10-year-old blind football player making impact in Delaware

Dionne Bingham, mother of 10-year-old Isaiah, told Action News this weekend that her son was participating in a football field in Middletown, Delaware. She mentioned that they took him to the doctor for the first time last week, which was a significant event.

Isaiah was born with coloboma of the optic nerve in both eyes.

“Which is, basically, the part of the eye that allows you to see, there’s field deficits, there’s holes straight through,” Dionne said.

Despite being legally declared blind, Isaiah’s parents did not stop believing in their son’s ability to accomplish whatever he set out to do.

“He’s incredible at whatever he sets his mind to,” Dionne remarked.

Last year, Isaiah achieved a championship in the sport of basketball. However, he didn’t stop at that.

He informed his mother that he intended to play soccer next.

They enrolled him, and so did his parents, and Isaiah always had faith in himself. However, his mother initially expressed complete disapproval of him participating in football.

The 10-year-old informed Action News that he never anticipated encountering any difficulties while playing football.

Isaiah was a little reserved in responding to our inquiries, but became more talkative when his mother assumed control of the interview.

Dionne inquired her son about his emotions when he discovered his ability to participate in football.

“I was delighted,” Isaiah replied to his mother.

Afterwards, she asked Isaiah about the information he had shared with the doctors who asserted that he couldn’t engage in football.

“It was feasible,” Isaiah responded. “Because God enables me to perceive things. I have a visual impairment, but I am able to perceive to some extent.”

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Coach Kenneth Crawford selected Isaiah to join his team.

“He has been a divine gift. He has been a boon since we acquired him,” Crawford stated.

Additionally, all the individuals within the right side jumped, as mentioned by Crawford. Isaiah said that he hustles more than the rest of his teammates, but not as much if everyone else does.

“He sets a good example and they look up to him,” Crawford said.

Despite the team’s nickname “Vision,” Isaiah, the visually impaired boy, does not have the remarkable abilities that people revere him for.

“He goes tough. Extremely tough,” Crawford stated.

Isaiah plays as a nose guard and defensive end. His perseverance led him to achieving multiple sacks and forced fumbles this season.

Isaiah expressed his enjoyment of playing defense because in that role, there is the chance to hinder the opposing team’s ability to score a touchdown.

Coach Crawford remembered a time when they informed Isaiah that practice would only finish early if he successfully caught a pass.

Crawford said, “His coaching has been amazing. It’s beautiful. Everyone ran up to him. He caught it, oh my God, it was like the kids were playing and he caught that.”

Isaiah’s relatives informed Action News on Sunday evening that Red Lion Christian Academy has extended a scholarship to the 10-year-old.

Isaiah’s mother said, “It’s how he sees his parents that has a direct correlation with his view of himself. She asked, “What do you put in your children?”

Dionne stated, “Due to his awareness from infancy that ‘I am capable of achieving anything,’ he held such a strong conviction that ‘I never doubted his abilities.'”

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