$100K bounty was placed on killing Chicago rapper FBG Duck, informant told Chicago police

Based on the police records examined by the Chicago Sun-Times, FBG Duck, the rapper, was fatally shot outside a luxury store in the Gold Coast more than two years ago, preceding the placement of a $100,000 reward on his life.

Carlton Duck, whose real name is Weekly Carlton, was shot multiple times on August 4, 2020, in a daytime attack at the Dolce & Gabbana store located at 68 E. Oak St. He was with his girlfriend when someone else in the waiting line also left.

According to the police documents, fourteen days later, an individual associated with the Black Disciples street gang had proposed $50,000 “to anyone that assassinated Weekly” and subsequently increased the reward to $100,000, as shared by an informant in the custody of Chicago law enforcement and FBI investigators.

According to the records, another informant informed investigators that “Duck was a wanted man.”

The informant offered some crucial identifying information about the members of the Black Disciples faction who had purchased custom-made necklaces. However, the person said that the name of the individual who placed the bounty was redacted.

“Obtaining valuable O-Block necklaces for his comrades,” demonstrates him in a YouTube video uploaded days following the murder of Weekly, where deceased rapper King Von, also known as Dayvon Bennett, was present. The FBI affidavit, submitted in March 2021 to request authorization for the analysis of data from mobile phones belonging to three individuals suspected in the shooting, mentioned this.

Bennett is perhaps the most notable figure associated with Block O, a set of linked streets including Drive Jr. King Luther Martin Dr. South and Street 64th, near the low-income housing development Gardens Parkway.

In the earlier month, police showed records of the sixth suspect who was killed just by himself. All of them are awaiting trial. The accused prosecutors in Atlanta have indicted Bennett in September 2021 for the murder and racketeering of the associates and members of Block O, after gunning him down months after his killing. The accused are Smart Muwop, Marcus and Thomas Thang, Christopher Offerd, Tacarlos Roberson, Mac, Kenny or Kenneth Liggins, and Charles Murda C Weekly.

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In the YouTube video, as mentioned in the FBI affidavit, Bennett discussed various jewelry designs with his crew members, “Muwop” and “C Murda.”

According to the informant, Roberson, who was a member of the Gangster faction called Dip Set Disciples, did not want the jewelry because he considered his second home to be Gardens Parkway, as shown in court records.

The police say that the Weekly identified a member of the Disciples Gangster faction Tookaville or STL/EBT, which has allied itself with the ongoing feud and faction of the Jaro gang in O Block.

According to a friend in the police records, Weekly was cautious about disclosing his location due to death threats from rival gang members in the drill rap community.

Someone with a firearm was in pursuit, claiming that another individual entered the Moncler establishment while conversing with someone over the telephone. The gunfire transpired within a timeframe of under thirty minutes after an individual, referred to as “Duck” by a cellphone user, was observed by law enforcement through surveillance footage obtained from a different store on Oak Street. The individual had valid grounds for concern.

A Ford Fusion and a Chrysler 300, both belonging to the O Block group, departed Parkway Gardens approximately 20 minutes prior to the occurrence of the shooting, as mentioned in the search warrant affidavit.

Investigators later utilized automated license-plate scanners and diverse cameras to trace the vehicles’ routes to the scene of the crime.

As stated in the sworn statement, the vehicles positioned themselves in front of Weekly’s girlfriend’s sedan on Oak Street at 4:26 p.M. On the day of the shooting, and two individuals leaped out of the Ford and singled out Weekly, while two additional individuals exited the Chrysler and shot at the rapper and his girlfriend.

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The assailants subsequently fled in the two vehicles, which were officially owned by Offerd and Roberson.

According to court documents, one person has been arrested in connection with the shootings, in which one person was killed and five others were wounded. Police records show that investigators have recovered ballistic evidence at the scene, linking it with high confidence to the other five shootings.

In this situation, Roberson, who is currently under federal custody, has additionally been charged with numerous serious offenses. Following his arrest for first-degree murder, a man was fatally shot in Dolton, resulting in the injury of two women. Roberson, the first individual apprehended in Weekly’s murder case, was apprehended in February 2021.

“And alright, I accomplished the task,” he expressed in a video published on a weekly basis in July 2020, encompassing videos and songs that depict disrespectful rap battles which have frequently been immortalized in the ongoing feud between Block O and Tookaville.

In the affidavit, an FBI agent from Weekly stated that it mentions nine names, aliases, and / or monikers of deceased individuals in a derogatory manner, all of whom are believed to be associated with the Black Disciples.

One of the individuals included Odee Perry, the individual for whom O Block was named, who tragically lost his life in 2011 at the age of 20, as mentioned in the sworn statement.

The police say that Gakirah Barnes, a female assassin for the Gangster Disciples faction, was responsible for several shootings in 2014, including the killing of Perry, which ignited a series of retaliatory attacks. Output: According to the police, Barnes, a female hitman for the Gangster Disciples faction, was the one responsible for a series of shootings in 2014, including the murder of Perry, which triggered a string of revengeful incidents.

The case against King Von, who rose to fame later on, was ultimately closed a year after Cook County prosecutors rejected the charges. Police records show that Bennett, the prime suspect, was not convicted.

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In that instance, he was acquitted of all 24 charges. At that time, Bennett was confronted with serious charges related to another murder.

According to the FBI affidavit, it seems that Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, who was fatally shot in 2011 at the age of 15, may have been the intended subject of Bennett’s personal song. This was in retaliation to his disrespectful musical response following Weekly’s murder.

According to the sworn statement, Weekly characterized Gregory as a intimate companion and stated that his group started adopting the moniker Tookaville following his passing in a conversation with a rap-focused media platform.

While rapping in a music video, Bennett, also known as Chain Block O, confidently declared, “I smoked every time, causing Tooka to be trapped in my lungs.”

“I’m confident that he will catch them again,” stated that he was throwing shots, not just relying on the statistics, but also representing 300, OTF, and O Block, in his Weekly report: “Additionally, Bennett made a comment that the FBI agent perceived as a provocative statement.”

Investigators interpreted the verse as a “mention of adverse consequences that would befall Weekly due to their lack of respect.”

“Reveals the current events taking place in this urban area,” remarked U.S. Attorney John Lausch as he disclosed the accusations in Weekly’s murder in October 2021, the prevalent online conflict found in the drill rap scene.

According to Lausch, “It occurs frequently.” Individuals are making threats to carry out violent actions and subsequently either boasting about such acts or discussing their plans to seek revenge for other acts of violence.

Bennett ended up dying in a mass shooting outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta in November 2020, a week after the release of his debut album.

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