1st missile fired at object shot down over Lake Huron missed; Canada UFO a ‘small, metallic balloon’

CNN informed three individuals who were given information on the subject that the initial missile discharged by an F-16 fighter aircraft towards the entity in close proximity to Lake Huron on Sunday failed to strike its intended destination.

Fox News was the initial source to announce that the primary missile did not reach its intended destination, and CNN has reached out to the Pentagon to request an official statement.

Gen. VanHerck, the Commander of NORAD and NORTHCOM, informed reporters on Sunday that the object being targeted and acquired was difficult due to its small size. However, the White House and Pentagon had not previously disclosed that the first missile did not strike the intended target.

“It landed safely in the waters of Lake Huron,” stated General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during a press briefing in Brussels on Tuesday. Although the initial missile failed to hit its intended target, there was no harm done. Due to the contrasting heat levels between the object and its surroundings, the pilots decided to utilize AIM-9X Sidewinders, which are short-range missiles, to ensure visibility.

The Pentagon memo, received by CNN, and sent to lawmakers on Monday, indicated that the unknown flying object, which was brought down in Canadian airspace on Saturday, seemed to be a “compact metallic balloon with a linked payload beneath it.”

The memo stated that the US object, which was described previously as a cylindrical object, was shot down near sensitive sites. The memo provides the first official details of one of the three objects that were shot down in recent days.

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Following the incident, lawmakers and officials from the Defense Department also wrote in the memo that the object slowly descended into the water, causing a significant impact on Huron Lake in Michigan on Sunday.

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On Monday evening, a defense official informed CNN that the Pentagon has not dispatched an official memorandum to Capitol Hill, but acknowledged that they are still providing updates and sending communications to pertinent committees.

After the Chinese spy balloon that crossed the United States was brought down the weekend before, the Biden administration successfully intercepted three unknown objects within a span of three days, as members of Congress in Capitol Hill are striving to obtain a more comprehensive comprehension of the recent developments.

Despite being cautioned, congressional aides and lawmakers told CNN that the consecutive shoot-downs of the Chinese spy balloon felt like an overcorrection that was still too early to definitively say.

On “CNN This Morning” on Monday, Colorado Democratic Representative Jason Crow stated, “We are beginning to observe them in various manners. We are searching for them in different manners. The current situation entails us actively seeking these with heightened caution.”

On “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Jim Himes, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said that we are seeing these things happen quickly in succession, and I guess it’s speculative to say why we are now really attuned to looking for them, isn’t it?

According to Himes, “I think we are probably finding more stuff. Of course, we are now looking for them. The truth is that what we didn’t like the look of the most were balloons and the majority of our sensors.”

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As per a representative for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the Senate has scheduled a confidential briefing for all senators regarding the downed entities on Tuesday.

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The White House denied on Monday that President Joe Biden’s recent swift actions to take down high-altitude objects were the result of political pressure, following earlier critiques that he had waited too long to make the call to shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon.

The “decisions were based purely and simply on what was in the best interest of the American people,” stated Kirby John, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator.

The defense official stated that the radar employed by North American Aerospace Defense Command was modified following the initial observation of a high-altitude balloon. “We are constantly improving the detection parameters, and this will not cease even after identifying these smaller entities,” declared the official.

A US official from CNN informed that over the weekend, caution has been advised inside the administration due to the descriptions of unidentified objects viewed by the pilot.

The spokesperson for the National Security Council said, “We are currently working on recovering the debris, but we cannot definitively determine their characteristics until we can recover them. These objects did not closely resemble the balloon from the People’s Republic of China and were much smaller.”

According to the memo, a flying object that was the size of a compact vehicle was shot down over Alaska on Friday, and it was distinct from the Chinese balloon that was launched off the coast of South Carolina.

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The Pentagon states in its memo, “We do not have any further details about the object at this time, including its origin, purpose, or full scope of capabilities.”

According to the memorandum, the FBI was integrated with them, although Canadian authorities are spearheading that inquiry. Both American and Canadian officials were striving to recognize wreckage, emphasizing that efforts to recover and exploit the item downed in Canada’s Yukon region were in progress, as stated in the memorandum.

“It should not be presumed that the occurrences of the previous few days are linked,” the Pentagon stated in the memorandum.

According to the memo from the Pentagon, US Coast Guard ships searched the location in Lake Huron where the third item was shot down, but there was no further information regarding the description of that item.

“The main focus now is the recovery and utilization of the entity,” the memorandum stated.

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