sign.

    The zodiac signs in order are Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries.

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