13 Divided by 2: Steps & Tutorial – Video & Lesson Transcript

On October 28, 2021, we will discuss how to check our work when solving this problem. We will make it more understandable by relating it to a real-life situation, and we will go through each step in this process. In this lesson, we will learn how to divide 13 by 2.

Before we tackle the problem, let’s quickly review some vocabulary. Let’s have a quick review of some vocabulary involved in division. In this case, we are supposed to divide x by y. In this case, we call the number being divided the dividend and the number we are dividing by the divisor. Anything left over is called the remainder, and the answer is called the quotient, which is the number of times y fits into x.

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  • In this manner, we have the ability to perform long division while retaining a remainder. When dividing 13 by 2, we obtain a quotient of 6 and a remainder of 1. To summarize.

    Long Division with Remainder
    13 divided by 2 - 1

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    To check your work in this problem, we just need to undo the division by dividing y by x. When we divide y by x, we get a quotient q and a remainder r. To get the original number x, we multiply the divisor by the quotient q and add the remainder r.

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