12 cortes de pelo geniales para adolescentes

This year, teenage boys can take a look at some of the best hairstyles at the barbershop, before getting their next haircut, which can be a challenge to get inspired for. They can choose from a variety of male haircuts, with long and medium length haircuts still being the latest trends this year. However, short haircuts will always remain popular.

You will find the most popular hairstyles for guys in this small guide; including the pointed hair and messy style, as well as the faded back hairstyle.

Wax and gel, clay and wax are always useful hair products to have, but the majority of hairstyles are simple to comb and easy to achieve. In current times, there is a strong trend for hairstyles that this formula has created, constantly changing the hair trends for men. Most of the trendy haircuts for teenagers start with longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides.

We leave you the contact information at the end of the article, about which we speak so that you can carry out an appropriate haircut in many ways. The fade hairstyle for any boy is popular all over the world, especially among teenagers, because it elevates and works well.

A modern and clean elegant appearance is ideal for a tapered fade. For a bold cut, a high or medium fade will focus on the top area and create a lot of contrast.

The fade style works very well, from children to teenagers and even to people in their 30s and 40s. Your style will be modern and versatile, with short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top.

The cut of the image on the right is like cutting layers, it adds a different finish. (Left image) We show you the possibilities here, but there are many. Your hairstyle will stand out like this and a faded trim can be requested by boys, for a shorter fade.

Corte de pelo militar

A cutting-edge style for more contrast provides a modern fade with a military cut, all parts of the same length have some well-defined military cuts. If you want to maintain easy short hair, especially male hair, the best cuts have always been military cuts. It’s going to be all about spectacular bangs. No way!

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Comfortable and cool it is, as the summer months are ideal for this haircut. You can also add a crisp line to create a sharp cut. We will provide an athletic style for active teenagers, with slightly longer hair on the top and faded sides.


The name is due to them, in fact, they were part of the university student sports teams who popularized the classic haircut, it is the Crew Cut, a variant of the military style.

Pelo rizado

The trick to making your hair grow and keeping it hydrated is to use a fair amount of product and condition it properly, even though medium and long locks can be a tough job. Wavy hair is perfect for teenagers who want to add volume and a fresh style to their hair.

When combing your hair, make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to prevent damaging the curls. Additionally, to achieve a more relaxed finish, consider using your fingers instead of a comb or brush. This will help create natural-looking waves that appear more textured and less structured.


At the top, medium-length hair with short tapered sides should be left to achieve the modern style of the quiff. All high school boys should try out this trend, which is a cool, informal yet elegant hairstyle, if they have thick and voluminous hair.

Corte Shaggy

Many other teenagers will love the versatility of this style, which combines a faux hawk and a quiff. It can be styled with long hair, either brushed back or parted on the sides. This style is one of the most applied cuts, as it provides a relaxed appearance and is combined with a tapered fade on the sides, giving a stylish look to teenage boys with long hair.

A perfect solution is to let the bangs fall naturally with this haircut if you want to hide an uneven hairline or a large forehead, although complexes should not exist. Shaggy hairstyles look good with straight, wavy, thick, or thin hair. It is recommended to use a cream to maintain a natural and textured hairstyle for this haircut.

As you can see, it is so versatile that it works great for both teenagers and adults.

Cortes para pelos largos

The long male haircuts offer flexibility for achieving a casual look with minimal effort. If you want a long hairstyle, you will need to let your hair grow for some time or choose short sides with long hair on the top. Teenage boys who prefer long hairstyles have a variety of styles to choose from.

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For a textured finish, you can also use natural shine hair. Alternatively, you can tie their hair in a bun for a hipster style. The best option for wavy-haired boys is to leave the less abundant sides until the end of the ear and get a long fringe with flattering layers.

Pelo hacia atrás: el estilo más retro

As shown in the image below, the brushed tapered fade is also an excellent option, but the polished backward cut tends to be the most popular variation. There are modern ways to do backward hairstyles with new trends, although backward styled hair has traditionally been a retro style.

Another option would be to let it grow a little longer, if you don’t like a very pronounced fade. (Image above) He slides his hair back for an elegant and smooth appearance, using a small amount of gel for a high or low shine. It is easy to achieve, but achieving a superior style requires something for the medium length on the top and short sides. Another option would be to let it grow a little longer, if you don’t like a very pronounced fade, as shown in the example.

Spiky hair: el famoso pelo de punta

Funny and daring, but what it is! Goku little reminds us of this hairstyle with different contrast in incredibly flattering is medium or high fade. The upper part of the cut is usually left short, or with a cut on the sides or a fade. The hair tip, which used to have a gelled appearance, is no longer the look. The difference in styles today comes with specific products and textured thick hair, resulting in pointed hairstyles.

When executed accurately, the sharp hairstyle will undeniably leave a lasting impression. Regardless, the pointed locks can be arranged in a disheveled manner, pointing in various directions, or uniformly for enhanced uniformity. It is advisable to opt for a premium-quality product that avoids dehydration and prevents breakage.

The added blond highlights in the bangs, although they may feel the same, can be seen here on this boy’s face and overall style, but it depends on the specific features and preferences of each individual. At 16, Zayn Malik had a very flattering and youthful free and messy style.

Top Knot para los veinteañeros

In the present day, the fashion will forever appear, the bun can be neat or untidy. The bun can be the simplest upper hairdo to create and uphold, and for that reason, you might not constantly desire to brush and handle hair. The bun is the favored choice currently for teenage boys with extremely lengthy fringes and faded on the sides and rear.

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The most popular hairstyles for men include the high fade, low ponytail, even cut, and shaved fade to accentuate the top of the bun. There are countless variations, but the fade hairstyle is mentioned because it is one of the most popular.

Among others, we have observed this hairstyle to be very popular among men of all ages, such as David Beckham, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, and Jake Gyllenhaal. We would like to add that it is also highly popular.

El llamado Side part

A more modern touch, we recommend the side fade, a short hair with tapered sides is always a good choice for a traditional version. It has stood the test of time and is suitable for all teenagers. The classic boy’s haircut is a side part.

Highlighting the hairstyle and marking the side part is usually accompanied by a thick shaved line. To create a clean-cut appearance, apply hair gel and use a comb to sweep the hair to one side. If a bold appearance is desired, the option is a medium or high fade, but a low taper fade is more conservative.

French crop

The fade haircut is a common variation of the faded hair that adds to the back part and sides. The French crop is a modern short haircut for boys with shorter sides and a medium-long bang, similar to the Caesar cut.

The United States and all of Europe are currently cutting this trend. It is often left with a textured, natural finish, and can be styled forward with a messy, disheveled look. The upper part can be combed towards the front.

Corte César

Do you know why the modern and evolved version of the French crop is so different in various areas? This creates a fringe along the length of the hairline in the central section (as seen in the image on the left – Jonas Nick), while now it adds a fade on the sides and back (as seen in the image on the right – Eminem the singer), reminiscent of the classic haircut worn by Julius Caesar himself.

We will make sure you feel comfortable with your new look and will advise you if you decide not to. Come to our barber shop and let our professional hairdressers help you reflect your personality in your hairstyle and experience different haircuts.

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