12 tornadoes touched down in northern Ohio during Thursday night’s storms

On Friday, severe storms including tornadoes struck at least 12 northern Ohio counties, according to the National Weather Service.

Meteorologists from the Cleveland division of the National Weather Service stated that a twister formed in the area surrounding Cleveland, roughly three miles to the northeast, just prior to midnight.

The National Weather Service stated that this is the initial tornado to strike within the boundaries of the city since 1985.

The weather service survey said that a wide, 150-yard tornado formed near East 71st Street and Chester Avenue, and it stayed on the ground for just three minutes.

The tornado lifted just under a mile away near East 89th Street and Euclid Avenue.

Wind speeds of 110 mph and an EF-1 tornado were classified according to the Enhanced Fujita Scale. This scale analyzes the intensity of a tornado based on wind speeds and the extent of storm damage.

Officials said that a tornado caused minor damage to homes and extensive damage to trees. The Church of Calvary, located along Euclid Avenue in Cleveland East, received extensive roof damage. The storm survey also highlighted bent light poles near the base of the shopping center on the intersection of East 89th Street and East 79th Street.

Several residences on Stockbridge Road and Middlesex Road were impacted when trees toppled onto them. According to meteorologists, the tornado moved eastward and caused significant damage by knocking down sizable trees. The initial touchdown of the twister, with wind speeds of 110 mph, occurred west of Dartmoor Road near Mentor Avenue, resulting in the downing of large trees in that area. The damage in Mentor, as stated by meteorologists, was attributed to an EF-1 tornado located just northeast of the region.

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The tornado just lifted in Kruger Park, South E. Donald. It caused damage to the power lines and trees near the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Ridge Road. It then shifted northeast before crossing over to the east, continuing its path across the Great Lakes Mall property.

Moving across the Portage River, it proceeded in the southeastern direction before originating close to South Nissen Road and West Deno Road, impacting the area between Sandusky and Ottawa counties as a third EF-1 tornado.

Officials stated that a tornado with maximum winds of 110 mph uprooted three trees and caused damage to the roof of a home, snapping power lines along County Road 92. Additionally, several other trees were downed and the siding of another home was also damaged.

As per the National Weather Service (NWS), the tornado had a maximum width of 100 yards. It journeyed a distance of 4.29 miles, remaining on the ground for approximately 17 minutes.

The EF-0 tornado in Bristolville, Trumbull County, touched down for two minutes, remaining on the ground. It traveled nearly 3 miles and had a maximum wind speed of 85 mph.

The tornado ceased near North Park Avenue and proceeded to travel in an easterly direction. According to the NWS, a single residence experienced the collapse of a car port, while several homes suffered minor damages. Eventually, it crossed Thompson Clark Road, beginning its eastward path beyond Mahan Denman Road.

The tornado traveled into a rural area in the southeast and ended there. The NWS stated that it caused several limbs to fall and uprooted trees, at least destroying one home. The tornado touched down in Berlin Heights. The fifth tornado in Lake County was classified as an EF-1.

The EF-1 tornado touched down in Spencer, Medina County shortly after midnight, staying on the ground for about two minutes and reaching a maximum wind speed of 90 mph. This was the sixth tornado to occur in the area.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) stated that the house had experienced minor damage to its roof, and numerous trees were uprooted. The tornado then proceeded to move towards the southeast, specifically in the direction of Hunter Road near Spencer’s southern side.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the seventh tornado was an EF-2, which hit Bedford Heights and Warrensville Heights, with maximum wind speeds of 120 mph and a duration of two minutes.

A powerful tornado also caused significant damage to two industrial buildings and a home on Highway 422 in the eastern area. Additionally, the tornado uprooted a tree and damaged a car dealership, causing trees to fall onto a home on Road Springfield. The National Weather Service reported that the tornado then moved southeast and emerged across Parkway Galaxy. It continued to track southeast and began near Street Vera, according to the NWS.

Officials said that an EF-1 rated tornado hit County Geauga in Chardon, southeast of the area. The tornado started near the intersection of Lane Tewksbury and Road Aquilla, lifting on the east side of Wells Taylor Road.

The tornado lifted at the intersection of Nauvoo Road and Route 608. The outer structure, which was made up of collapsed cinder blocks, was completely destroyed. The entire barn was thrown and lofted about 150 yards, according to the NWS. After that, it started near the intersection of Route 608 and Burton-Windsor Road, completely destroying a barn. Although it caused destruction, it stayed on the ground for only a minute. The tornado was rated EF-2 and was also the ninth tornado in Geauga County, Middlefield.

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In Lorain County, the tenth tornado was classified as an EF-0 and made contact with the ground. The tornado, as reported by the National Weather Service (NWS), had a duration of less than one minute and originated three miles north of Lagrange. With a maximum wind speed of 85 mph, the tornado initiated its path behind a residential area on OH-201, resulting in destruction to houses and trees. Moving in a southeast direction, the tornado led to a tree collapsing onto a residence and caused damage to multiple vehicles.

The whirlwind lifted prior to the tree colliding with a residence on Taylor Made Road. According to the NWS, over 100 trees were knocked down, broken, and contorted in various directions. The Laurel Springs subdivision, where it originated, experienced significant tree damage, with trees being uprooted from the soil. The tornado remained on the ground for approximately three minutes and reached a maximum wind velocity of 90 mph. The eleventh tornado to strike Bainbridge in Geauga County was classified as an EF-1.

More than 12,000 remain without power following Thursday night’s severe weather in the majority area of Cleveland on Monday morning, with no reported serious injuries.

Beginning at the point where Meadow Land and Sheila Drive meet, Tornado No. 12, an EF-0, struck Wellington in Lorain County, remaining on the surface for approximately one minute.

To the east of Grand Avenue, the tornado rose up as it moved towards the south of Highway 18, causing power lines to be knocked down. According to the NWS report, a house on Hale Street was struck by a large tree, and other trees were snapped and scattered.

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