11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Eyebrow Microblading

Caitlin Cartwright, a cosmetic tattoo artist who specializes in microblading, explains that microblading allows for the application of paint on paper in a way that mimics the appearance of a painting. She states, “I think of it as smearing and bleeding the paint on the paper; I lay it down exactly how I want the paint to hold on different types of paper.” Furthermore, she adds, “I always work with oil, which I believe dries out the skin. It’s similar to how oil works, as it provides a lot of natural oil to the skin and creates much crisper strokes, especially for those with drier skin.”

The outcomes comprise medical ailments and color pigmentation. It is important to note how much time is spent under the sun, as lifestyle and other factors can impact the results. Clients with oily skin may require more frequent touch-ups, approximately every six months, due to the skin’s tendency to produce more oil. I was aware of the realistic outcome, considering that it might be less effective in retaining pigment for those with dry skin. However, the type of skin, whether oily or dry, can still undergo microblading and affect how long the results last.

The starting cost for microblading at EverTrue is $550, which includes an appointment with one of their brow specialists and the subsequent perfecting session. However, the price may increase depending on the specialist you choose. May, who is categorized as a senior specialist, charges $850. Michelle Wu, the salon’s master therapist, charges $1,200 for an appointment.

When it comes to facing it, I would rather pay for a high-quality service with talented artists somewhere else, rather than spending less elsewhere. If you choose to get microblading done, you are likely to receive more attentive and kind treatment, compared to getting it done somewhere cheaper. After all, you are paying for someone’s specific skill, time, and the semi-permanent tattoo on your face.

Bringing in brow “inspo” photos can help, but it’s impossible to match them exactly.

It is essential to understand what works for someone else in order to translate the features of your face and frame your eyebrows for the best results. “I am all about finding the unique best result for each individual,” says Cartwright, as she prefers to begin by using a mapped string to locate the brow bone. “We consider factors such as the desired result, hair color, and natural color pigment to choose the perfect color.”

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Your specialist should show you an outline before you start.

My specialist also asked me if there was anything I wanted to change, which made me feel extremely confident and helpful. Plus, I disliked and liked what I wanted to change. When she finished, I was able to see the approximate thickness of my eyebrow and where my eyebrow would begin and end. During this process, Lin drew each hair stroke by stroke with a dark brow marker. Before we began creating the outline of my chosen brow shape, my artist allowed me to use an hour to create it. My microblading session lasted around two hours.

Microblading is a form of art that offers artists various options, similar to tattooing. Before deciding on the specific style of microblading I desired, I made sure to examine the previous work of the artist in their portfolio. However, I realized that relying on the internet for inspiration from browinspo may not be the most helpful approach.

Microblading isn’t painless, but it shouldn’t hurt.

Considering the importance of scheduling your appointment in advance, it is advisable to choose a numb area where most artists prefer to start before the procedure. Fortunately, my practitioner applied a numbing cream prior to closing my eyes, so I never had the thought of needles and I have never been a fan of needles.

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