17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte

1. Green Island

7500 Emerald Drive, Emerald Isle, North Carolina 28594, with a contact number of (252) 354-3424.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 1

If you are looking for an incredible beach to bathe in, consider visiting the luxurious Emerald Isle in the cozy atmosphere and immaculate beaches of North Carolina’s North.

Why do we recommend this beach?

You won’t be able to resist Emerald Isle, a beach destination that offers a plethora of services and outdoor activities. Emerald Isle is renowned for being a family-friendly beach destination.

Visiting this exceptional beach is worth it, as it also has picturesque warm ocean waters during the summer for bathers to enjoy.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Make your visit to Emerald Isle unforgettable by exploring The Point, a breathtaking location known for its stunning sunsets and the remarkable natural scenery that distinguishes Emerald Isle.

Recommended hotel nearby: Islander Hotel & Resort.

2. Hairless Head Island

P.O. Box 3069, Isla Bald Head, NC 28461 (830) 549-6373.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 2

¿Te gusta la panorámica vista del vasto océano de Carolina del Norte y las hermosas playas de Bald Head Island? No dejes de visitarlas entonces.

Why do we recommend this beach?

When you visit Bald Head Island, elevate your beach vacation to new heights. In this laid-back coastal environment, you can indulge in the ultimate island adventure, complete with breathtaking sea vistas and opulent lodging options.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Maximize the fun on this island and take advantage of the unlimited movie rentals every night you stay.

Recommended hotel nearby: Southport’s River Hotel.

3. Cabo Hatteras – Manteo

1401 National Park DriveManteo, NC 27954(252) 473-2111.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 3

The peaceful Cape Hatteras, one of the finest beach spots in North Carolina, is a great place to go to unwind from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Cape Hatteras is, undoubtedly, a great destination to relax with your loved ones or by yourself. The heartwarming beach services and activities that this charming beach place offers will delight you.

You will not get bored exploring the beautiful surroundings of this beach; from different species of birds to marine turtles, you will be able to see the inhabitants of the fauna in this destination instead of sometimes, also.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

If you want to make your visit to Cape Hatteras more interesting, climb to the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and enjoy the best view of the beautiful landscape that the beach offers.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hatteras Island Inn.

4. Ocracoke Island – Ocracoke Village

1075 Irvin Garrish Highway, Ocracoke, North Carolina 27960, with a contact number of (252) 928-6711.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 4

Si buscas una experiencia de playa única y relajada, la mejor playa a la que ir es la encantadora isla de Ocracoke.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Any visitor will be delighted by the pristine and uncrowded beaches that this destination on Ocracoke Island has to offer. You will be surprised by what awaits you with its 16 miles of undeveloped coastline.

In the blink of an eye, you will undoubtedly be captivated by a destination that stands out on Ocracoke Island for outdoor activities such as water sports, kayaking, and much more. Furthermore.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Simply phenomenal is the food at this destination, ensuring that your taste buds have different gastronomic options to savor and delight your palate with the water in your mouth.

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Recommended hotel nearby: The Ocracoke Harbor Inn.

5. Topsail Beach

820 S. Anderson Blvd. Topsail Beach, NC 28445 (910) 328-5841.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 5

Explore the picturesque Topsail Beach to experience the best of both worlds. Do you fancy a scenic beach spot that is also rich in history?

Why do we recommend this beach?

This list deserves to mention the treasure, this list deserves to mention the treasure among all the beaches of North Carolina. This beach also counts with a familiar beach experience that will touch your heart, at a time that shows the historic ties of the Second World War.

It would be foolish not to consider the possibility of visiting this landing place, with easily accessible motels, restaurants, gift shops, and much more.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Take a look at Serenity Point, a destination that offers a panoramic view of the sunset, and you will come back for more.

Recommended hotel nearby: Shell Island Resort – All Oceanfront Suites.

6. Corolla Beach – Corolla

601 Ocean TrailCorolla, NC 27927(252) 232-2947.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 6

Are you looking to take a look at the features of a beachfront Corolla in La Playa and surpass your expectations? Are you seeking more beautiful beaches in North Carolina?

Why do we recommend this beach?

This destination is going to deserve your time, as it encompasses the charming beach location with a plethora of attractions, beach activities, and services. The sandy beach of Corolla offers a memorable vacation experience that is ideal for any family.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Make sure to check it out! This unique destination offers guided visits in specialized vehicles that allow you to see wild horses wandering on Carova and Corolla beaches.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/Corolla.

321 Causeway Drive in Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 can be reached at (910) 256-7900.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 7

If you desire to enrich your experience, contemplate visiting Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. It showcases pristine waters and stunning coastlines that attract individuals of all generations.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Wrightsville Beach is a place full of fun and exciting beach activities that will make your heart feel ecstatic, from surfing the tranquil waves of the ocean to taking a panoramic cruise.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Explore the other features that Wrightsville Beach offers, such as the historic square and the waterbird sanctuary, to make your coastal experience much more interesting.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hilton Garden Inn Wilmington Mayfaire Town Center.

8. Island of Oaks

4601 E. Oak Island Drive, Oak Island, North Carolina 28465, with a contact number of (910) 278-5011.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 8

Therefore, the stunning Oak Island is the destination you should visit. Do you like a simple yet elegant beach destination in North Carolina?

Why do we recommend this beach?

Oak Island, situated at the southernmost point of the North Carolina shoreline, is renowned for its stunning beauty and easy accessibility. With its ability to provide breathtaking vistas of both sunrise and sunset over the sea, the beach is also open to occasional individuals and those with disabilities.

Definitely something we wouldn’t overlook, but have we also mentioned that this stunning beach, the Oak Island, is the habitat of amiable sea turtles? We are unsure about your opinion.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

If you have a disability, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Oak Island by using the beach wheelchairs they offer.

Recommended hotel nearby: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Southport – Oak Island Area, an IHG hotel.

9. Mallard

1200 Duck RoadDuck, NC 27949(252) 255-1234.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 9

If you are in search of beach locations, make sure to explore the secure waters of Duck Beach in North Carolina, a delightful destination to visit.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Family seaside getaways offer a superb choice for hygiene, attractiveness, and security. Duck Beach takes great pride in being recognized as one of the finest 15 family-friendly beaches in the United States.

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This beach is a commendable place for swimming safely, although swimming in open waters can be dangerous at times. To determine when it is safe to swim, the beach takes into account “red flags” as well.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Please note that before swimming, it is important to ask a lifeguard first and always have someone accompany you when you swim.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hilton Garden Inn Outer Banks/Kitty Hawk.

10. Nag’s Head

5401 S. Croatan Highway, Nags Head, NC 27959, can be reached at (252) 441-5508.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 10

Si buscas playas populares en Carolina del Norte, asegúrate de visitar las relajantes costas de arena de las playas de Nags Head.

Why do we recommend this beach?

A warm sun, occasional dolphins, and pristine coasts are some of the features of the picturesque beaches of Nags Head, which are one of the perfect spots to make beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Mention of a worthy destination beach, suitable for disabled and open to the public, is a well-known place for families to enjoy their vacations, in addition to being a beach.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Try to obtain a permit that allows you to light fires on the beach if you plan to stay and watch the sunset with your family. It will elevate your beach experience to another level.

Recommended hotel nearby: Holiday Inn Express Nags Head Oceanfront, an IHG hotel.

11. Beach on the Atlantic Coast

25 West Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512, can be reached at (252) 726-2121.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 11

Looking to experience a picturesque beach retreat in North Carolina? Contemplate discovering the stunning Atlantic Beach and treat yourself to the beach escape you’ve always desired.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Atlantic Beach, a breathtaking shoreline and residence to the most amicable individuals, will not fail to impress your romantic soul. This captivating seaside location showcases a variety of accommodations, dining options, and retail establishments in the vicinity, guaranteeing that you fully enjoy the excitement surrounding the public beaches of Atlantic Beach.

Did you also know that this destination is known for hosting music festivals on the beach? However, we know that the secret recipe for any vacationer who deserves a break is the combination of beautiful landscapes and music.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

You will spend a blissful time with loved ones, no matter what. Make sure to go fishing with your family or see picturesque sunsets on the beach, and make sure to go to Oceanana Fishing Pier in the Atlantic Ocean.

Recommended hotel nearby: Atlantic Beach Resort, a Ramada by Wyndham.

12. Swansboro – Hammocks Beach State Park

1572 Hammock Beach Road in Swansboro, NC 28584 can be reached at (910) 326-4881.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 12

Do you feel a little daring then considering the possibility of exploring the beautiful coastal state park on your own, Beach Hammocks?

Why do we recommend this beach?

The place offers a good camping and kayaking experience that will leave you amazed. You should search for the jewel of the North Carolina coast, known as the crown of the beach.

Además, este entorno playero presenta un suave oleaje que convierte a Beach Hammocks en un destino bueno para sus hijos, y es diferente de otros Parques Estatales en que es una playa virgen. También es la playa más segura para los niños.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Accessing this beautiful destination is worth taking a short walk. Embarking on this adventure, you won’t regret it.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hampton Inn and Suites Swansboro Near Camp Lejeune.

13. Beach at Dusk

700 Sunset Blvd. North Sunset Beach, North Carolina 28468, with a contact number of (910) 579-6297.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 13

Spend the day at the picturesque Sunset Beach and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this premier vacation spot if you desire a top-notch holiday destination.

Why do we recommend this beach?

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If your favorite destination is Beach Sunset, you will definitely love the panoramic view of the ocean. There is no doubt that this beautiful place deserves a spot on your list, as it is renowned as one of the best beaches in the world.

You can appreciate the sunset and the beautiful sunrise on this beach, which has a unique position. It seems strange that this place is not like any other beach in North Carolina, oriented towards the beaches.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Among all the destinations, this beautiful beach is undoubtedly the best place to experience the beauty of Sunset Beach, and it is a great opportunity for you to start your day without any hesitation.

Recommended hotel nearby: The Islander Inn.

14. Carova Beach – Corolla

1999 Sandpiper RoadCorolla, NC 27927(252) 435-3970.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 14

So, if you are looking for the cleanest and whitest beaches in North Carolina, Carova Beach is the possibility to consider.

Why do we recommend this beach?

You can enjoy beach activities that spoil you with a range of while privately enjoying its beach nature. You should consider visiting a little known beach, Carova Beach, which is a few kilometers from the neighboring Corolla Beach.

Mentioning a worthy destination easily is Carova Beach, where you can wander with your loved ones collecting seashells and taking Instagram photos of the wild horses.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

During the summer, Carova Beach is the best beach in North Carolina to swim in the warm ocean water, so make sure to visit your well-programmed schedule to ensure constant temperature.

Recommended hotel nearby: Hampton Inn & Suites Outer Banks/Corolla.

15. Kitty Hawk Shoreline – Kitty Hawk

101 Veterans Memorial Drive in Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 can be reached at (252) 261-3552.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 15

Don’t miss out on visiting it, as the Outer Banks can offer everything that Kitty Hawk Beach has. Well, have you ever wondered what makes Outer Banks a worthwhile vacation destination?

Why do we recommend this beach?

The famous coastal reserve that separates this destination from the others is known for its panoramic views and the opportunity it offers visitors to observe native species in the Outer Banks. In addition, you will often find Hawk Kitty Beach with a large number of beach services and a great beach.

We don’t know about you, but this alone makes Kitty Hawk beach a destination worth considering.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

Returning for more tea and water will make your experience a mouth-watering one. Make the most of your stay in this destination by enjoying a delicious seafood buffet dinner where you can indulge in all the fresh food you desire.

Recommended hotel in the vicinity: Beachwoods by Diamond Resort.

16. Holden Beach

Bulevar de la Vista del Océano, located in Holden Beach, NC 28462, can be reached at (910) 755-5517.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 16

In North Carolina, at the exquisite Holden Beach, keep your eyes wide open if you’re looking for a beach to have fun like no other.

Why do we recommend this beach?

These upcoming beach vacations are a destination for you to consider, given the wild and ecstatic nature that Beach Holden displays. Perhaps it will bring joy to your heart that this small town beach presents an untouched beauty, like one of the best family beaches in the United States, Coronada.

What is our recommendation at this beach?

The nearby coast occasionally attracts playful dolphins to come and explore the curious marine fauna, which can be seen when the tide goes down.

Recommended hotel nearby: Ocean Isle Inn.

17. Avon Beach – Avon

39311 Wahoo Circle, Avon, North Carolina 27915, can be reached at (877) 629-4386.

17 mejores playas de Carolina del Norte 17

Avon shoreline, the charming beach in North Carolina, is among the finest shores to explore for a perfect family retreat. Are you seeking a break by the seaside? Then venture to Avon shoreline.

Why do we recommend this beach?

Avon Beach is an exceptional beach destination that allows families to explore the whole of Hatteras Island, enabling them to make a fire on the beach near the coast, unlike other beaches on the Outer Banks. It offers a picturesque yet tranquil beach environment for families seeking any exceptional beach destination.

Avon Beach is undoubtedly a place that you should consider for vacations, as it offers more features and amenities than any other destination.

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